Thank You for Helping Me Write The Nonprofit Marketing Guide


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A thank-you note from Kivi Leroux Miller, author of The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause, to everyone who helped with the book.

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Thank You for Helping Me Write The Nonprofit Marketing Guide

  1. 1. Thank you for helping me bring this book to life. Flickr:
  2. 2. Katya Andresen, who convinced me I could write this book, then introduced me to her publisher and her agent, and then wrote the foreword. Words are not enough . . .
  3. 3. Marta Lindsey of TransForm in San Francisco shares her high-impact, low-budget stories on page 174 and 203.
  4. 4. David Zermeno of Operation P.E.A.C.E in Boston is all about social capital. See page 157.
  5. 5. Danielle Denhardt of the Fancy Cats Rescue Team was an early supporter of the webinar series that led to the book.
  6. 6. Claire Meyerhoff made me smarter about the media. She has the Magic Keys.
  7. 7. Lane Phalen (with Radar) of the TAILS Humane Society in DeKalb, IL talks about storytelling on pages 89 and 100.
  8. 8. Mark Ferguson of the American Red Cross shares the strategy behind “Do More Than Cross Your Fingers” on page 19.
  9. 9. Elaine Dhuyvetter of the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation was an early supporter of the webinar series that led to the book .
  10. 10. My husband, Edgar, is the best catch of my life.
  11. 11. Ceci Dadisman of the Palm Beach Opera talks about growing your email list on page 105.
  12. 12. Tim Brauhn shares the story of how the 1010 Project used social media to grow its list of supporters on page 165.
  13. 13. Jeff Brooks shares wisdom on the power of positive messaging and focusing on results on pages 53 and 194.
  14. 14. Kristina Leroux, my virtual assistant and little sister, proofread the first draft in about 24 hours.
  15. 15. John Bell of the Conservation Trust for North Carolina talks about how to treat your nonprofit’s biggest fans on page 154.
  16. 16. Allison Treppa of the Michigan Nonprofit Association provided extremely helpful comments on the first draft.
  17. 17. Leslie Collins of Art Corps shares her story about how better data leads to better marketing on page 177.
  18. 18. Kathy Padro, a social marketing consultant for hospice and health care organizations, participated in many of the webinars that led up to the book.
  19. 19. My heart and soul.
  20. 20. Gordon Wright, a health promotion facilitator in Alberta, shares a story about the power of emotion in messaging on page 52.
  21. 21. Sarah Durham talks about what you can learn from informal focus groups on page 26.
  22. 22. Mal Warwick talks about the power of both positive and negative messaging on page 53.
  23. 23. Beth Kanter shares her social media wisdom on pages 136 and 161.
  24. 24. The four people who get credit for raising me right: Dad, Aunt Robin, Mom, and Grandma Jackie.
  25. 25. Joanne Fritz, the Guide to Nonprofits, provided extremely helpful comments on the first draft.
  26. 26. Jesse Wiley, my editor at Jossey-Bass, took a chance on a first-time author.
  27. 27. BFF Rebecca Jamison, who published her first book years before I did, took me on a writing retreat six weeks before my first draft was due.
  28. 28. Sheri Booms Holm of the West Central Initiative is a long-time participant in the webinars that led up to the book.
  29. 29. Liliana Vazquez of Interplast manages one of my favorite nonprofit blogs, which is featured on page 82.
  30. 30. Sandra Sims of Step by Step Fundraising provided extremely helpful comments on the first draft.
  31. 31. Kelly Stettner of the Black River Action Team in Springfield, VT talks about her brochure makeover on page 195.
  32. 32. Nancy Schwartz shares advice on nonprofit branding on page 109.
  33. 33. Steph Sides of Family Service Association shares the story of their website redesign on page 99.
  34. 34. Colin Delany of shares lessons learned from the Obama presidential campaign about online marketing and motivating volunteers on page 163.
  35. 35. . . . And many more whose pictures I will add, as soon as I get my hands on them. My love and gratitude to you all.