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Tbaf and ob quiz

  1. 1. Naturalism – Quiz for The Open Boat and To Build a Fire American Literature II Match the correct word to its definition: 1. cessation ________ a. the upper edge of a ship’s or boat’s side 2. saffron ________ b. unsoundness or disorder of the mind 3. impetuous ________ c. a temporary or final ceasing 4. gunwale _________ d. a moderate orange to orange yellow 5. aberrations ________ e. marked by force and violence of movement Use the following words from “To Build a Fire” correctly in an original sentence according to the definition. Also, write the part of speech next to the word. 6. imperceptible - _______ _________________________________________________________________________. 7. recoiled - _______ _________________________________________________________________________. 8. chidden - _______ _________________________________________________________________________. 9. ensued - ________ _________________________________________________________________________. 10. imperative - ________ _________________________________________________________________________. Naturalism~ 11. Naturalism attempts to apply __________________ principles of objectivity to its study of _______________________. 12. Who ultimately does not survive the shipwreck? ________________________ 13. Unlike Naturalism, Realism emphasizes the depiction of life _____________________. 14. What is the repeated phrase throughout The Open Boat? “If I am ____________________. 15. The plot technique in Naturalism consists of a panoramic drama of ____________________.
  2. 2. 16. Name at least three major themes of naturalism: 1. ________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________ Choose the best answer to the following questions: 17. Where does the story take place? a. New York b. North Dakota c. The Yukon d. Alaska 18. At what temperature does the old-timer tell the man is it dangerous to travel alone? a. Seventy degrees Fahrenheit below zero b. Zero degrees Fahrenheit c. Fifty degrees Fahrenheit below zero d. Thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit 19. What kind of dog travels with the man? a. An English Cocker Spaniel b. A wolf c. A hound d. A husky 20. Why is the man’s beard colored amber? a. Because his rum has run into it b. Because his tobacco has run into it c. It is the natural color d. Because his food has run into it 21. What is the man fearful of as he walks along the trail? a. Wet snow b. Bears c. Moose d. Hidden springs 22. How, according to London, does the dog know about the danger of the cold? a. It has lived in the cold for years b. It has learned from the man c. It has inherited knowledge of the cold d. It has studied the land 23. Why does the second fire go out? a. The snow falls out on it again b. The man snuffs it out as he tries to protect it from a piece of moss c. The man gets it wet d. The dog runs over it Bonus: (+2) – What did the man have for lunch? ________________________________