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Creating uniquecontent


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Creating uniquecontent

  1. 1. Creating Unique Content SectionTwo: Retention and Engagement
  2. 2. Why Does Originality Matter? Creating new and unique content is not only important as publishing your self as an original brand, but the consumers tend to take more of an interest in your company when its new to them.  Appeals to audience  Helps with branding  Increases rank in search engines
  3. 3. Content Strategy  Content Marketing: the practice of creating relevant content in a consistent fashion to a targeted buyer, focusing on all stages of the buying process, from brand awareness to brand loyalty.  Content Strategy: the process of evaluating business and customer needs and providing strategic direction on how improved content and content processes can help to achieve specific objectives.  Implement content marketing to achieve specific business and consumer goals
  4. 4. Developing a Strategy A content strategy can be developed for projects of any size on any budget. It is all about analyzing your situation and utilizing resources to attain goals. Set your strategy outline:  Goals  Resources and Budget  Workflow and Metrics  Scope ofWork
  5. 5. Implementation  Content strategies are often shared between projects, products and business units.  However, the customer views all of your brand’s content as one message.  A good content strategy ensures the end product promotes a consistent and effective user experience for all of your brand’s consumer exchanges.
  6. 6. Retention and Engagement Complete! Next Section: Social and Mobile Media