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RIASEC Personalities


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The RIASEC Model shows the relationships between Ideas, People, Data, and Things. Learn about interests, abilities, skills, careers, and college majors.

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RIASEC Personalities

  1. 1. Created by Dr. Mary AskewHolland Codes Resource Center © 2002 - 2012
  2. 2. RIASEC Career Model Business Contact Business Operations (Enterprising) (Conventional) D at aSocial Service People Things Technical (Social) (Realistic) I d eas Arts Science (Artistic) (Investigative)The RIASEC Model shows the relationships between Ideas, People, Data, and Things.
  3. 3. Realistic Personality• An individual with a Realistic Personality has - • Mechanical aptitude • Manual dexterity • Physical coordination • Fine Motor skills • A preference for hands-on learning experiences and practical application
  4. 4. Investigative Personality• A person with an Investigative Personality • Invents • Researches • Solves problems • Works with ideas • Has computer aptitude • Loves knowledge
  5. 5. Artistic Personality• An individual with an Artistic Personality enjoys • Writing • Acting • The Arts • Music • Linguistics • Creative design • Creative expression
  6. 6. Social Personality• Someone with an Social Personality likes to • Teach • Listen • Serve • Work with others • Show empathy • Learn in groups • Be cooperative
  7. 7. Enterprise Personality• Individuals with Enterprise Personalities • Speak publicly • Sell products and services • Persuade • Manage people and projects • Take action • Enjoy adventure • Lead • Like setting goals
  8. 8. Conventional Personality• A person with an Conventional Personality • Organizes • Attends to detail • Manages time • Sets priorities • Likes to handle things in a systematic manner • Prefers to be accurate • Desires to be efficient
  9. 9. RIASEC Career Personalities REALISTIC INVESTIGATIVE ARTISTIC SOCIAL ENTERPRISING CONVENTIONAL Analytical, Complicated, Helping, Persuasive, Careful, Frank, Practical, Intellectual, Original, Informing, Energetic, Conforming, Focused, Reserved, Impulsive, Teaching, Sociable, Conservative,Characteristics Mechanical, Independent, Independent, Inspiring, Adventurous, Conscientious, Determined, Scholarly, Expressive, Counseling, Ambitious, Risk- Self-controlled, Rugged Judgmental Creative Serving taking Structured Manipulates tools, Interacts with Works with Uses imagination Strengths Possesses people, Orders activities abstract ideas and and feelings in Leads, manages, mechanical, concerned with paying attention to intellectual creative and organizes manual, or athletic the welfare of details problems expression ability peoplePrefers to deal Things Ideas and Things Ideas and People People Data and People Data and Things with
  10. 10. RIASEC Career Personalities (2) REALISTIC INVESTIGATIVE ARTISTIC SOCIAL ENTERPRISING CONVENTIONAL Manager, Producer, Craftsman, Fitness Biologist, Chemist, Artist, Musician, Teacher, Clergy, Lawyer,Business/ Accountant, Trainer,Optician, Historian, Actor/ Actress, Coach, Therapist, Marketing Banker, Editor,Careers Policemen, Fire Researcher, Doctor, Designer, Writer, Nurse, Counselor, Executive, Office Manager, Fighter, Physical Mathematician Photographer Sociologist Entrepreneur, Librarian, Reporter Education Teacher Principal Justice Studies, Fire Nursing, Christian Pre-Law, BusinessPossible Biology, Chemistry, Science, Athletic Art, Theater, Education, Management andCollege Nursing, Pre- Business, Training, Martial Graphic Design, Counseling, Administration,Majors Medicine, Accounting, Arts, Corporate Music, Journalism, Biblical Studies, International Mathematics, Management Fitness, Physical Communication Social Science, Business, Political History Education Education Science
  11. 11. RIASEC Model and Careers RIASEC Personalities Realistic Investigative Artistic Social Enterprising ConventionalCareers Engineer Chemist Designer Teacher Manager AccountantCareers Technician Physician Musician Nurse Lawyer Office Clerk
  12. 12. What Are Your Abilities?• Athletics • Solving• Drawing • Singing• Math • Talking• Music • Working with Hands• Painting • Writing
  13. 13. RIASEC Personality Types and AbilitiesRIASEC Personality Work-Related Abilities Types Critical Realistic Organizational Manual Dexterity Mechanical Spatial Technical Thinking Critical Investigative Reading Numerical Investigative Scientific Analytical Thinking Critical Artistic Language Usage Self-Expressive Artistic Literary Expressive Thinking Social Reading Language Usage Helping Others Meeting People Team Building Relational Critical Enterprising Numerical Language Usage Leadership Management Financial Thinking Critical Conventional Numerical Financial Sales Organizational Analytical Thinking Communication = Reading or Language Usage Written and Oral Expression = Language Usage Research = Investigative Selling = Artistic or Enterprising Service = Social