dr.n.asokan fdp competency problem solving skills administrator higher order thinking skills work pyramid experience life long self learning mission educational leadership rethinking assumptions rethinking beliefs deliberate practice revised bloom's taxonomy rethink reflex leader : leadership = (position + content) review measure manager & leader @ work pyramid expectations of bo sprint goal & step goal motivations vision & core values competency = knowledge x skil career path in teaching profession different verti knowledge dimension online fdp leadership curating ideas future predicting skills non obvious higher education talent lower order thinking skills course objectives stretch goal sprint goal step goal practical intelligence fanatic discipline bloom's revised taxonomy lesson plan instructional objectives performance with purpose entrepreneurship individual awards instituion awards department awards creative thinking critical thinking problem solving staff structured syllabus future skills higher order cognitive abilities 21st century skills industrie 4.0 learnagility skills for industry 4.0 dhaka university higher order thinking lower order thinking revised bloom taxonomy bangladesh psychometric society (bps) workshop on taxonomy of teaching learning and asse cognitive process dimension lower & higher order thinking taxonomy of teaching learning assessing content bangladesh psychometric society taxonomy of teaching learning and assessing macappstudio complexity simplicity grey area mentor system thinking story telling trusted relationship high energy personal mastery service mindset purpose entrepreneur characteristics nitttr creative thinking skills critical thinking skills apply understand remember analyze evaluate create cognitive dimension developing higher order abilities mece book summary the mckinsey way the challenge of managing in a toxic environment economic uncertainty by ram charan book summary know yourself execution is a discipline getting things done execution book summary happiness stakeholders career path goals weakness teacher as leader teacher as manage teacher as administrator new global handshake hygiene immune system mindset habits quickest fittest sanitize hand wash social distance revisit lock down new normal next new normal cpsc webinar on teachers to educational leader kalashalingam university fanatic discipline class room research research ou lower & higher order thinking skills skill purpose research definition thinking process issue educational manager educational administrator learning and assessing developing higher order cog taxonomy of teaching cognitive abilities bloom revised taxonomy webinar fdponline seed career employee motivation teacher manager attention wealth nstant knowledge future come true. book review adult education promotion of indian languages vocational education education technology teacher education national research foundation professional education school education rashtriya shiksha aayog national education policy 2019 theory of practice talent vs skill incompetence institute industry interactions knowledge gap thought assumptions rethinking belief awareness gap skill development employablity skill naac nba outcome based lesson plan program educational objectives • action defines reality • the cost of inaction is vast • step out of your comfort zone • define your battles busily bored bliss station satisficing seven deadly sins of mediocrity unleash your best work four types of employees three kinds of work ohm’s law case study synchronization of stakeholde quality & relevance stakeholders expectations fact learning objectives learning outcomes unit object learning and assessing models curriculum transform issues and concerns modern pedagogical approach ou good boss success career decision first half and second half of career senior position target measure review reflect learning model real individual growth distrust change ultra discipline skilled incompetency uncover unconscious incompetence time life doing habits competency gap awarness gap design of question paper four pillars of learning staff structred syllabus curriculum interpretation assessment and evaluation academic career teachinh career core values vision technical education teaching competency water treasure save planet waste water?/use water? no life no water never enough water to waste enough water to use save water water conseravtion studnet prepardness task orientation of class teacher resourcefulness teacher prepardeness classroom teacher evaluation live assement of teachers macro teaching teacher evaluation usage of teaching aids usage of media teachinh evaluation in live classroom academic audit academic delivery learning out comes change models obstacles to change change to next level why change reasons for failure innovation to change four situations to change accreditation ac accre educational & training systems rethinking thoughts quality of education employment employability education slicer • consolidate • combo chart: secondary axis dashboard charts text to numbers vlookup random numbers generatio excel pivot table communicate to stick effective professional classroom to work place switch:change to next level visonary exercise classroom flipside design thinking student-guide relationship characteristics of research scholar best practices education...employability...employment... new digital industrial technology digital trust digital enabler data analytics interdisciplinary thinking industrial internet sensor technology 3d printing horizontal vertical system integrator new age production internet of things digital work place smart factory big data mutual funds monthly income schemes pension schemes ppf income tax savings insurance corpus funds investments savings colombo plan staff college:apacc teacher manager leader what if? what next? 2020 micro teaching evaluation effective teacher taxonomy of teaching learning assessing leadership books objectives college of tomorrow pedagogy
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