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Analytics And You

How To Better Understand Your Audience Through Data

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Analytics And You

  1. 1. Analyticsand You
  2. 2. How To Better UnderstandYour Audience Through Data
  3. 3. About Russell Heimlich★ Sole developer at the Pew Research Center★ Creator of★ Frontend and Backend Developer★ @kingkool68
  4. 4. I Like Burgers
  5. 5. So you’ve built a great site... Now what?
  6. 6. You Probably Have A Few Questions...★ Who is visiting my site?★ Where are my visitors coming from?★ What are my top pages?★ Are visitors finding what they’re looking for?★ Is my website achieving it’s goal?
  7. 7. Analytics Can Help!
  8. 8. What do you mean Analytics?“...the measurement, collection, analysis andreporting of internet data for purposes ofunderstanding and optimizing web usage.” –
  9. 9. In other words...Gathering data to inform our decisions.
  10. 10. Which sounds better?★ I think we should change the navigation. It’s not working.★ Based on the data, visitors aren’t clicking on items in the navigation.
  11. 11. So where do I start?
  12. 12. Picking An Analytics Package★ Omniture★ Mint★ Piwik★ Woopra★ Google Analytics★ List of Web Analytics Software
  13. 13. When in doubt...
  14. 14. The Plan★ Signup★ Get JavaScript Tracking Code★ Add Tracking Code To Your Website★ Collect Data★ Analyze★ Make Decisions
  15. 15. Even if you don’t think you need analytics★ Add it anyways!★ You can always ignore it...
  16. 16. Google Analytics TerminologySee the Google Analytics Glossary
  17. 17. Visits“A period of interaction between a visitors browserand a particular website, ending when the browseris closed or shut down, or when the user has beeninactive on that site for a specified period of time.(30 minutes)”Unique visitors make visits, visits make pageviews.
  18. 18. Unique Visitors“Unique Visitors represents the number ofunduplicated (counted only once) visitors to yourwebsite over the course of a specified time period.A Unique Visitor is determined using cookies.”Unique Visitor = A Person (sort of)
  19. 19. Pageview“A pageview is an instance of a page being loadedby a browser.”Every time the tracking code is loaded, that countsas a pageview.
  20. 20. Pages/VisitAverage number of pages visited during a visit.
  21. 21. Bounce Rate“Bounce rate is the percentage of single-pagevisits or visits in which the person left your sitefrom the entrance (landing) page.”Visitor lands on a page, then leaves your site.
  22. 22. Landing Page“The first page that a user views during a session.This is also known as the entrance page.”Where the visitor enters your site.
  23. 23. Exit PageWhere the visitor left your website and wentsomewhere else on the Internet.
  24. 24. Top 5 Metrics★ Unique Visitors★ Pages per Visit★ Visits (How often visitors come back)★ Bounce Rate★ Average Time on Site
  25. 25. Analytics In Practice Practice Makes Perfect
  26. 26. Meet My Blog
  27. 27.★ Listing of posts★ Single posts (these have ads)★ Each post has related posts and tags★ My first WordPress project :-)★ One day it will be awesome...
  28. 28. All of the Important Metrics
  29. 29. The Top Content
  30. 30. Most People Stop Here! Keep Going, There’s More Data!
  31. 31. Details of a Popular Post
  32. 32. How Did They Get Here? And Leave?
  33. 33. Lots of Entrances★ I wonder which sites are referring them?
  34. 34. What Keywords Are People Using?
  35. 35. Conclusions?★ “Roach Gel” is a pretty good keyword★ “Combat Gel” not so much!★ Bing visitors seem more engaged than Google★ Consider buying ads on Bing for “Roach Gel”!
  36. 36. Search is Valuable! “Duh!” – Google
  37. 37. Search Can Read Minds★ Tells what your audience is looking for★ Reveals what they thought was the best answer
  38. 38. Key Search Questions★ Are the terms broad or specific?★ Is a particular term showing up a lot?★ Can I promote an area of my site more?★ Am I using the right labels/description?
  39. 39. Read These A List Apart Articles★ Internal Site Search Analysis: Simple, Effective, Life Altering!★ Testing Search for Relevancy and Precision★ Beyond Goals: Site Search Analytics from the Bottom Up
  40. 40. Random Slide
  41. 41. Nifty WordPress Plugins
  42. 42. Google Analytics for WordPress★ By Joost de Valk★ All-in-One Tool★ Lots of Features★ Easy to Use★ Will Insert the Tracking Code for You★ 2 Million+ Downloads
  43. 43. Google Analytics for WordPress
  44. 44. Google Analytics Dashboard★ By Carson McDonald★ View analytics data in WordPress dashboard★ Shortcodes and Widgets for sharing stats★ See Sparklines in Post Listings Admin Page
  45. 45. Google Analytics Dashboard
  46. 46. Google Analytics Dashboard
  47. 47. JetPack★ By Automattic★ Stats cloud powered by★ Not Google!★ No additional load on your server★ An official plugin
  48. 48. JetPack
  49. 49. AddThis★ By Aaron Jorbin★ Analytics on Sharing★ Which content is shared the most?★ How is your content shared?★ Learn what interests your audience
  50. 50. AddThis
  51. 51. CrazyEgg★ See Where People Click (even non-links)★ Generates Heatmaps★ Costs Money★ Has a WordPress Plugin
  52. 52. CrazyEgg
  53. 53. ChartBeat★ Real-time analytics★ See what content is popular RIGHT NOW!★ Twitter, Locations, Uptime, Page Load Speed★ Hypnotic★ Costs Money★ Has a WordPress Plugin
  54. 54. ChartBeat
  55. 55. Wrapping UpThe Important Take Aways
  56. 56. Analytics...★ Gives you data to inform decisions...★ Are easy to implement...★ Come in different flavors...★ Not as complicated as you might think.
  57. 57. Thank You!★ Slides are available!★ Twitter or Google +1 or Chat or Whatever... Kingkool68