Anatomy of a Startup Ecosystem


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Anatomy of a startup community. 10 critical components of a vibrant startup scene.

Anatomy of a Startup Ecosystem

  1. 1. Anatomy of aStartup EcosystemAnd some thoughts on how to roll your own.Date: March 24, 2012Event: MadeByFew ConferenceAuthor: Kristian Andersen | @KristianIndy
  2. 2. My name is Kristian. I’m a#designer, #founder, and#investor. I love #startupsand the people that startthem.
  3. 3. The Stack
  4. 4. Entrepreneurs & Leaders Mentors Community Services & Support Startup Talent Ecosystem Access to Capital Terroir Spaces & Places Corporate Patrons Communication Platforms
  5. 5. 1Entrepreneurs & LeadersFolks with vision and thick skin, who will lead the charge✚ Group of committed leaders✚ Heavily biased toward action✚ combination of young bucks & elder statesmen✚ focused on a very long view
  6. 6. 2CommunitySometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name.✚ Be findable✚ pursue diversity // Expand network✚ formalize the sharing of ideas✚ Get the uninitiated & first timers on board✚ Stage a variety of regular events✚ Commit to supporting other startups // Be a customer
  7. 7. 3TalentIt all starts with talent. Ideas are cheap –  execution rules.✚ Focus on net talent gain✚ A.B.R. (Always be recruiting)✚ Higher education’S role must evolve✚ states should have talent czar’s✚ communities need loyalty programs✚ resist homogeneity
  8. 8. 4TerroirIf you’re trying to be cool... you’ll always be on the wrong side of cool.✚ identify the points of difference // unfair advantages✚ embrace what is unique & indigenous to the area✚ Develop an “insider language”✚ stop apologizing
  9. 9. 5Corporate PatronsEverybody needs a sugar daddy.✚ understand the business community’s family tree✚ provide early revenue & serve as reference customers✚ source for mentors✚ become talent trading partners✚ provide supportive, but honest feedback✚ Find the intrapreneurs
  10. 10. 6MentorsSeed the ecosystem with folks that have been there and done that.✚ Identify the top 10-15 in your market✚ Startup Mentors typically come from the startup world✚ Import what you don’t possess✚ provide environments for them to connect✚ always be looking to grow the fraternity
  11. 11. 7Services & SupportAccountants, attorneys, PR and marketing professionals, consultants, and Uncle Sam.✚ Clearly communicate how they can help✚ clearly communicate what’s in it for them✚ start spreading the love... and equity✚ Help them help you – then make them a star✚ Map the genome and reward loyalty✚ educate yourself on opportunity – ignorance is no excuse
  12. 12. 8Access to CapitalCapital seeks the highest return coupled with the lowest risk✚ crisis of capital is greatly exaggerated✚ become fluent in the language of investing✚ always have the scene’s pitch tuned up✚ know who is interested in what✚ build bridges with other communities
  13. 13. 9Spaces & PlacesEvery community needs a home.✚ place is secondary to community✚ if you build it – they might, very well, not come✚ if they’ve come however, you should go ahead and build it✚ place can serve as a powerful symbol of unity and momentum✚ provides a platform for connecting & story telling
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  16. 16. 10Communication PlatformsTools for telling the stories✚ formal communications strategy // The Big Idea✚ Dedicated media site // e.g. – Silicon Prairie News✚ multiple content creators // Diverse perspectives✚ Every startup business is a publisher✚ every startup citizen is a journalist✚ be an educated evangelist
  17. 17. Q&A