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Perfect pitch: using research to help win creative pitches

Pitch research offer to advertising agencies

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Perfect pitch: using research to help win creative pitches

  1. 1. Perfect PitchResearch to help you win new business pitchesResearch to help you win new business pitches7, MAIDSTONE BUILDINGS MEWS  72 – 76 BOROUGH HIGH STREET  LONDON SE1 1GDTel 020 7234 9340   
  2. 2. Perfect Pitch is:• Fast turn-around pitch research, designedto hone/support pitch ideas• Experienced researchers and planners,nurturing ideas not killing them• Flexible we recruit and/or run research,in our studio or elsewhere• Independent research adding client-credibility and differentiation• Tried and tested by agencies such asOgilvy, AMV.BBDO, DLKW Lowe• Not connected to Jon Steel’sexcellent book of the same name
  3. 3. Perfect Pitch package• Input on the ideasConstructive feedback on your pitch, from researchers on your side,with a stake in your success• EndorsementExpert, independent endorsement: we are client-credible and haveresearched campaigns such as Dulux, Lloyds Bank and McDonald’s• Film as wellConsumer video clips to help bring responses to life; if you want morefilming/pictures, fewer words, we do that too• Incredible valueInitial fee to cover costs on commissioning is followed by a success feeIF you win the pitch
  4. 4. Perfect Pitch peopleGood research on your side, from a trusted brandKevin McLean brand/ad research specialistJudith Wardle wrote THE book on creative development researchIan Callow ad researcher and planner with Leagas Delaney, Ogilvy and GreyNick Long international ad research specialistLisa Morgan all-round research guru, based up northStuart Bolitho Field Manager, there’s nobody he cannot find
  5. 5. Perfect Pitch small print• We’ve learned a lot about brands and businesses and consumers over the years, including the secret truthabout consumer research (available as part of the package). Which is why Perfect Pitch is only for agenciesand not for clients. And it’s why we use a success fee; you win, we win. We really, really want you to win. Perfect Pitch applies only to agencies working on a pitch. We work for only one agency on any pitch. The success fee applies if/when you win the business in any form. Our studio (Propeller) uses four broadcast-quality cameras to film groups. Hire of Propeller Studio(evenings only) is subject to availability, with cancellation charges. A branded research document is included (if needed). Our job is to help to make the ideas as strong asthey can be. So we work with you until there is genuinely positive feedback. How much? Some general figures: to recruit and run a group, £1250. Recruit a group for you to run,£400. Hire of our studio for an evening, £500. Success fee = 200%.• Contact Kevin McLean tel 020 7234 9340 / 07966 460 352 used Perfect Pitch and found it efficient, insightful and perfectly calibrated to help agencies winbusiness. Which we did, on that occasion at least. Richard Swaab, Executive Vice Chairman, AMVBBDODuring the intensity of the pitch its good to have an independent perspective, if youcan’t see the wood for the trees. Tony Quinn, Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis London
  6. 6. 7 Maidstone Buildings Mews72-76 Borough High St,London SE1 1GDWardle McLeanTel 020 7234 934007966 460 we are
  7. 7. 7 Maidstone Buildings Mews72-76 Borough High St,London SE1 1GDWardle McLeanTel 020 7234 934007966 460 we are