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Tbaf quiz

  1. 1. Quiz – To Build a Fire Name: _________________________ Pd.: ________ Please circle the correct answer: 1. Where does the story take place? a. Montana b. North Dakota c. Yukon d. New York 2. What is the man’s name? a. Teddy b. Manny c. Jack d. We don’t know 3. What is the name for a “newcomer” in the land? a. Ingenue b. Outsider c. Chechaquo d. Debutante 4. At what temperature does the old-timer tell the man is it dangerous to travel alone? a. Seventy degrees Fahrenheit below zero b. Zero degress Fahrenheit c. Thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit d. Fifty degrees Fahrenheit below zero 5. What kind of dog travels with the man? a. a wolf b. a hound c. a husky d. a cocker spaniel 6. What is the man not “quick and alert” in, according to London? a. the heartaches of life b. the things of life c. the passions of life d. the significances of life
  2. 2. 7. The man first worries about frostbite for which body parts? a. fingers b. nose and cheekbones c. ears d. lips 8. What does the man wish he had brought for his cheeks? a. a nose strap b. a scarf c. hot oil d. fur 9. What is the man fearful of as he walks along the trail? a. bears b. moose c. wet snow d. hidden springs 10. What does the dog do when it wets its feet and legs? a. It bites at the ice between its toes b. It burrows in the snow c. It whines d. It builds a fire o 11. What condescending word does the man first use for the old-timer when thinking about him? a. hardy b. feminine c. womanish d. weak 12. How, according to London, does the dog know about the danger of the cold? • A. It has lived in the cold for years • B. It has inherited knowledge of the cold • C. It has studied the land • D. It has learned from the man 14. Where does the man get wet up to?
  3. 3. • A. His feet • B. His knees • C. His chest • D. His waist 15. Why is the man initially angry about wetting himself? a. He wanted to prove he could handle the Yukon on his own b. It will delay him c. He fears frostbite d. He hates water 16. What happens to the man? • A. He dies • B. He returns to camp • C. He falls through the ice, but is rescued • D. He builds a final fire and survives