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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. EMBEDDED PROJECTS- CHENNAI/IEEE PROJECTS- WIRELESS Eye ball Sensor for automatic Wheel Chair for paralysed patients This Wireless intellichair is designed to help theparalysed person who moves on a wheel chair,instead of the handicapped person moves thewheel chair by his hand, the chair will automaticallymove to a particular direction as the patient moveshis eyes towards a direction, with the help of Eyeball movement detection sensor. The chair will alsosense the obstacles in front of it and gives a beep
  2. 2. sound. The details regarding the construction of this chair includes the following Model: A prototype model which symbolizes the wheel chair is constructed using the MS Sheet (WHEELCHAIR BATTERY OPERATED- USING DC MOTOR 12V/60 RPM-1AMPS CURRENT RATINGS) Block Diagram: PIC 16F877 Microcontroller Potential Divider +5V Voltage Regulator Follower12V Transformer RF Transmitter 433 MHZ Eye Ball Sensor (Left / Right)
  3. 3. RF Receiver 433 MHZ IR Sensor PIC 16F877 Microcontroller +5V Alarm Regulator Relay Driver12V Transformer Circuit Movement 1. Forward Relay output for Dc Motor 3. Left 4. Right 5. Start
  4. 4. Description:Pic Microcontroller Board: This is the board which contains PICMicrocontroller Chip as well as the clock Circuitry,Reset Circuit and Power Supply for theMicrocontroller.Power supply:Provides Power Supply for the IC’s and componentsRF Transmitter:
  5. 5. A wireless RF 433 MHZ transmitter is used toconvert the digital signals from the encoder toWireless RF Signals and transmit the dataRF Receiver: A wireless RF 433 MHZ Receiver is used toconvert the Wireless RF Signals to digital signals andsends it to the microcontrollerIntruder Sensor An Infrared sensor is used as a intruderdetector. So when an intruder is sensed we canredirect the movement of the Model.Eye ball Movement Sensor: This is used to sense the movement of the eyeball’s direction and converts it into digital data and
  6. 6. transfers it to the Master controller. (StraightCommand, Left/Right Command, Stop Command)