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Channel adminppt

  1. 1. S MEP Channel Admin Intro to MEP Admin: Section 1
  2. 2. Channel Admin: Getting Started S The channel admin delivers direct administrative access to your brand’s Video Content, User Management, Ad Management and Analytic Reports. S Use the admin to manage video content, monitor traffic, and collect user’s feedback.
  3. 3. User Management Super and Channel Admin Responsibilities S Security and task management are the key functions of User Management S Create new Admin Users and grant access to the various admin tools by checking responsibilities in “Roles” S Caution: granting Super Admin access to everyone can result in a too-many-cooks situation
  4. 4. Content Management Content and Channel Admin Responsibilities S Add multi-media content to your Channel: Video, Documents, Images and Links S Upload your content, select content “Type”, add a title, set thumbnails and select a Publish Date. Now it can be published into your channel. S To publish content click “Manage Content”. Find your content by title, click it. Then click “Publish”
  5. 5. Managing Content View your uploaded content in list-form under Manage Content. Activate, Deactivate or Queue channel content and get a snapshot view of what is happening in your channel.
  6. 6. Comment Management Moderator Responsibilities S Review all comments on the channel S Approve or Deny comments S Flag unruly behavior S Collect user feedback and monitor content engagement
  7. 7. Manage Comments, Moderator View
  8. 8. Ad Management Super Admin S Manage Exclusions: build your own advertising blacklist S Manage Ads with (n)Power: secure login, dynamic ad management platform
  9. 9. Reports Financial Admin S Get constantly updated reports on your channel activity S Track video engagement S Monitor user actions
  10. 10. End of Section 1: MEP Channel Admin Next Section: Shake & Win Admin