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Evolution Of Marketing


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Evolution Of Marketing

  1. 1. EVOLUTION OF MARKETING Prof Prashant Kumar Gupta Jain College Of MBA and MCA
  2. 2. Production • Emphasis On Producing Concept Goods Product Concept • Producing Quality Goods Selling Concept Orientation Towards The Market Place • Aggressive Selling & Promotion Marketing Concept • Right products for Customers Holistic Marketing Concept • Do everything possible
  3. 3. Production Concept Oldest Concept Believed That Consumers Prefer Available Goods Focus Is On Efficient Production And Mass Distribution This Orientation Makes Sense In Developing Countries Efforts On Reducing Costs To Provide Inexpensive Goods
  4. 4. Product Concept Focus Is On Making Superior Goods Believed That Consumers Prefer Goods With Best Quality & Innovative Features Importance Is Given To Improvising The Product Less Focus On Consumers Need Goods Sell Themselves
  5. 5. Selling Concept Aggressive Selling And Promotion Effort Sell More Stuff To More People And More Often Used With Goods Which Buyers Usually Don’t Think Of Buying (Unsought Goods) Such As Insurance Sell What Is Made Not What Market Wants Carries High Risk As Can Result Into Negative Word Of Mouth
  6. 6. Marketing Concept Emerged In Mid 1950s Find Right Product For The Customers Focus Is On Creating, Communicating And Delivering Superior Customer Value Build Profit Through Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty Begins With Well Defined Market And Ends With Long Term Relationship
  7. 7. Holistic Marketing Concept Acknowledges That Everything Matters In Marketing Relationship Marketing Social Responsibility Marketing Components Internal marketing Integrated Marketing
  8. 8. Relationship Marketing Build Mutually Satisfying Long Term Relationship Key Parties Being Customers, Suppliers, Distributors And Marketing Partners Focus Is On Developing A Market Network Of Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Retailers, Ad Agencies, Etc. Objective Is To Built Mutually Profitable Business Relationship Which Will Make Profits To Follow
  9. 9. Integrated Marketing Marketing Activities Are Employed To Communicate & Deliver Value In A Co-ordinated Manner Use of Marketing Mix – The 4 Ps Influence Trade Channels As Well Final Consumers Using Offering Mix and Communication Mix Offering Mix – Product, Price and Services Communication Mix – Advertising, Sales Promotion, PR, Events & Experiences, Direct Marketing and Personal Selling
  10. 10. Internal Marketing Ensuring that everyone in the organisation embraces appropriate marketing principles Task of hiring, training and motivating employees who want to serve customers well No sense in promising excellent services unless the employees are ready for it Works at two levels – Marketing Research and Marketing functions like advertising, customer service, and product management Marketing functions must be coordinated from the point of view of the customer
  11. 11. Social Responsibility Marketing Focus is on enhancing social welfare Marketers consider the role that they are playing and could play in terms of social welfare Understanding broader concepts and ethical, environmental, legal and social context of marketing activities
  12. 12. Begins At Focus Means Profit Marketing Concept Target Market Customer Needs Co-ordinated Marketing Customer Satisfaction Selling Concept Factory Products Means Profit
  13. 13. Thank You…! That’s It For Today 