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Social Recruiting at Scale: The Art & Science of Recruiting like a Marketer | Webinar


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Learn practical tips on building a community of clients and candidates that have a vested interest in your recruitment firm. Download the full guide:

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Social Recruiting at Scale: The Art & Science of Recruiting like a Marketer | Webinar

  1. 1. ​  Stephanie Wilbrandt & Jill Bockenstette ​  Media Solutions Consultants ​  LinkedIn Social Recruiting at Scale: The Art & Science of Recruiting Like a Marketer
  2. 2. Value of social recruiting/selling
  3. 3. 3 What is social recruiting/selling?
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. 5 Why is social recruiting/selling important? 60% of buyers’ decisions are made prior to any direct contact with a salesperson. 69% of recruiters expect competition to increase in 2015. ​ To succeed, 73% of recruiters plan to invest more in social recruiting. ​ 56% of B2B buyers have used LinkedIn to support their purchase process during the past year. Source: IDC Research Jobvite, “2014 Social Recruiting Survey,” August 2014. Sources: Kathleen Schaub, IDC, “Social Buying Meets Social Selling: How Trusted Networks Improve the Purchase Experience,” April 2014.
  6. 6. 6 How do you use LinkedIn for social selling/ recruiting?
  7. 7. Efficiently engage with clients & candidates on a consistent basis
  8. 8. 8 Before we dive in, take note of these 3 tips: 1.  It’s a commitment 2.  Know your audience 3.  Don’t forget about mobile
  9. 9.  Professionals come to LinkedIn to develop their careers, not just to find jobs 9 Why are professionals on LinkedIn? Identity Connect, find, and be found Insights Be great at what you do Everywhere Work wherever our members work
  10. 10. Take the reins on others’ first impression of you 10 Identity: What does your online brand look like? ​ Your professional brand: ü Add a picture ü Don’t copy / paste your resume ü Include a personal headline ü Write a summary (elevator pitch) ü Point out your skills ü Ask for recommendations ü Own your public profile’s URL Be a human first, recruiter second. Why do you do what you do? What is your passion? What makes you good at your job? How are you helping people?
  11. 11. Check the following off your to-do list 11 What does your firm’s online brand look like? Build out your Company Page: q  Add a logo and banner image q  Write a company description q  Point out company specialties q  Differentiate from your competition q  Designate a page admin for company status updates
  12. 12.  3 steps to follower growth 12 Extend your reach 1.  Add a ‘follow’ button to your company website •  Make it easy for people who visit your website to follow you on LinkedIn. Add a FREE follow button. *Check out 2.  Go social •  Cross promote your LinkedIn Company Page in LinkedIn Groups and other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 3.  Have employees spread the word •  Ask your team to include a link to your Company Page on their profiles and in candidate/client communications. They can even embed the follow button in their email signatures.
  13. 13.  Your followers are a viable pool of candidates and clients 13 Why do Company Page followers matter? ü 100% more likely to respond to an InMail from a company that they follow ü Nearly 50% more likely to purchase from a company that they follow ü 79% are interested in job opportunities from a company that they follow Source: LinkedIn research, December 2014
  14. 14.  Step 1: Use a targeting framework to define your content audience(s) 14 Now that you have followers, engage them Persona   Professional   Personal   Behavioral   Candidate   Title Seniority Experience Skill Education Age Gender Location Active on mobile Time spent online Client       Consultant                  
  15. 15.  Step 2: Develop a content calendar 15 Set yourself up for success Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Status Update We couldn’t be more excited to announce this... HOT JOB: Do you love to be challenged by your amazing peers and clients every day? Look no further for the perfect career move! Developing apps without being able to test changes to your code in real time is painful. Check out these tips on how to alleviate the pain. Calling all Stanford techies…We will be on your campus next week -- let’s talk about summer internships. Click this CheckIn link to pre- register. Friday fun: insert image of team lunch OR any catchy image found online OR interesting fun fact. Content Type Press release Job post link Blog post Event registration Image Target Audience Marketers UX designers Engineers Students Everybody Publish Where LinkedIn, Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter LinkedIn, Twitter LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest Content Themes: Thought Leadership Talent Brand Company/product news Event promotion Just for fun
  16. 16.  Step 3: Target who you want to reach using status updates 16 Right audience, right time, right content
  17. 17.  Best practices for status updates and sharing content 17 Not sure what to post? 1.  Provide value to the professional Will your content help members be more productive and successful? 2.  Think mobile first Is there an image? Is the landing page or destination experience optimized for mobile? 3.  Create a dialogue Include a clear call to action if you want your followers to act. 4.  Plan for the unplanned Plan ahead and schedule content, but leave room for timely events and news. 5.  Communicate frequently Aim for 10-20 status updates per month.
  18. 18. Creative ways to provide thought leadership and insight
  19. 19. Insert: Your audience’s news feed How to stand out from your competition 19 Generate awareness about your company Build a community of candidates Promote news or upcoming events Establish yourself as thought leader Strengthen reputation as an employer of choice Build relationships by doing the following: Member News Feed
  20. 20.  Check out these resources 20 Where can you find great content to share?
  21. 21.  Scale your content 21 Don’t do double the work
  22. 22.  5 golden rules of InMail 22 Perfect your InMail approach ​ 1. Include an attention grabber and be brief. ​ 2. Focus on the opportunity, not the job. ​ 3. Time your outreach. ​ 4. Include a call to action. ​ 5. Test and learn. Use your InMail Analytics report* to understand the effectiveness of your outreach. ​ *Feature available in LinkedIn Recruiter and Recruiter Professional Services. Want to accelerate your career trajectory?
  23. 23.  LinkedIn Careers Page, Targeted Ads, Sponsored Content 23 Next level efforts
  24. 24. Use data to track success
  25. 25.  Use data to course correct 25 Optimize your strategy Company A Company B Company CCompany A Company B Company C
  26. 26.  View Company Page performance metrics 26 Test and learn
  27. 27.  The Centrics Group 27 Customer highlight
  28. 28. Next steps ​ 5 takeaways to implement today 28 1.  Own your own profile. Lead by example. 2.  Update your Company Page. Post 1x/week. 3.  Get the members of your team active on LinkedIn. 4.  Always remember your audience. 5. Register for our Social Recruiting online series: Build, Engage, Recruit beginning March 4th: : 1EZKQ0a
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