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Pitch Perfect


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8 simple rules to follow, while crafting a killer startup pitch deck.

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Pitch Perfect

  1. 1. Pitch Perfect Gravity Labs Accelerated New Venture Development
  2. 2. Kristian AndersenDesigner + Founder + InvestorMy name is Kristian. I’m adesigner, angel investor andfounder.I love #startups,the people that start them. / @KristianIndy
  3. 3. Truth #1Great pitches are really great narratives. Gravity Labs
  4. 4. Truth #2 Your job is to convinceinvestors that you know what the future will look like. Gravity Labs
  5. 5. Truth #3You’re selling the big vision, not just the initial product. Gravity Labs
  6. 6. Truth #4Success comes from getting out in front of the big questions / objections. Gravity Labs
  7. 7. Truth #5 Investors don’t want towatch you read your slides. Gravity Labs
  8. 8. Truth #6Investors are not rational. Gravity Labs
  9. 9. Truth #7They do respond to rational arguments however. Gravity Labs
  10. 10. Truth #8Success is simple equation. {Problem + Solution = Money} Gravity Labs
  11. 11. A Typical Outline1. What we do – THE BIG IDEA2. Problem3. Market4. Solution (focus on the business, not the product)5. Traction6. Customer Acquisition7. Business Model8. Team9. Competitors10. Competitive Advantage11. Product Demo12. Whats Next / The Ask (raise / valuation / use of funds) Gravity Labs
  12. 12. Q&A Gravity Labs