Coach JT Omar Periu Keynote Speech 12 10 09


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Keynote presentation on How to Generate new qualified leads and build trust via Inbound Marketing. What I call InBounding or Attraction Marketing.

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Coach JT Omar Periu Keynote Speech 12 10 09

  1. 1. Inbound Marketing to Build Trust the end of interruption marketing
  2. 2. WIIFM – Today You’ll Takeaway 1. Why SMM is Important NOW 2. How it Compares to Traditional Marketing Forms 3. How to Generate 5-10 New Qualified Leads per Week 4. A SMM 101 Action Plan 5. Next Steps…
  3. 3. How Many of You Would Like to?
  4. 4. Are You In the Game?
  5. 5. The Disruption of Interruption the evolution of marketing CAN SPAM ACT of 2003 One-to-Many Many-to-Many Interruption Filter
  6. 6. The Many Forms of Inbound Opt-In/ Search Mobile Social Media Subscribe
  7. 7. Inbounding Appears Overwhelming
  8. 8. Social Footprint Today •Where do you start? •What do you need? •How do you compete?
  9. 9. Getting Back to the Basics Qualified Leads Revenue Exceed Quota Non RainMaker Activities
  10. 10. 3 Rules You Must Follow 3 to Inspire
  11. 11. Inbound Marketing Plan Social Networks Content Syndication Search Marketing Blog Partners SEO Marketing Funnel
  12. 12. Six Steps to Generate Qualified Leads 1 Get a blog or add blog capabilities to your web-site? Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr or Posterous 2 Establish presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Get in an engage. Start interacting. 3 Understand your buyers persona and then engage with content 4 Master the art of retention thru email marketing and lead conversion 5 E3 – Content is King & Distribution is the Queen
  13. 13. Just Do It 6
  14. 14. Some Social Concepts to Noodle On
  15. 15. Getting Started On LinkedIn What Build and Connect with professional people you know and trust in business Why • The #1 Social Networking site for professionals • Has 50M registered users worldwide How – Sign Up @ Top Tips: • Connect with all past clients • Connect with all people in your database • Give 5-10 recommendations and get 5-10 • Use as a prospecting tool to research prospects • link with Twitter and sync posts by adding #in
  16. 16. Getting Started On Facebook What Place where you share photo’s, articles, video’s, and information with people you know or want to build a relationship with. Why • FB population larger than entire U.S. • Networking/Brand building is done in casual environments How – Sign Up @ Top Tips: • Join 2-5 FB groups – (once logged in) • Build a Business Oriented “Fan Page” • Link Twitter and FB together via
  17. 17. Getting Started On Twitter What Place where you share text-based posts up to 140 characters delivered to your followers instantly. Why • It has incredible endorsement power • Reach and engage in conversation with prospects instantly How – Sign Up @ Top Tips: • • •
  18. 18. What Have You Learned? 1. Why SMM is Important NOW 2. How it Compares to Traditional Marketing Forms 3. How to Generate 5-10 New Qualified Leads per Week 4. A SMM 101 Action Plan 5. Next Steps…
  19. 19. Inbound Marketing Mastery Workshop Here is sample of what you will get  with the 3 Hour Intense  Strategy Workshop First Hour: Building your Social Media Marketing and PR Plan Your Will Walk Away With: Organizational and/or Individual Goals A Specific Buyer Persona (Profile) Answers To The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask Yourself. Second Hour: Creating Your Central Hub for New Qualified Lead Attraction You Will Walk Away With: How To Have Your Own Blog, Which Brands You All Over YOUR Industry. Strategies for creating E³ VALUE that people will LOVE you for while building TRUST. How to get your blog set up, so that it pulls the MOST amount of leads possible. Third Hour: Intro to Creating an Ultra Powerful YouTube BRAND and Following AND MUCH MORE…..
  20. 20. Thank You!! @ JTtheCoach
  21. 21. Let’s Look at a Few Blogs and SM Sites