Advertising, sales promotion


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Advertising, sales promotion

  1. 1. Advertising, Sales Promotion The best advertising is done bysatisfied customers.The term ‘Advertising’ is derived fromlatin word “Advertere”Yuvaraj.D
  2. 2. The learning objectivesAdvertisingSales PromotionMarketing promotion toolsYuvaraj.D
  3. 3. AdvertisingAdvertising is any paid form of nonpersonalpresentation and promotion of ideas, goods, orservices by an identified sponsor. – AMAAdvertising is to give public notice or to announcepublicity. – WebsterAdvertising has taken itself the task of interpretingthe qualities of a product in terms of consumer needsand wants. – Prof.SandgeYuvaraj.D
  4. 4. Advertising ObjectivesA specific communication task to be accomplishedwith a specific target audience during a specificperiod of time.Informative advertising- Aims to create Brand Awareness andknowledge of new products. - HavellsPersuasive advertising- Aims to create liking, preference, conviction,and purchase of a product / service- Ujala fabric whitner, comparative adYuvaraj.D
  5. 5. Advertising ObjectivesReminder advertising- Aims to stimulate repeat purchase ofproduct/Service- Coco Cola, Pepsico, Bike adsReinforcement Advertising- Aims to convince current purchasers that theymade the right choice- Automobile AdsYuvaraj.D
  6. 6. Functions of AdvertisingYuvaraj.D
  7. 7. The 5M’s of AdvertisingYuvaraj.D
  8. 8. Developing the Advertising CampaignFive M’s ofAdvertisingReasonMission What are our advertising objectives?Money How much can we spend?Message What message should we convey?Media What media should we use?Measurement How should we evaluate results?Yuvaraj.D
  9. 9. Types of AdvertisingYuvaraj.D
  10. 10. Classification of Advertising MediaIndoor Ad Outdoor Ad Direct Ad Promotional Ad1. Newspaper1. Hoardings/Bill Board1. Sales Letter 1. WindowDisplay2. T.V 2. Posters 2. CircularLetter2. InteriorDisplay3. Radio 3. ElectricDisplays3. Booklet 3. Exhibitions4.Magazine4. PaintedDisplays4. Brochures 4. Showrooms5. StorePublication.Yuvaraj.D
  11. 11. Factors influencing Selection of MediaFactors ReasonThe class of people influencedEx: FormerClassification of media will depend upon thenature of product and its marketDeciding on Reach, Frequency, &ImpactReach and Frequency are needed to achieveadvertising objectivesThe reputation of the media Print Media & Mass MediaThe Cost of Space Large Fund – TVMessage brief – billboardMass Marketing - newspaperExtent of Competition It has to be consider the competitor’sproduct/service AdvertisementTiming of Media Ex: For Summer – A/c, fridgeFor Winter – Medicine, UmbrellaYuvaraj.D
  12. 12. Evaluating Advertising EffectivenessCommunication Effect Research What is the main message you get from this ad? What do you think they want you to know, believe, or do? How likely is it that this ad will influence you to undertake the action? How does the ad make you feel? What works well in the ad and what works poorly?Sales Effect Research Share of expenditure Share of voice Share of minds/hearts Share of Market.Yuvaraj.D
  13. 13. 1.Promotion toolsAdvertisingSales promotionPublic relations and publicityPersonal sellingYuvaraj.D
  14. 14. Sales promotion Sales Promotion, a key ingredient in marketingcampaigns, consists of a collection of incentive tools,mostly short term, designed to stimulate quicker orgreater purchase of particular products / services byconsumers or the trade. Short-term incentives to encourage the purchase orsale of a product or service.Yuvaraj.D
  15. 15. Objectives of Sales PromotionTo introduce new productsTo attract new customersTo induce present customers to buy moreTo help firm remain competitiveTo increase sales in off seasonTo increase the inventories of business buyersTo develop patronage habits among customersTo educate customersTo stimulate salesTo facilitate coordinationYuvaraj.D
  16. 16. Major Consumer & Trade promotion toolsConsumer Tools Trade ToolsSample Price Off (Off-invoice / off-list)Coupon AllowanceCash refund(offer) Free GoodsPremiumPatronage rewardPoint-of purchase(POP)Contests sweepstakes gamesDiscountYuvaraj.D
  17. 17. Difference - Advertising and SalesPromotionDifference Sales Promotion AdvertisingApproach Both Personal andimpersonal ApproachImpersonal ApproachNature of Status Supporting Role, Fill thegaps by personal andimpersonal effortsAdvertising and salespromotion are purelyindependentAchievement of Goals Policies are short term Policies are long termMeans used Free samples, coupons,special prices, contests.Different medias likeindoor, outdoor anddirect.Efforts involved Two way successApproachOne side approachYuvaraj.D
  18. 18. Major DecisionsYuvaraj.D