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232 million people can't be wrong Or: How I learned to stop worrying and started to look to Farmville for design ideas


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UPA long abstract: Do you ever wonder why people PLAY Farmville (Frontierville, Mafia Wars, …)?
Do you think about which elements of Farmville fun could make work applications less work?

If you answered “Yes” to either question this talk is for you. Join us for a lively exploration of
o How games like Farmville apply the psychology of behavioral change, reinforcement and social momentum to (re-)shape target behaviors.
o How the same persuasive, behavioral change elements are applied in “serious games” encouraging health, wellness and other behavioral change.

Along the way, we use real examples and exercises to help you rethink your applications and designs in terms of behavioral change and persuasive design.

Published in: Design, Technology
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232 million people can't be wrong Or: How I learned to stop worrying and started to look to Farmville for design ideas

  1. 1. 32232 MILLION PEOPLE CANT BE WRONG !How games like Farmville grab attention, shape interactions, secure commitment anddrive sustainable behavioral change Kath Straub Diana Nelson Lori Hawkins Suzanne Long
  2. 2. 32 232 MILLION PEOPLE CANT BE WRONG ! DR. STRANGELOVE OR: HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE FARMVILLE Kath Straub Diana NelsonFarmville Lori Hawkins Suzanne Long Or: How I learned to stop worrying andlove the psychology of behavioral change
  3. 3. Using games, like thisone developed forCold Stone Creamery,to orient/train staff isnot new.
  4. 4. Learning versusShaping
  5. 5. Shaping
  6. 6. What behaviors are youtrying to change?*Hint: Think outside the browser
  7. 7. Posi%ve:     Nega%ve:     Add  something   Take  something  away   Increases  behavior   Posi&ve  reinforcement   Nega&ve  reinforcement   Reinforcement:  Shaping isrewards and Posi&ve  punishment   Nega&ve  punishment   Decreases  behavior  punishments Punishment:     *Hint: Reinforcers work better. Random reinforcement works best.
  8. 8. Zynga made 3 things acceptableBegging
  9. 9. Zynga made 3 things acceptableBragging
  10. 10. Zynga made 3 things acceptableTinyVictories
  11. 11. Conclusion 1Zynga may causethe downfall ofwestern civilization
  12. 12. Conclusion 2Zynga may help usThink different.
  13. 13. 232M people.But why?
  14. 14. Small visibleincremental steps.
  15. 15. Goals arecomplex.
  16. 16. Short termand long termgoals areintegrated.
  17. 17. I knowwhere I stand.
  18. 18. The benefits ofmy efforts areknown andconcrete
  19. 19. Achievementsare visible
  20. 20. Its social.
  21. 21. Shameless PlugWhat happens to your farmwhen you die?
  22. 22. My friendsare with me.
  23. 23. It helps me.
  24. 24. It is where I am.
  25. 25. It iswhere I ampsychologically
  26. 26. It is whereI amphysically
  27. 27. Candy aisle!
  28. 28. From Farmville to life
  29. 29. Engagement,!& flow!
  30. 30. Anchorsand habits!
  31. 31. Relevantrewards
  32. 32. Other important elements
  33. 33. Relevant rewards
  34. 34. Rewardsneed to berelevant tothe user.
  35. 35. What are the relevantrewards in your user’starget behavior space?*Hint: Think intrinsic
  36. 36. Small, visible victories
  37. 37. VisibleProgress
  38. 38. Progress needsto have smallvisible victories.
  39. 39. We had her. And we lost her.
  40. 40. How do your showprogress towardthe goal?*Hint: Think incremental
  41. 41. It needs to happenwhere I am.
  42. 42. Engagingneeds to befrictionless
  43. 43. How can you help metrip over “success”?*Hint: Think incremental
  44. 44. From Farmville to work
  45. 45. From Farmville to work Small, visible progress Frictionless interaction Relevant rewards
  46. 46. Thanks!Questions?For questions you think of