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What mobileppt


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Published in: Technology, Business
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What mobileppt

  1. 1. What is Mobile? Intro to MobileTechnology: Section 1
  2. 2. Mobile in a Minute  Mobile technology is any electronic device that doesn’t require the use of a landline  Currently there are 10 countries with +100 million mobile subscriptions. USA is #3 behind China and India.  The standard mobile device, which began as a two-way pager, will soon be the most popular tool worldwide for internet browsing.
  3. 3. Impact and Importance  Usage - 1 in 8 page views are from mobile devices (comScore 2012)  Search - mobile searches to exceed desktop search in 2015 (eMarketer)  Apps - approx. 1/3 consumers prefer apps over a mobile browser for retail experience (Adobe)
  4. 4. Mobile Shopping and Revenue  Shopping - 79% smartphone users use their phones to help with purchases (Google 2010)  39% in-store purchase abandonments were influenced by smartphones (Motorola)  Revenue - $24.66 Billion in Mobile Retail sales for 2012  $13.86 Billion fromTablets alone
  5. 5. StreamingVideo via Mobile “Streaming video has crossed an inflection point and it’s now a necessary channel for both consumers as well as broadcasters, brands and media companies around the world” – Jay Fulcher CEO Ooyala  Two thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2016 (Cisco)  Video attracts 2-3 times as many monthly visitors, doubles time on site, and has a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. (MarketingSherpa)  Tablet and MobileVideo viewing doubled in 2012 (Ooyala)
  6. 6. Let’s Go!  All Industry trends point to dramatically increased mobile activity in: - Social Media - Email - SMS -Video Streaming - Ecommerce The Shoutz MEP Program provides you with the necessary tools to excel in the ever- changing mobile environment.
  7. 7. Section 1 Complete. Nice job! Next Section: Mobile Apps &Widgets