QR Codes, Location Based Services, & Augmented Reality for Libraries


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A talk for LYRASIS' Ideas and Insights Series.

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QR Codes, Location Based Services, & Augmented Reality for Libraries

  1. 1. QR Codes,Location Based Services,& Augmented Realityfor Libraries Lauren Pressley | Z. Smith Reynolds Library | Wake Forest University August 4, 2011 | Elon University | LYRASIS Ideas & Insights
  2. 2. Augmented Reality Technology in action What it means for usAgenda
  3. 3. Augmented Reality Technology in action What it means for usAgenda
  4. 4. Augmented Reality Technology in action What it means for usAgenda
  5. 5. Augmented Reality1. What is it?2. Changes how people can access information3. Information literacy
  6. 6. Definitions
  7. 7. “Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or anindirect view of a physical, real-world environment whoseelements are augmented by computer-generated sensory inputsuch as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. It is related to amore general concept called mediated reality, in which a view ofreality is modified (possibly even diminished rather thanaugmented) by a computer. As a result, the technology functionsby enhancing one’s current perception of reality. By contrast,virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one.” Wikipedia, August 2, 2011
  8. 8. “Augmented reality n. the use of technology which allowsthe perception of the physical world to be enhanced ormodified by computer-generated stimuli perceived with the aidof special equipment; reality as perceived in this way.” OED, draft edition, December 2005
  9. 9. “Augmented reality is the overlay of digital information onthe physical world.” lauren’s take on it
  10. 10. a physical thing withaddition information embedded in it,
  11. 11. app that merges web-based information with real life,
  12. 12. or even just an overlay on your television screen
  13. 13. “The future isalready here —its just not veryevenly distributed.” -William Gibson
  14. 14. Changes how people canaccess information
  15. 15. Device evolutionimpacts howwe access information.
  16. 16. The most recent case in point: the iPhone
  17. 17. Google changed how we interacted with the web.
  18. 18. Netflix changed how we accessed movies.
  19. 19. The Kindle changedhow we read books.
  20. 20. Information Literacy
  21. 21. “Information Literacy is the set of skillsneeded to find, retrieve, analyze, and useinformation.” Association of College and Research Libraries
  22. 22. “Information Literacy is the set of skillsneeded to find, retrieve, analyze, and useinformation.” Association of College and Research Libraries
  23. 23. “Information Literacy is the set of skillsneeded to find, retrieve, analyze, and useinformation.” Association of College and Research Libraries
  24. 24. “Ultimately, information literate people arethose who have learned how to learn.They know how to learn because they knowhow knowledge is organized, how to findinformation, and how to use information insuch a way that others can learn from them.They are people prepared for lifelonglearning, because they can always find theinformation needed for any task or decisionat hand.” American Library Association Presidential Committee on Information Literacy, January 10, 1989
  25. 25. preparing people to use new tools that comes along
  26. 26. Augmented Reality Technology in action What it means for usAgenda
  27. 27. Technology in Action1. QR Codes2. Location Based Services3. Augmented Reality
  28. 28. QR Codes
  29. 29. Text
  30. 30. QR Codes: signs
  31. 31. QR Codes: buildings
  32. 32. QR Codes: library or business cards
  33. 33. QR Codes: products
  34. 34. QR Codes: novelty items
  35. 35. QR Codes: clothing
  36. 36. QR Codes: tattoos??
  37. 37. Location Based Services
  38. 38. Foursquare
  39. 39. Foursquare:an app
  40. 40. Foursquare:badges
  41. 41. Foursquareas a game:•badges•points•mayorships•deals
  42. 42. Gowalla
  43. 43. Gowalla: an app for mobile devices
  44. 44. Gowallavirtual bling
  45. 45. Gowallabuilt aroundincentives:•stamps•pins•items•trips
  46. 46. Facebookintroduced toa fullydevelopedsocial network
  47. 47. Facebooksharing withfriends
  48. 48. Google+
  49. 49. Google+: a website....
  50. 50. Google+...& an app
  51. 51. Yelp
  52. 52. Yelpbuilt aroundreviews:•website•app
  53. 53. Yelp•share reviews•find nearbyplaces ofinterest
  54. 54. Yelp:Location Based Services + Augmented Reality!
  55. 55. Augmented Reality
  56. 56. accrossairNearestTweets
  57. 57. Wikitude
  58. 58. LayarBrowser
  59. 59. Augmented Reality Technology in action What it means for usAgenda
  60. 60. What it means for us1. Changes in the information environment2. Impact on library services3. It’s a long ways off... in the short term4. Connecting library services
  61. 61. Changes in the informationenvironment
  62. 62. Information EnvironmentBased in a physical world
  63. 63. Information Environmentcomplex systems
  64. 64. Information Environmentpiles with less organization
  65. 65. Information Environment using search
  66. 66. Information Environment ...or Google/Apple & Some combination thereof
  67. 67. Impact on library services
  68. 68. Library Services People think of libraries as traditional spaces
  69. 69. Library Services while they live in a largely online world
  70. 70. Library Services they can access information anywhere
  71. 71. Library Services and remixes unimaginable a few years ago
  72. 72. Library Services they might even want to tag things, wherever they are
  73. 73. It’s a long ways off...in the short term
  74. 74. What you can do: can talk with other librarians about what they do
  75. 75. What you can do: play with apps and smartphones
  76. 76. What you can do:brainstorm withcolleagues
  77. 77. What you can do:map out a plan
  78. 78. Connecting library services
  79. 79. Connecting Library Services library tours
  80. 80. Connecting Library Services tutorials in the stacks
  81. 81. Connecting Library Services virtual subject guides
  82. 82. Connecting Library Services colocate ematerials
  83. 83. Connecting Library Serviceslink from physical books to online resources
  84. 84. Connecting Library Services embed archives in the real world
  85. 85. Connecting Library Servicessupplement in marketing materials
  86. 86. Connecting Library Services It all starts with experimenting!
  87. 87. Augmented Reality Technology in action What it means for usAgenda
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  93. 93. Questions?Comments?Lauren Pressleyhttp://twitter.com/laurenpressleyhttp://laurenpressley.comlauren@laurenpressley.com Interested in QR Codes? See http://guides.zsr.wfu.edu/qrcodes!