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Open badges discovery research call


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Open badges discovery research call

  1. 1. Open Badges Discovery Research Call Feb 19th 2014
  2. 2. What are we building? A directory of badges linked to customisable career pathways, whose content we are developing in direct collaboration with industry partners.
  3. 3. What are we building? directory pathways careers
  4. 4. Directory
  5. 5. Pathways
  6. 6. Pathways
  7. 7. Careers 2013 Parthenon Labor Market Research Summary Economic Perspective Learners Perspective Employers Perspective Sales & Retail Healthcare Technology
  8. 8. Why is this important?
  9. 9. Who is this for? knowers seekers dreamers
  10. 10. Design Principles : Maleable
  11. 11. Design Principles : Playful
  12. 12. Design Principles : Storylike
  13. 13. Building A Pathway C E E+ S
  14. 14. Pathway Types Linear Institute For The Future Freeform Tiered Cluster
  15. 15. Pathway Templates Linear Institute For The Future
  16. 16. Pathway Templates Freeform Institute For The Future
  17. 17. Pathway Templates Tiered Institute For The Future
  18. 18. Pathway Templates Cluster
  19. 19. User Personas William ! • Creating a pathway with a facilitator to plan his college career. • Does not have mentors at home or school • Self-motivated • Has degree in mind but not a career • Has access to mobile device. • Want to build on computer Darnice ! • Creating a freeform pathway as a way to organize goals. • Not clear on a degree. Hoping badges will give her some inspiration. • "Not convinced college is right for her" • Does not have a career in mind. Dorey ! • Using a pathway attached to an internship application • First time pathway user. • Just wants to meet the requirements of the pathway and not customize it. • Parents and counselor asked
  20. 20. Interviews Mozilla intern UX designer High school E- Tech enthusiast E+ - Report card system project badge E- Tinkerer E- Gamer C- HTML E- Hacking C- Internship project E- Internship C- Graduated high school College E- Started mobile development club E- Teaches other students C- Systems Design Engineering E- Hackathon participation C- Entrepreneur residence E- Jack of all trades C- Undergrad
  21. 21. Interviews: Summit
  22. 22. Badge Types Interest badges - Badges relate to an interest or project ! Group badges - Badges for group activities ! Event badges - Badges for attending or participating in events ! Attribute badges - Badges that define character traits or attitudes ! Accreditation badges - Badges that point to a certification of competency ! Proficiency badges - Badges that represent a skill ! Knowledge badges - Badges for thinking, analyzing, or having general knowledge ! Habit badges - Badges that are earned for having a good habit over a period of time