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Tsunami Innovation: Thriving in the Age of Industry Disruption and Technology Changes

Futurist, Visionary and Leader Kurt Uhlir discusses how to thrive when disruption and new technology impact your industry. Explore innovation trends that are rewriting industries today and what to expect in the next wave. Learn actionable insights to approach innovation, find the core of authentic demand and thrive instead of barely survive. You will leave with a new excitement for what's to come and how you can surf the tsunami of change to a better place.
Presented at PPAI North American Leadership Conference (NALC) in the Ford Theater at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. Thank you to the Promotional Products Association International for the opportunity

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Tsunami Innovation: Thriving in the Age of Industry Disruption and Technology Changes

  1. 1. Thriving in the Age of Industry Disruption and Technology Changes @KurtUhlir
  2. 2. If you’re not asking questions to connect to reality and real needs, you’re on a path to obsolescence @KurtUhlir
  3. 3. The Future is Already Here How do you survive what’s coming? 08
  4. 4. Tsunami Innovation Increasing waves of innovation will cause the death of the average and create the era of authentic demand 09 @KurtUhlir
  5. 5. Kurt Uhlir CEO Futurist Chief Servant 06
  6. 6. Trends vs Reality @KurtUhlir
  7. 7. What’s now? @KurtUhlir
  8. 8. What’s next? @KurtUhlir
  9. 9. Globalization & Automation
  10. 10. 04 Disruption Inside Out & Outside In How Chinese Innovation compares to some of the biggest tech companies on the market 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 Billions@KurtUhlir
  11. 11. Mobility
  12. 12. 48% of all emails sent are now opened and read on a mobile device @KurtUhlir
  13. 13. 63% of US consumers say they delete emails immediately if they are not optimized for mobile @KurtUhlir
  14. 14. 80% of 316,000,000active users access Twitter through mobile (Twitter, 2015) @KurtUhlir
  15. 15. Americans now spend 151 minutesper day on smartphones, more than on TV or laptops (Millward Brown, 2014) @KurtUhlir
  16. 16. By 2017 there will be over 20 billionconnected devices @KurtUhlir
  17. 17. Mobility is about helping, not selling! @KurtUhlir
  18. 18. Mobility is about a seamless experience @KurtUhlir
  19. 19. Authentic Audience
  20. 20. If you own the audience, you own the experience @KurtUhlir
  21. 21. More than 88% of consumers are influenced by other consumers’ online comments More than 64% of business buyers are influenced by feedback from peers @KurtUhlir
  22. 22. 04 Technology or Experience? How Apple has grown as their influencers and community have grown @KurtUhlir
  23. 23. Most people think our main competitors are Yahoo! and Bing. It’s actually Amazon. Eric Schmidt, Google @KurtUhlir
  24. 24. 04 The real reason Staples and Office Depot are merging Amazon
  25. 25. Big Data + Machine Learning
  26. 26. We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actionsDavid Walmsley, Marks & Spencer @KurtUhlir
  27. 27. Technology that automatically finds patterns in your data and uses them to predict new data points @KurtUhlir
  28. 28. Tsunami Innovation 08
  30. 30. 04 Features of Tsunami Innovation Unrestrained development Unlimited growth Undisciplined strategy @KurtUhlir
  31. 31. PORTFOLIORules of Innovation Innovate in low-cost, feature poor tech that an underserved customer segment needs Innovate where there is authentic demand through rapid-fire, low- cost experiments and fail fast 19 Innovation Process New-Product Sales Strategy Reach out to early adopters and later enter mainstream market Reach out to multiple segments and types of customers initially. Scale business after finding traction Focus on low cost, closest customers or innovative products Focus on real data from field work with customers regardless of history Historic Innovation Tsunami Innovation @KurtUhlir
  32. 32. Tsunami Innovation may or may not happen overnight but it will change everything! @KurtUhlir
  33. 33. How to Innovate 08
  34. 34. Innovation Teams Are NOT Smaller Versions of Mature Companies 07 Mature companies EXECUTE known business models Innovation teams search for authentic demands and unknown business models @KurtUhlir
  35. 35. How we expect innovation to go… 16 @KurtUhlir
  36. 36. Real path to innovation @KurtUhlir
  37. 37. Innovation Myths Find out what your customers want and make that Anecdotes can validate hypothesis Your decisions are not influenced by self interest 18 @KurtUhlir
  38. 38. Process of connecting to reality Pioneered at Georgia Tech by Merrick Furst There is a better way! Startup Engineering 03 @KurtUhlir
  39. 39. Cognitive Illusions Immunity to Change @KurtUhlir
  40. 40. Find your real customers, identify what they’re required to be and help them bridge the gap @KurtUhlir
  41. 41. Cognitive Analytical Repeatable Learnable Data beats opinions @KurtUhlir
  42. 42. You are not technology experts @KurtUhlir
  43. 43. You are not “management” @KurtUhlir
  44. 44. You are not entrepreneurs @KurtUhlir
  45. 45. You ARE experience makers and problem solvers @KurtUhlir
  46. 46. Kurt Uhlir Twitter: @KurtUhlir