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Advertising and Sales promotion


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its breif description about advertising,, advertising management and also Sales promotion

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Advertising and Sales promotion

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage, persuade or manipulate an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action.The word advertising comes form the latin advertere” . That means "toword "turn the mind toward"According to American Marketing Association“advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotionof ideas, goods and services by anidentified sponsor".
  3. 3. Advertisement means spreading of information. The main purpose of every commercial organization is to promotesales. Any activity towards sales promotion may be called as promotional activity & advertisement is a kind of PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITY.
  4. 4. Developing the ADVERTISEMENT MESSAGE -Message generation -Message evaluation -Message execution MONEY Measurement MISSION -stage of PLC -Communication-sales goods -market share -Sales impact-advertising -competition objectives -Advertising MEDIA frequency -Reach, frequency -Major media types -Specific media vehicles -Media timing -Geographical media allocation
  5. 5. Defining advertising Target Advertising AdvertisingEffectiveness OBJECTIVES ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT Setting the Selecting Advertising Media BUDGET Developing STRATEGY
  6. 6. The advertising target is the audiences,towards whom the ad targeted.Sometimes this target encompasses theentire target market.In other cases it includes only a subsetof target market.
  7. 7. The basic objective of advertisement is effective communication b/wproducers and consumers. Some following objectives are: Preparing ground for new product Creation of demand Facing the competition Creating and enhancing goodwill Informing the changes to the customers Neutralizing the competitor’s advertisement
  8. 8. ADVERTISING BUDGET-It’s a component of the total promotion budget, must be allocated amongmarkets, brands & media.-Under this system, brands in the introductory stage would receive morefunds than those in the maturity stage. There is 5 factors are consider for setting the budget Competition & Product life Market share & clutter cycle stage consumer base Product Advertising substutability frequency
  9. 9. ADVERTISING STRATEGY 4. Provides technical 1. Selects direction & an appeals production 3. 2. Develops Formulates the ad the ad elements concepts
  10. 10. Contd….selecting an An appeal is the basic idea the advertiser wants to communicate toappeal the advertising target. Marketing research and creative institution are often combined to come up with an appeal.formulated Once an appeal is selected the next step is formulate the ad concept.the ad Its a method where determine how an appeal is transformed into aconcept message.developing The technical terms for the various parts of an ad vary among mediathe ad but the parts perform roughly the same function. It must be attract attention & develop interest so the reader will look at the rest of the ad. -illustration should also attract attention, communicative. –copy usually expands on the idea & illustration & provides facts, anticipation. –signature is a trademark/slogan states that who is sending the massage.Provididing Layout basically is print media or location advertising term. It’s atechnical actual arrangement of its various parts to form a cohesive unit.direction Marketers rely on a technical personnel for layout works.
  11. 11. ADVERTISING MEDIA In advertising, mass communication channels are called advertising media, like- newspaper, magazine, radio, TV .etc. the major type of advertising media are- print, broadcast, direct, location.
  12. 12. Outdoor Public BroadcastPrint Advertising Service Celebrity advertising Advertising Advertising Advertising
  13. 13. More information can be communicated more accurately through print media thanothers. The major type of print media are Newspaper, Magazines, Brochures, Fliersetc.Newspaper can be classified as daily or weekly with local or national distribution.Local newspaper are geographically selective & national newspaper that offerregional edition.The number of general-interest magazines are declined now days while the specialtype of magazines has increased. so, it’s the one of important vehicle for advertising. MAGAZINES can also be classified by the target group for which the content istailored: consumers, business, farmers. consumers magazines range from large circulation , general-interestmagazines & special interest magazines are Readers digest, Times magazines, India today,Film-fare magazine, Fishing Chimes etc. Business publications include magazines of broadscope like Fortune & those targeted specific industries. Farm magazine is a broadinterest national magazine. most magazines are national & are published monthly.
  14. 14. Magazines Newspaper
  15. 15. Radio & TV are broadcast media. Whereas advertiser buy space inprint media, they buy time on broadcast media.Television, the fastest growing medium, also reaches practically allhomes. TV ads generally have the greatest impact because theystimulate both sight and hearing & advertiser can show their product inuse.
  16. 16. Marketers try to communicate directly with potentialcustomers when they use direct advertising media likeDirect mail, mail order, and un-mailed direct media. Direct mail & mail order, can have a format of any size or shape that is unbound. Un-mailed direct , includes Leaflets & Booklets that are distributed door-to-door or in parking lots.
  18. 18. Location advertising media include outdoor & transit advertising.Outdoor advertising, format range from poster panels to electricspectaculars. Poster panels are permanent structures on whichprinted paper is glued.Transit advertising, firms rent space on bus, cab, subways, &commuter trains. Rates are usually quoted on a monthly basis.
  20. 20. ADVERTISING EFFECTIVENESSGood planning & control of advertising depend on measures ofadvertising effectiveness.Advertiser should try to measure the communication effect of an ad-that is, its potential effect on awareness, knowledge, or preference- aswell as the ad sells effect:Communication effect research, seeks to determine whether an ad iscommunicating effectively.Sales effect research, is complex because sales are influenced bymany factors beyond advertising, such as features, price & availibility,as well as competitors actions.
  21. 21. SALES PROMOTION, includes activities that seek to directly induced, or indirectly serve as incentives to motivate, a desired response on the part of target customer. Sales Promotion activities also add value to the product.Sales promotion management includes:Sales promotion target- is the audience to whom a particularsales promotion is directed. Sales promotion can be directedto consumers, company’s own salespeople & to middleman.
  22. 22. Sales promotion objectives- sales promotion objectivesare derived from the marketer’s overall promotion objectives. Directed to Directed to the firm’s customers own sales force •Coupons •Cent-off offers •Sales meeting & auxiliary sales •Samples materials •Money refund •Sales contest •Premiums •Point-of-purchase display •Contest •Trade show •Exhibition •Special service •Additional product •Dealers contest & premium deals
  23. 23. Sales promotion budget: setting the overall promotionbudget is to determine the desired mix of advertising & salespromotion.Develop sales promotion strategy: numerous decisionsare necessary in developing a sales promotion strategy. Forex: a company must decide on how much coupon will reducethe retail price of a product.
  24. 24. Select Sales promotion method: a company must selectthe tools develop the program, pretest the program,implement & control it, & evaluate the result. Major Consumer-promotion tools:  Samples  Coupons  Cash refund offers/ cash back offers  Price packs  Premium  Consumers contest Prizes (contest, sweepstakes, games) Free trails Product warranties .etc.
  25. 25. Major trade-promotion tools: Price-off Allowance Free goods (sorce:”Trade promotion Redefined”,Brandweek,1995)Major business & sales force-promotion tools: Trade shows & conventions Sales contest Specialty advertising
  26. 26. References : Kotler Philip, “THE FRAMEWORK FORMARKETING MANAGEMENT”, 5th Edd. , 2002.India William F. Schoell, “MARKETING-CONTEMPORARY CONCEPTS & PRACTICES”,10thEdd. , 1990, Allyn And Bacon, INC. Boston.
  27. 27. Thank YOUall. For ‘ur patience