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Mobile seo

  1. 1. SEO Basics Intro to Mobile Search: Section 2
  2. 2. Mobile SearchVs. Desktop  Local results are more likely in mobile search (more relevance to user)  Mobile users are always logged in, so personalized results are shown more than in desktop search.  Certain queries have interactive results in mobile, pushing web rankings down  First position on mobile means more. “A drop from first to fourth position on mobile phone can mean a CTR drop off of more than 90 percent” (Google Zero Moment ofTruth)
  3. 3. Why Do Mobile Search Advertising  25% of all Google searches are now done on mobile devices (IgnitionOne 2012)  56% of all Americans own a smartphone  34% have a tablet computer  Interact with users beyond the desktop  Geo-targeting allows you to engage with users based on the physical location of their search
  4. 4. Keyword Optimization:TitleTags  TitleTags appear first on search results and in the browser  They should contain the brand name and main function  Should contain an array of words relevant to your company and its branded messaging
  5. 5. Keyword Optimization:TitleTags Cont.  Meta-description is what shows up underneath title tags  Not a significant generator of SEO  Can be used to place common misspellings or additional keywords
  6. 6. Permalinks These links are created to make website navigation better by adding page titles to your URL so users bypass the home page.This is often overlooked because it seems minor.  High SEO potential  How people are navigating the site  Can be customized to look cleaner and create another source of SEO
  7. 7. Keyword Optimization:Writing Content  All content should be unique and relevant to your brand. Never sacrifice quality of content for higher SEO  Keywords embedded in text should be repeated often  Post frequently and consistently to ensure you maintain traffic  Programs like Google AdWords orWordtracker can help determine the most effective SEO keywords for your market
  8. 8. Keyword Optimization: AnchorText  Hyperlinks or “anchors” to internal and external articles or sites helps drive SEO  AnchorText helps SEO algorithms in search engines associate your content with other sites or keywords  Anchor text should link to:  A news source  A product  Another article on your site  A study  A previous part of the article
  9. 9. Spread & Share  Always be offering methods to share your info via social media widgets like these  Having loyal consumers talking about your brand is what really matters  Posting frequently will give you more loyal followers and higher SEO
  10. 10. Blacklisted.  Rapid and random following on social media or using a link database can lead to blacklisting  You will be removed from search results and regarded as spam or malware  Blacklist means no traffic. No traffic means no revenue
  11. 11. Tips For Effective SEO  Allow users to share on social media via widgets  Keep content consistent and engaging  Ensure all links are working properly  Don’t riddle your article with keywords  AnchorText,TitleText, and Permalinks should never be overlooked; high SEO potential  Don’t use the same anchor text for every link
  12. 12. End of SectionTwo Next Section: Paid Search Opportunities