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How and why you should spend money on facebook.


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Do you have a Facebook Business Page? Or don't have one but know you should if you are in business?
There are alot of ways to engage with your customers on Facebook, if you have doubts about your customers being there, please click and engage with this slide share. There are many ways to target the right customers with the right offer! Facebook makes it easy to use your marketing dollars in a targeted intelligent way. If you are not spending at least $30 of your marketing budget a month on Facebook you may be missing out on your easiest way to build your customer base, business culture and easiest sales. Be curious and investigate the opportunities!

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How and why you should spend money on facebook.

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  3. 3. Top 4 reasons EVERY business should be on Facebook. 1. 33% of Millennials are more likely to by from a company who uses Facebook 2. 67% of Business to Customer B to C Marketers have generated leads via Facebook 3. 70% of active Facebook Users in the US interacted with a local business on Facebook 4. Ads can help you grow your community
  4. 4. Who Are Millennials? Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends. Researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s. - Wiki
  5. 5. Ways to Generate Leads on Facebook Use Calls-to-Action in Cover Photos Include Links in Captions Host a Facebook Chat Make Facebook Events for Webinars or other events you are doing Use Targeted Advertising to Extend Your Content's Reach Get Peoples Email via a offer and send them a coupon or free info, book or webinar Sponsor a form on another Facebook page Watch and comment on other pages in your community Share local event posts in your own community
  6. 6. Your local customers can look you up.. Your local customers.. Probably have local friends on Facebook. When someone interacts with your page REACT! People who make nice comments are the most like to expect a nice response Over and above some who complains or asks a question. You have their attention.. What are you going to do with it? Offer a coupon, a value added item when they visit your brick and mortar location, a bonus when they buy your video?
  7. 7. Why do you want to people to like our page? Why build a community? 1. Your customers will not find your Facebook page if you don’t tell them it’s there. You can target engagement locally with ads. 2. You can target specific demographics. 3. Once someone likes your page, you have access to advertise and build a community around them. 4. Communities share and support people they like.
  8. 8. Are you convinced Facebook is for your business yet? If yes.. Then please continue! If you are still on the fence, please talk to other local businesses, Call me and book a Hands on Social Media Lunch and learn Or talk to a social media company in your area and ask them for the results they are getting for businesses in your area!
  9. 9. First step – do you have a Facebook Page Step 1: Build your Facebook Page Everything on Facebook starts with your Page. Create a Page. It’s a simple, free way to communicate with customers. You don’t have to have a personal profile to set one up, but we highly recommend that you use your profile to set up your page, this gives you more control, it will not show up in your personal profile in any way unless you share posts from your FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE. This is what Facebook uses as an example. Check it out: State Bicycle Company $500k in annual sales from Facebook 10k more likes within a year — learn more
  10. 10. Step 2 Choose an objective Get people to like your Page. Create several ads and target based on location, demographics and interests. ( click on the link and go to the Facebook Help Page, they have free tools for you!) Talk to some customers and friends who know and love your product or service and ask them to LIKE your page. Look at who your target market is so that you can create a targeted marketing campaign. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Take some time on this. Choose the objective for your campaign •Boost your posts •Promote your Page •Send people to your website •Increase conversions on your website •Get installs of your app •Increase engagement in your app •Reach people near your business •Raise attendance at your event •Get people to claim your offer •Get video views
  11. 11. Step Three - Engage Have a posting calendar Decide what images will engage your customer base Decide on how much you would like to spend on each engagement. You can spend as little as a $1 a day! We recommend spending a bit more. Decide on the value of a customer! I was speaking with an architect who spends $200 a month on Facebook and on average that gets him one new project. Most of his projects are worth $5 to $50 K. It is worth the investment for him. You will need to test what kind of posts and promotions work with your customers, so start with $1-$5 really targets posts. Pick a specific location like your home town, or just friend of the people who already like your page and average Test – test – test!!!!!
  12. 12. Success Stories “With a continued focus on authenticity and customer care, Jimmy Beans Wool uses Facebook to do more than advertise products. It strengthens relationships with its audience, which translates into continued success” Look for success stories in your industry, see what their campaigns are finding success with? What would work for you?
  13. 13. Eight ways to create connection ! Look at the options Investigate * Be curious * Get professional help when needed! If you are seeing this on Slide Share, click and find out more on the links. If not, just search Anyssa Carruthers on 1 Post engagement 2 Page Likes 3 Clicks to Website 4 Website Conversions 5 Apps… 6 Event Responses 7 Offer Claims 8 Video Views Seek first to understand – Steven Covey
  14. 14. Page Post Engagement Get more people liking, commenting on and sharing your posts. You’ll reach more of the people who like your Page and new audiences. Click for more detail in the Facebook Help Section
  15. 15. Page Likes Build your Page audience by getting more Page Likes. It’s a great way to connect with new customers and learn more about your audience. Click for more detail in the Facebook Help Section
  16. 16. Clicks to Website Bring more people to your website from Facebook. When people click your ad, you can send them to any page on your website—including your online store. Click for more detail in the Facebook Help Section
  17. 17. Website Conversions Track actions people took on your website after they saw your Facebook ad. This data helps you understand who comes to your site and what they’re responding to so you can make your ads (and website) even better. Click for more detail in the Facebook Help Section
  18. 18. Apps… App Installs Grow your app by getting more people to install it. You can get your ad to the right people based on device, OS, and more. And when they tap your ad, they’ll go right to the app store install page. App Engagement Get more people to engage with your app and take them to specific parts of your app, like the purchase page for an item, or a screen where they can register or start a download Click for more detail in the Facebook Help Section
  19. 19. Event Responses Let people know about your special event with a Facebook ad. When people see it, they can join and they even will be added to their Facebook calendar. They’ll also get reminders for the event, and you can keep track of how many people responded. Click for more detail in the Facebook Help Section
  20. 20. Offer Claims Create special offers to get more people doing business with you. You can offer discounts or other rewards—it’s up to you. You decide how long your offer runs, who sees it, how many people can claim it and more. Click for more detail in the Facebook Help Section
  21. 21. Video Views Create engaging ads that feature your videos and tell your story. Your audiences can view your video ads in News Feed on desktop and mobile devices. Click for more detail in the Facebook Help Section
  22. 22. So just go forth and spend some money… Still in doubt? We recommend checking out the many articles put together by Hootsuite, a local company that we use to support out clients with their social media engagement Here is one to start with! 6 MORE Benefits of Facebook Engagement. To get your free copy of Hands on Social Media Visit our Website!
  23. 23. Spending money on Facebook INTEGRATE SOCIAL MEDIA WITH YOUR MARKETING STRATEGIES E A S I LY D E L I V E R C O N T E N T, M E A S U R E I T S I M PA C T A N D S P E N D YO U R B U D G E T W I S E LY Thank you for interacting with