marketing types types of layout university of mumbai finance impact / consequences / outcome of stress environmental stressors organizational stressors group stressors individual stressors causes of stress reasons for stress at workplace traditional techniques sensitivity training corporate social responsibility levels of strategy strategy challenges psychological social promotion place price packaging product pricing strategies brand feature areas store management customer database shopping center decline category captain merchandise management retail pricing sku retail distribution channel retail management internship research project project orientation career options after tybms human resources tybms sybms stream specialization bms measures at district level measures at state level measures at national level emotional coping strategies mental coping strategies physical coping strategies cop-up strategies disasters in india economic consequences/ effects of disasters - physical problems and challenges of disaster management features of disaster management meaning - disaster management disaster-meaning merits of digital economy features of digital economy digital economy demerits of e-commerce merits of e-commerce types of e-commerce models features of e-commerce e-commerce demerits of kpo and bpo merits of kpo and bpo knowledge process outsourcing (kpo) business process outsourcing (bpo) strategic reasons of growing outsourcing in india demerits of outsourcing merits of outsourcing outsourcing demerits of franchising merits of franchising types of franchising franchising advantages of it driven strategies ppp in india governing strategies of ppp model problems associated with ppp importance of ppp public private partnership (ppp) types of strategic alliance limitations of strategic alliance advantages of strategic alliance strategic alliance techniques of corporate renewal causes of corporate renewal corporate renewal restructuring on the basis of changes in ownership restructuring on the basis of contraction restructuring on the basis of expansion forms of corporate restructuring need for corporate restructuring aims of corporate restructuring corporate restructuring drawbacks of private labels advantages of private labels national brands or private brands? generic brands exclusive brands copycat brands premium private-label brands own brands house brands store brands private-label brands licensed brands manufacturer’s brands national brands retail brand alternatives steps involved in choosing a retail location importance of suitable location nontraditional location such as in an airport or w city or town business district freestanding types of retail location retail location - meaning of retail location methods of setting advertising budget criteria for selecting suitable media media objectives forms of digital media evaluation criteria for selecting an advertising a measures for gaining and reasons for losing client heirarchy of effects (lavidge and steiners). ad ag dagmar model (russell colley) behavioural model (e. k. strong aida) integrated marketing communication (imc) - element classification of advertising significance advertising fundamentals and media basics of adve importance of green retailing green retailing concept e-retailing: formats data base management system radio frequency identification (rfi) technologies: use of technologies in retailing - e applications in organizations. ishikawa fish bone quality circle: objectives of quality circles quality assurance servqual: characteristics of quality p. crosby’s philosophy. product and service qualit kaizen j. juran philosophies and approaches to quality: edward dem cost of quality tqm – concept and importance factors affecting quality modes of calculating productivity. importance of q basics of productivity and tqm: concepts of produc types of layout. importance of purchase management principles of good product layout classification and product design. plant location components – manufacturing systems: intermittent a production management: objectives distribution mix place mix pricing policies and strategies procedure for setting prices factors affecting price determination pricing warranties and guarantees labelling product life cycle and its marketing implications product line and mix decisions differentiation through tangible and intangible be product differentiation differentiating through multiple sources product characteristics and classification 4p’s of marketing marketing mix - meaning social functions information and technology administration accounting and auditing legal human resource supply chain decision-making planning meaning and definition of business functions business functions evaluation and control of sales performance sales distribution channel management of distribution ch sales value or financial quota types of sales quota sales quota - meaning regression analysis sales ratio method. market share projection moving averages quantitative techniques estimate sales hierarchy estimate method sales force consumer survey delphi technique expert opinion methods of sales forecasting - qualitative techniq importance of sales forecasting long term forecast medium term forecast short term forecasts sales forecasting - meaning dimensions of a market market analysis - meaning evolution of distribution channel role of distribution channel intermediaries distribution - meaning structure of sales organization sales organization development in sales management qualities of sales manager interface of sales with other management functions role of sales department sales department customer oriented period sales oriented period production oriented period evolution of sales management - pre industrial rev importance of sales management objectives of sales management characteristics of sales management sales management - meaning work stress - meaning transactional analysis (ta) team building third party modern techniques - process consultation survey feedback grid training organizational development techniques need for od definition organizational development (od)- meaning stages in creative problem solving creative problem solving brain storming ways of enhancing creativity for effective decisio factors affecting creativity in organizations qualities of a creative person components of creativity creativity - meaning refreezing moving unfreezing lewins model of organizational change external factors internal factors causes of organizational change characteristics of organizational change change agents organizational change - meaning ways of motivating through carrot and stick in org mc gregor theory x and theory y f. herzberg dual factor a. maslow need hierarchy process theories need theories theories of motivation intrinsic and extrinsic motivation motivation - meaning creating and maintaining effective culture barrier to acquisition & merger barrier to diversity barriers of organizational culture - barrier to ch boundary-defining role functions of organizational culture hierarchy culture market culture adhocracy culture clan culture – types of organizational culture characteristics of organizational culture organizational culture- meaning problem solving/ win-win (collaborating) forcing/ competing conflict resolution strategies conflict resolution compromise lose-lose win-lose win-win conflict outcome causes of conflicts organizational level conflict inter group conflict intra group conflict group level conflict inter personal level conflict individual level conflict levels of conflicts types of conflicts features of conflicts organizational conflicts - meaning characteristics/ traits of millennials managing millennials millennials (gen y) functions of talent management in vuca world ambiguity) environment complexity uncertainty talent management and vuca (volatility process of talent management importance of talent management talent management - meaning strategies of employee engagement care competence 3 c components of employee engagement - career actively disengaged employees not engaged employees engaged employees process of employee engagement benefits of employee engagement employee engagement - meaning measures for work life balance - by employers measures for work life balance - by employees need and importance of work life balance (wlb) work life balance - meaning role of organizations in managing stress managing stress at individual level stress management - meaning stress v/s burnout stress - meaning role of organization in ensuring mental and physic safety process / steps in safety program safety program safety devices safety audit safety engineering safety policies safety discipline safety committees health and safety measures in organizations need & importance of employee health and safety employee health and safety - meaning measures to solve problems in succession planning problems and issues in succession planning culture as a factor in succession planning steps in succession planning need & importance of succession planning succession planning - meaning knowledge enrichment & career enhancement self development mechanism steps in career planning late career mid career establishment exploration traditional career stages benefits of career planning and development career development career planning career advancement - meaning merits and demerits of mncs meaning of mncs multi-national corporations merits and demerits of co-operatives meaning of co-operatives co-operatives multi-national corporations 1. meaning of multi-na company limited liability partnership joint hindu family business merits and demerits of partnership meaning of partnership partnership merits and demerits of sole proprietorship sole proprietorship meaning of sole proprietorship forms of business organizations characteristics of business organization meaning of business organization types of business organization creating value for customer both tangible and inta scanning the marketing environment marketing mix concept integrated marketing internal marketing performance marketing relationship concept holistic marketing societal concept marketing concept selling concept product concept producti0n concept company orientation towards market place the new realities of marketing core marketing concepts scope of marketing defining marketing for the centurythe importance o porters 5 force model industry structure analysis – the life-cycle model competitive strength market attractiveness harvest protect invest strategic decisions ge 9 cell ge planning grid the boston consulting group (bcg) matrix tools and techniques of strategic analysis subjective factors objective factors factors affecting strategic choice steps in strategic choice strategic choice strategic analysis process strategic analysis strategy implementation divestment turnaround retrenchment growth stability operational level strategy business level strategy corporate level strategy strategy formulation advantages of environment analysis and scanning example – apple swot analysis limitations of swot benefits of swot analysis environmental scanning - swot analysis pestle analysis – oil & petroleum industry pestle analysis analysis of external environment analysis of internal environment environment analysis trading of carbon credits in india trading of carbon credits carbon markets how does carbon pricing work? carbon tax emissions trading systems (ets) price of carbon credit certified emissions reduction (cer) voluntary emissions reduction (ver) types of carbon credit emission balance carbon trading euro norms for emission control emission standards for india euro 7 environmental justice salient features of draft drone policy 2.0 draft drone policy 2.0 drone policies of government of india drone categories in india rules for flying a drone in india (regulatory poli drones in india drones steps in sri strategies of sri goals of sri socially responsible investments sri impact funding versus crowdfunding impact funding penalty transfer shift transfers replacement transfer production transfer remedial transfer types of transfer need for transfer transfer advantages and limitations of promotion seniority cum merit merit seniority bases of promotion essentials of sound promotion policy promotion policy dry promotion vertical horizontal types of promotion objectives of promotion hra 360 degree appraisal assessment centres bars mbo modern methods of appraisal forced choice method ratimg scale chek list paired comparison method grading method ranking methods narrative essay confidential report techniques of appraisal limitations of appraisal advantages of appraisal purpose of appraisal performance appraisal simulation programmed instruction conference training t grouptraining role playing off the job methods committee management understudy multiple management on the job coaching management development program - techniques purpose of management development management development steps/ process in designing effective training pro challenges before trainers training policy objectives of training program importance of training training recruitment versus selection process of online selection selection role of recruitment agencies recruitment agencies third party methods indirect methods direct methods methods of recruitment sources of recruitment factors affecting recruitment recruitment policy purpose of recruitment types of recruitment recruitment - meaning limitations of hris importance of hris hris track psychological and behavioral issues in hrp limitations of hrp advantages of hrp factors affecting hrp process of hrp types of hrp objectives of hrp/ mpp human resource planning/ manpower planning key qualities of hr manager changing role of hr manager characteristics of today’s workforce (workforce 2. organizational structure of hr department traditional hrm versus strategic hrm strategic hrm objectives of hrm features of hrm hrm political games causes of organizational politics politics nature bases of power power and politics: nature ways of forming an effective team. types of teams structures) team effectiveness: nature process status norms group behaviour model (roles • introduction to group behaviour group dynamics: prejudice attributional) stereotyping effects of perceptual error in managerial decision perception features and factor influencing individ at work place) sq eq type (iq intelligence operant conditioning and social learning approache theories of learning (classical conditioning learning characteristics managerial skills and development thinking styles and thinking hat thinking skills reading emotions ways of changing attitude functions of attitude nature and components of attitude concept of understanding self through johari windo self-monitoring and type a and b personalities risk taking self – esteem introversion-extroversion achievement orientation machiavellianism locus of control personality traits important for organizational be big five model personality traits theory influence of environment • personality and attitud factors affecting individual differences individual differences concept of a man trading across borders resolving insolvency getting construction permits business incorporation ease of doing business index rank ease of doing business case studies related to crowdfunding future of crowdfunding strategies of crowdfunding process of crowdfunding working of crowdfunding donation crowdfunding equity crowdfunding debt crowdfunding reward crowdfunding types of crowdfunding csr v/s crowdfunding limitations of crowdfunding advantages of crowdfunding crowdfunding websites internet enabled modern day crowdfunding source of funding meaning of crowdfunding crowdfunding increase in crime pollution loss of residential property value harm locally owned business increased traffic reasons for nimby niaby nimby noos lulu nimto near anyone banana – build absolutely nothing anywhere nimbyism yes in my backyard yimby not in my backyard society employees customers government social responsibilities of business towards differ csr of business towards stake holders business ethics types of csr activities under schedule vii of the entries in schedule vii section 135 and schedule vii of companies act discretionary responsibility philanthropic responsibility legal responsibility ethical responsibility economic responsibility pyramid of csr management of socially responsible business benefits of csr 2019 csr amendments under the companies (amendment) act ecological balance sustainable development triple bottom line (tbl) impact of business on environment kyoto protocol consequences/ effects of global warming global warming environment degradation plan-do-study-act cycle iso 14000 implementation environment policies - examples core elements of an ems ems under iso 14001 international organization for standardization (is environment management system (ems) sustainable development & role of business communi principles of environment education objectives of environment education/ studies features of environment management evs plans objective goals vision mission strategic intent importnace of sbu concept of sbu strategic management process importance of strategic management meaning of strategic management history of strategy meaning of strategy importance of business policy nature of policy business policy marketing in 21st century need and importance of ethics in marketing ethics in marketing need and importance of social marketing social and cause related marketing limitations of digital marketing advantages of digital marketing digital marketing importance of green marketing need for green marketing principles of green marketing green marketing contemporary trends in marketing other competitive strategies increase market share protect market share defend market share expand the total market competitive strategies for market leaders market nicher followers challengers market leader competitive dynamics business market versus consumer market characteristics of business marketers consumer decision making process key psychological processes personal cultural factors affecting consumer behaviour variety seeking buying behavior habitual buying behavior dissonance-reducing buying behavior complex buying behavior consumer involvement gatekeepers influencers buying roles organizational buying consumer behaviour and positioning targeting steps in segmentation types of targeting advantages of segmentation bases of segmentation differentiation positioning segmentation core basic levels of product steps in new product development components of imc integrated marketing communication distribution channels middlemen guarantee warranty labeling variables marketing mix edlp variable pricing markdowns price adjustments break even analysis markup price optimization software considerations in setting prices price discrimination mobile marketing e-mail direct mail direct marketing methods to communicate with retail customers imc program brand image brand associations brand awareness brand equity retail communication mix failure of malls facilities management in india malls in india mall layout mall management specialty mall seamless mall draw tenant anchor store mall merchandise management process gmroi merchandise manager seasonal fad fashion merchandise staple/ basic merchandise chain store single store owner category management cycle category management categories assortment department merchandise group buying organization generic exclusive copycat premium private label private label brand licensing national brand retail brand organization of national retailer organization of single store retailer organization culture issues in hrm in retail hrm as sustainable competitive advantage motivating training & development hrm in retail signage layout principles of store design store design store objectives responsibilities of store manager retail sore retailers website store atmosphere visual merchandising tools used for positioning of items space management promotional signage types of signage signage and graphics boutique freeform racetrack grid layout principles of retail store design retail store objectives functions/ responsibilities of store manager retail store design store layout store managers responsibilities retail sore operations rfm analysis lead segment iron segment gold segment platinum segment customer pyramid customer lifetime value target customers retail analytics market basket analysis information transactions customer contacts marketing activities customer preference customer data customer relationship management customer relationship crm in retail reverse logistics bull whip effect distribution center direct store delivery pull supply chain push supply chain higher returns on investment product availability communication supply chain management unitization and packaging transportation storage facilities inventory management inventory retail logistics cpfr vmi rfid applications of it in retail - edi data mining database management data warehouse limitations of using it advantages of using it it in retail airport location merchandise kiosks stores within a store shop in shop omnicenter business park theme center outlet centre mxds shopping mall power center neighbourhood or community shopping csntre planned location inner city main streer cbd city or town location unplanned location isolated location retail location planning habitual problem solving limited problem solving extended problem solving types of buying decisions stimulating need recognition stages of retail buying process process of buying retail shopping behaviour organizing for multi channel retailing disintermediation issues in multi channel benefits of multi channel vending machines automated retail telvision home shopping direct selling internet channel brick and mortar forms of multichannel retail sale through more than one channel multi channel retailing maturity accelaerated groeth innovation accordion theory trading up phase vulnerability phase entry phase scrambled merchandise conflictual cyclical wheel of retailing environmental retail devlopment theories retail life cycle theories of retailing growth strategies ansoff matrix strategic retail planning vertical integration unrelated diversification related diversification retail growth matrix retail planning process retail strategy retail shopper departmental store cross selling brand loyalty customer loyalty retail branding merchandising retail planning convenience stores cherry pickers assortment planning airport retailing retailer retailing organized retailers indian retailscape functions of retailers role of retailer global retailers scope of retailing bases of classification of retailers classification of retailers learning teaching students literacy retail notes education types of retailers retail formats basics of retailing
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