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Reading log

  1. 1. Reading Log: American Literature II A Separate Peace by John Knowles As you read A Separate Peace, you are required to complete a reader’s log. Instead of answering response questions, for this book, you will respond to the literature by completing a requisite set of notes and commentaries. More precisely, for each of the chapters you will do the following: #1 – Compile EITHER a timeline (using phrases to identify major action) or summarize the chapter in sentence form (in no more than 200 words). #2 – Develop 4 discussion questions: NO more than two of which are fact based. #3 – Select 4 unfamiliar words. Identify the page number where the word was found; then define the word. #4 – Finish the following three statements: A) The thing which surprised/shocked me most in this chapter was… B) This chapter added to my understanding of history by telling about… C) So far, I like/dislike this book because… OR so far, the is book has really made me think about…because… Be sure to follow your calendar. Your completed log entries will be due in full on Friday, April 11th. These assignments are: 10 points per chapter x 13 chapters = 130 points total.