Online Communities Creating Change - HomeEnergyPros (Poster presented at ACEEE)


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This one-page overview describes Home Energy Pros, a on-line community for home performance and weatherization professionals to share ideas, experiences, resources and opportunities.

For a more detailed description of the development, marketing and launch of the community please read the associated paper (also on SlideShare.)

Home Energy Pros is one part of the Social Media strategy for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Home Energy Saver tools.

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Online Communities Creating Change - HomeEnergyPros (Poster presented at ACEEE)

  1. 1. Diane Chojnowski Evan Mills Berkeley LabOnline Communities Creating Change: Kath Straub Tom White Home Energy Magazine Home Energy Pros is a global, on-line community where home performance and weatherization professionals share Hot Topics - Forum & Groups ideas, experiences, knowledge and resources • The Science of Hot Air Rising • The End of Profits for Auditors Personalized • DOE Home Energy Score Home Page • Fun with Neutral Pressure Planes Member Map Social Media Integration Members live in 53 countries Forum and every US State. Discussion Blogs Blogs User 2500 members have started 700 discussions and shared Industry leaders and Topical peers post on topics Engagement 500 blogs, 1000 photos and 220 videos with 12,000 views. from building science Groups November 2012 to energy efficiency in 168,000 people visited HEP 282,000 times to read 817,000 pages. multifamily dwellings Hall of Shame Member Members visit 2-4 times/week to follow forums, blogs and groups. War stories and advice requests in shared photos. Feedback Nearly 50% participate in the dialogue. January 2012 25% repost HEPros content to their own social media streams. Events 50% say Home Energy Pros helped them solve a problem Photo such as which tools/materials to invest in, how to communicate better Gallery with customers and which construction approaches work better. 5 Steps to Building and Maintaining a Vibrant Community Video Gallery1. Stay on topic. Stay on topic. Know your members interests. Keep content focused.2. Encourage Influencers. Invite industry leaders to share their experience.3. Keep it fresh. Fresh content keeps the conversation lively.4. Pull them back. Send regular emails with links to hot topics.5. Make the members the stars. Reward contributors by promoting their content. Home Energy Pros was founded by the developers of Home Energy Saver Pro (sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) and is brought to you in partnership with Home Energy magazine