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3-D real-virtual worlds for health and healthcare

  1. 3-D real-virtual worlds in health and healthcare MB Chevalier (Alt avatar: Maged N Kamel Boulos ) [email_address]
  2. Video break Some health-related examples from SL™ (Running time: 3:45 min. - Source: Friends at UMich’s Health Sciences Libraries, US)
  3. An interactive genetics lab/museum and learning area, The Gene Pool, in Second Life®:
  4. Astonishingly real! Real Hope in a Virtual World ( Washington Post – 6 October 2007): “Because the full-colour, multifaceted nature of the experience offers so much more ‘emotional bandwidth’ than traditional Web sites, e-mail lists and discussion groups, users say the experience can feel astonishingly real.”
  6. Wear a skin disease! Don’t miss our AIDS-related Kaposi Sarcoma Experience inSL™: Now you can wear a special clothing layer to see and experience on your own avatar how Kaposi Sarcoma looks/feels in AIDS patients. Video 2:38 min.
  7. Avatars attending a seminar at the University of Plymouth Sexual Health SIM in Second Life® Community  In-world seminars  Sexual Health SIM Group in-world Video 2:02 min.
  8. Missing in original figure: One can add YouTube videos, 3-D models and other types of user-generated content to Google Earth
  9. The future: 3-D Internet standards and interoperability Metaverse1 Consortium Global standards among real and virtual worlds Bridging the gaps  within virtual worlds &  between virtual and real worlds The distinction between ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ is getting more and more fuzzier as these platforms become more ubiquitous and seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.
  10. The future: 3-D Internet standards and interoperability Video: Across the Metaverse (VWs interoperability) (Running time: 1:58 min. - Source: IBM/Linden Research, Inc., US) Draft requirements for the ISO MPEG-V for 3-D Virtual Worlds >