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Envisage 2012 the yearbook_and_magazine_mba_e&fb_nmims


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Envisage 2012 the yearbook_and_magazine_mba_e&fb_nmims

  1. 1. MBA E & FB March 20121
  2. 2. Cover Story: Young Turks ……………………………………....8Aami Shotti Bolchi ……………………………………………..16Industry Insights: GPI ………………………………………...20Technology Shift Towards ERP..Is It Required..?? ………………..22Inter– State Competition..The Only Way Forward..?? ……….……23To Shine– Just For Her ………………………………………..24Meet The Jain’s …...…………………………………………..26Life After FMB-God Of Small Things ……………..………...31 2
  3. 3. Timeline ……………..………………………………….......34Professors Speak ….………………...……………..………...39French Connection ……………..…………………………...40Current Batch Speak…………….………………..………...43Achievers Club……...…………………………………….46Happenings Of 2010-12 …………………………………….48Meet the Batch Of 2010-12 ………………………………….52Inspirus 2011 ………………………………………. ……..66 3
  4. 4. Management’s Foreword I congratulate the students of MBA- Entrepreneurship and Family Business for coming out with the 2nd edition of Envisage. It is good to see the students work towards a common objective, understanding the im- portance of team work and gaining leader- ship skills in the process. It will nurture them into well rounded entrepreneurs. In a coun- try where SME’s contribute immensely in the nation’s economic growth, a strong academ- Dr. Rajan Saxena ic guidance was always needed. NMIMS as an Vice Chancellor institution has been entrepreneurial and in- novative and has identified the requirementsin this field. This is reflected by several academic initiatives taken by thisinstitution, one of which is the two years full time programme for MBA -Entrepreneurship and Family Business. The programme’s contribution hasbeen widely recognized by the business owners as also by the academi-cians. I wish “Inspirus” and “Envisage 2012” a huge success. I, as Dean of School of Business Management (SBM), take immense pride in the students of MBA-Entrepreneurship and Family Business as they continue the legacy of Envisage, their mag- azine and yearbook, which was launched at In- spirus 2011. Dr. Debashish Sanyal 4 Dean
  5. 5. The theme of the magazine revolves around how one makes way for hisown destiny and I couldn’t agree more to this. SMEs have played a pivotalrole in the development of this country. I am confident that these wonder-ful students are going to take their ventures to the next level. I really wishthem good luck in their endeavours and really hope Inspirus and Envisagea huge success.The level of talent at our school is remarkable. InMBA- Entrepreneurship and Family Business Pro-gram, we admit some of the best and brightest stu-dents from different parts of India and aroundthe world. As the Director of this program, it is myprivilege to work with the talented people thatwalk the halls of the School of Business Manage-ment. It is my responsibility to nurture this talentin a way that maintains and extends NMIMS’s Seema Mahajanstature as one of the most prominent business Director, Centre of Family Businessschools in the world. We are very proud of our & EntrepreneurshipAlumni(500+) who are doing great work andshowcasing their Entrepreneurial traits, leading towards success.Expect to see even greater accomplishments for our family business team inthe future. I wish my each and every student good luck for their AnnualCorporate-Cultural fest “Inspirus” and “Envisage”. Here’s hoping for agrand success. Once again, three cheers for the family of Family Business. 5
  6. 6. Khushboo Doshi Harsha Haridas Taruna Gupta Mitalee MehtaHamza Puthawala Carl Louis Ward 6
  7. 7. From the editor’s desk-It gives us immense pleasure in presenting to you Envisage 2012. The visionwhich was developed last year has been nurtured and has paved way for a bet-ter path ahead.This year’s edition includes more of you. Your journey and experiences arethe highlights. It has been a life altering experience for each one of you atNMIMS and its essence has been well captured in the magazine. It is awonderful compilation of entrepreneurial stories, industry related articles,life experiences, fun and entertainment. We have made sure there is some-thing for everyone. Our efforts were mainly focussed towards encapsulatingevery moment you have cherished in the past one year so that you take awayunforgettable memories for life. We hope Envisage 2012 truly captures your heart. Team Envisage 7
  8. 8. Passion, dedication, commitment and hard work are synonymous with an entrepreneur’sjourney. As budding entrepreneurs, we look out for inspiration from everyone. Through-out the journey from a student to a business owner, we learn certain life-changing les-sons. During such a phase, we came across 3 young men, all of them coming from dif-ferent walks of life but with an extraordinary ride towards entrepreneurship. Meet Our Young Turks Sony Joy Nikunj Bubna Mudit AgarwalThese young men are all a part of the Enterprising India. With their fearless attitude andnever say die spirit, they are leading the band wagon for entrepreneurs. They have gonethrough so many phases, from failure to success in their entrepreneurial ventures.Let’s have a look at their amazing journeys. 8
  9. 9. Sony Joy- The Tech EntrepreneurIt’s quite rare to hear entrepreneurs emergingfrom “Gods Own Country”. Yes I’m speakingabout Kerala. It’s even more surprising when theconcerned person is a tech entrepreneur. MeetSony Joy, the CEO of MobME, who represents thecare-free, passionate, unconventional and risktaking generation.The beginningBut where did it all start? Of course, in the arche-typical ‘garage’. Or in Sony’s case, the college washis garage.Sony Joy hails from a middle class family in Kera- Opportunity well identifiedla which imparted in him, the conventional val- Circa 2005, the Mobile revolution in India wasues of working hard and getting a ‘good job’. Like well and truly gaining momentum. The mot-any average middle class Indian boy, Sony joined ley bunch decided to capitalize on this trend.the College of Engineering in Trivandram for his They approached BPL with a unique businessB.Tech in Electronics & Telecommunications. idea of selling customized SIM card plans toBack then, Sony was just a regular guy who en- students. And surprise surprise! BPL actuallyjoyed college life. Everything was flowing along agreed. The group managed to sell 500 SIM ndfine, until he entered the 2 Sem. It was then cards within a week’s time with their uniquethat he started getting weary of it all. He was ab- viral marketing techniques. The company wassolutely bored with his humdrum life. He realised surprised and asked them to expand theirthis is not his cup of tea and life had to have a reach to other colleges.different meaning, a different purpose. Fortunate- Experiencing the sweet taste of successly, he had like-minded engineering buddies whoalways wanted to do something that would pro- What started out as a “earn extra pocket mon-vide them with a different kind of ‘kick’. ey-cum-get rid of college boredom” initiative, became a roaring success. They sold the cus- tomized SIM cards in about 84 engineering colleges across Kerala. Ultimately, they man- 9
  10. 10. 14000 connections in a mere 3 months and NRI investor which resulted in their first round ofwere rewarded with Rs.10,00,000 for their con- funding, but also gave them promotional rightstributions. That’s truly a huge amount to earn for his film “Rajamanikyam” through mobile.for anyone still in the initial stages of college Around the same time, Sony and his friends reg-life. Sony and his friends toasted their collec- istered a partnership firm called Torque and in-tive success. They partied like there was no to- cubated it at Technopark, Trivandrum (India’smorrow. first IT Park). They were the first incubated IT student start-up in the whole of Kerala!Time to get serious MOBMEBut now, BPL wanted something more stableand concrete. The company threw them a new Come 2006, and the group officially launchedchallenge. They asked them to build a voice “MobME Solutions Pvt. Ltd. They soon set upserver. With no knowledge of what BPL actual- offices in Cochin, Mumbai, Chennai and Gurga-ly meant, Sony and his friends quickly agreed on. Today, MobME is a young and vibrant Mobileto deliver the same within a week’s time. The Media & Entertainment Company focused onreal test had now started. They went back, Value Added Services for Mobile Phone users andgathered all of their tech buddies, read as many Carrier Grade Solutions for Network blogs as possible and finally managed to They are a team of over 100 people with the aver-build the voice server in a week’s time. They age age being just 24. MobME has also venturedhad well and truly pulled it off. This was noth- into M-Governance, working closely with theing short of a miracle as BPL itself didn’t expect Kerala and Goa government. They are also work-them to get it done so quickly. They didn’t re- ing on powering MVNOs on Open Source Archi-alize it initially, but BPL knew that they had in tecture, a first time initiative in India. Their cli-front of them the future “golden boys” of their ents’ today range from Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone,success. The wheels were now truly in motion CCD, Mid Day, and many more. Itfor something bigger. is one the most innovative and successful firms in the telecom domain with numerous awards andDiversifiying into other mediums recognitions to its credit.It was also the time when mobile content com- Awards and Recognitionspanies like Hungama were enjoying their bit ofsuccess. Sony realized that there was no con- They have been bestowed with the prestigioustent available in the local Malayalam language Nasscom Innovation Awards in 2008,2009,2011.for consumers. He started visiting various mov- They were also one of the top 100 IT Innovatorsie sets across Kerala, and networking with all in 2007. Wall Street Journal conferred them withthe leading actors. One such interaction with the title of one of the 10 best start-ups to watchMammootty, the superstar of Malayalam cine- for in India in 2008. They were also invited byma, paved the way for their major break- none other than Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for a per-through. He not only connected them to an sonal meeting. 10
  11. 11. Importance of team Nikunj – Born EntrepreneurHe treasures and values his employees andteam members like his own family. In hiswords, “A great team is the main ingredient for We oftena start up.” Rightly so, no company would be a hear that Marwarisuccessful one without the right mix of people. communityTrue Inspiration are born en- trepreneurs.His journey is truly inspiring and an encourag- They are ex-ing one. Coming from Kerala, which is not tra- pected toditionally known for entrepreneurial ventures join their family busi-and establishing himself as a technology entre- ness or startpreneur, Sony has come a long way indeed. Be- somethinging at the right place, at the right time and on their own. Our friend, Nikunj decided to pursue the latter.grasping every opportunity coming their wayhelped Sony and his friends lay a strong path A BMS Graduate from Mumbai University, Nikunj worked in a startup as well as in a largefor their success. He doesn’t deny that there corporate before taking the plunge into busi-weren’t struggles. Their major hindrance was ness. Today, he is the CEO of UNIQ Consumertheir age. People wouldn’t take them too seri- Services Pvt. Ltd. that handles two brands- ‘Power Circle’ and ‘Purple Swarms’. The compa-ously at the beginning as they were young. But ny encourages consumers to contact them any-their underneath their youthful faces, lay a time for anything they require and get addition-fierce passion and determination to work hard, al discounts while purchasing almost everything ranging from electronics, real estate, cars, ap-which knocked off every single hurdle coming parels, watches, restaurants, entertainment, etc.their way & opened their doors for success. But They have correctly distinguished both theirin real sense, his journey portrays the true spir- brands. ‘Power Circle’ caters to the needs of up-it of an entrepreneur. He is truly a Young Turk! per middle class citizens whereas they demon- strate a rather unique concept of Purchase Managers for Select Individuals via their luxury brand, Purple Swarms. Purple Swarm is one-of- a-kind brand that is entirely dedicated to the needs and purchase requirements of HNI Cli- ents. A person, once registered as their member, can contact his ‘purchase manager’ through phone or online and post his requirement or send an enquiry which is then shared with their select local vendor partners. They work together with the vendor in ensuring that the member’s requirement is fulfilled as per the pre-negotiated extra discount and to the member’s satisfaction. 11
  12. 12. The aim is to provide outstanding service to of ‘Power Circle’. Similar concepts in the form ofhigh income consumers by constantly maxim- couponing (Snap Deal) are gaining momentumizing value delivered and enriching their buy- in the country. But their major point of differen-ing experience. tiation is the personalized service they are providing to both set of consumers. What setsThe Journey Nikunj’s venture apart is the “wow” factor in theIt all started when Nikunj entered the 15th year whole buying experience. To enhance the expe-of his life, when he was interning at a lawyer’s rience, the company has invested massively inoffice. He picked up crucial knowledge on legal IT to obtain a reliable technology platform/aspects and implications at a very young age. partner as technology is probably a key determi-Still in college, he started off his first venture in nant in the success or failure of a venture of thisprinting where he made canvasses for a print- press. Later on, he worked in a start-up The company employs around 70 employees( This helped him gain which is expected to increase to 1500 in the nextimmense knowledge about the working as well 2 years. The company is all set to get its secondas complexities a business faces during the ini- round of funding from some angel investors. Ittial stage of setting up. After Nikunj graduated, is also planning to go international soon.he joined Edelweiss, the home-grown invest-ment bank where he was posted in the Institu- Sometimes, one experience leads to opportuni-tional Equities division. Soon, he got shifted to ties. Nikunj identified them and followed themthe Wealth Management division where he passionately. His various experiences are a greatdealt with a horde of HNIs. The first seeds for source of learning for budding entrepreneursthe idea of Purple Swarms were planted at this like us. He is truly a ‘young turk’!stage. Nikunj was clearly gaining crucial expo-sure to the mindset & consumer patterns ofHNIs. -Harsha HaridasA Blessing in DisguiseDuring July 2009, Nikunj suffered some majorhealth issues and went under the surgeon’sknife which further incapacitated him forabout 3 months. It was at this time when hewas recuperating that Nikunj gave a seriousthought to his idea. He focussed all his ener-gies towards this and the final result was Pur-ple Swarms. He created a buying communityfor the privileged.Due to his previous association with HNI cli-ents, he had a ground ready and waiting fortest marketing. Some of the HNI’s were eveninterested in funding his project. Slowly, busi-ness started picking up and the concept startedshowing results. Soon, the same model was in-troduced for the regular customers in the form 12
  13. 13. Mudit AgarwalYoung India needs entrepreneurs to ideate, business andexplore, generate and create…and at NMIMS - within a period of 10 months the fa-The Family Business Management programme ther-son duo gotcaters to just this need of the hour. One such the trailing busi-young entrepreneur is Mudit Agarwal, based in ness back on track, and it hasGoa, India, whose personality and interests in- steadily beendicate a bright future, not just as an entrepre- growing sinceneur, but also as a global citizen. then.Having grown up in a family with a business Somewhere in thebackground, Mudit was constantly influenced final year of hisby the typical dining table conversations that graduation, Muditone might expect in a Marwari household! He was intrigued by the rich cultural heritage thathad his first taste of business when he was he belonged to. Having grown up in a very con-merely 10. As a young boy he loved reading ducive atmosphere for spiritual pursuits, he at-comics, and couldnt have enough of them. So, tended the Youth Empowerment Programmewhen he asked for new ones he was told by his conducted by Chinmaya Mission and studiedmother that he could only buy new ones when the various texts from the scriptures. The coursehe started earning. He took the words of his helped him to widen his vision and think be-mother very seriously and literally. Having re- yond the conventional means of doing work.alized that his classmates loved comics as well, These texts helped him in his business and out-and they would often read them in their free look towards finance, economics, strategic man-classes or the recess, he started a mini library agement etc. He studied the wisdom of the an-of his own, where he would lend books to his cient Rishis, the great sages and philosophers,class mates and simultaneously earn enough whose theories to him, were not merely theo-money to buy himself new comics. He had to ries, but knowledge worth imbibing in his life.put an end to this venture of his when his For instance, he finds “Vibhishana Geeta” as onemother realized the source of all the newly of the best books on leadership and manage-found comic book stacks in his room! ment that he has come across. With this back- ground, he joined the Family Business Manage-In 2005, Mudit’s family business went through ment programme of NMIMS University whicha separation and the business entrusted upon was one of the turning points in his life. Thishis father was suffering from losses. At this cru- course gave him two very important elements:cial juncture, he decided to join his family exposure and knowledge. 13
  14. 14. Both are equally important and they helped dustries, in and around Goa. After the comple-him in restructuring his business accordingly. tion of his MBA, Mudit started working on theThe most important aspect of this intensive marketing of his new brand. Within a period ofcourse was, that it helped him direct his think- one year, “Advaitaa Enterprises” has created itsing as an entrepreneur and have a greater vi- own brand identity in the market. Now, he ission. looking at new opportunities to expand the business at a national scale.During his journey through the MBA he wasbeginning to realize the importance and ad- He is currently working on a Joint Venture withvantages of Branding and Marketing. So, some- a company from Singapore under the name,where in the middle of his course he had start- “Advaitaa Green Energies Pvt. Ltd.” This ventureed thinking of a new name for his venture that deals with waste management and power gener-could give him a pan India presence and help ation. When asked what made you think of en-create an identity in the market. He wanted to tering into this business, Mudit says, “Wherecreate an “Umbrella Brand” that would cover there is man, there is bound to be waste! But onall his future endeavours. Thus the name had a more serious note, as of now there is no properto be striking and something that would create system of managing waste in India and it iscuriosity at the same time. Also he wanted to simply dumped into a landfill”. So he plans toadd a touch of spirituality in the name so that install a fully automated MSW separator systemit would be a constant source of inspiration for which would separate out all the waste materialseveryone associated with it. That’s when the like paper, plastic, metal and organics. The or-name “Advaitaa” came to him. “Advaitaa” is a ganic waste will then be harnessed to produceSanskrit word, which literally means “The high amounts of electricity and heat energy, e.g.One”. He consulted a few of his professors re- a 40,000 ton plant would produce around 6700garding this, but they asked him to find a bet- MW of power annually. At the same time theter name as it was too long and difficult to pro- compost that would come out would be in thenounce. But somehow he just couldn’t give up form of a rich organic fertilizer, thus making it athis name and stuck by it. So he began working complete “wealth out of waste” project.with a logo designer on the name and tried ap- He aims at creating an umbrella branding forplying all that he had learnt so far in MBA, for Advaitaa and diversifying into various segmentsexample, subconscious branding, color in the market. He also aims at creating a com-schemes etc. plete eco-city, which would be self sustainingBy February 2011, Advaitaa Enterprises had and designed using recycled material.been launched as a Partnership Firm, dealing As mentioned earlier, a dynamic and vibrantwith supplies of capital equipment to mining, persona with multiple interests; Mudit is also a master healer and Vastu expert. His areas ofpharmaceutical, hotel, power and process in 14
  15. 15. expertise cover a wide range healing like Karu- For him, the vision of Advaitaa Enterprises, per-na Reiki, Cosmic Healing, Prarthana Dhyan vades not only business, but every thought andetc. He also conducts workshops on interesting action. This is the eternal message, given in theand relevant topics such as Discovering your one of the most renowned management manu-True Potential, Know your Mind and its Poten- als, for every individual who wishes to succeed…tial, Be a Leader, Strategic Management, Power “Where there is vision and acumen along withof Thought etc. for corporates and youth. His readiness to act with conviction, there would beother interests include Photography, and Ad- fortune, victory, power and virtue”venture Sports such as River Rafting, Bungee - Bhagvad GitaJumping, and Trekking. For more details please visit -Tanika Naik 15
  16. 16. aami shOtti bOlchi..Having secured a place in one of the top B- I returned on possibly the most eventfulschools of the country, the Kolkatan inside 30th March in Indian history. And if the Han-me wasn’t exactly ecstatic about how I was uman-Chalisa-muttering lady beside mebeing hailed by my peers and friends. I was anything to go by, even the gods werecould recognize in their eyes that now-that- watching [apart from the one who wasyou-are-moving-out-of-this-archaic-city-you- playing for India, of course]. The pilot waswill-finally-get-your-due look. Flattery, continually providing us with the India vs.though invariably gratifying, now seemed to Pakistan semi-final updates, each time re-demand a tradeoff of my loyalty for my be- peating the phrase “For those interested inloved hometown – the place where I was cricket”: more of a truism in a nation likeborn and where I’d love to breathe my last. India. Post touching base, the Netaji Sub-During my stay in Mumbai, I often used to hash Chandra Bose International Airportwonder which dream they were referring to was its usual messy self. Methinks the rea-when they’d named it the ‘City of Dreams’. son why the award for “The shabbiest air-Back here during my year-break, I bore port in the world” had never been institut-witness to two incidents which moved me to ed was because there is just one contend-the point of breaking the cantilever beam er, nominee and hands-down winner for it.that connected the cords of my heart to the The common sight of runningRabindra Setu. 16
  17. 17. out of cabs in the Pre-paid taxi counter was out of my house during the fortnight of mypreceded by the rarer sight of people pick- stay, I’ve wondered what major transfor-ing up their baggage and heading straight mation Calcutta has undergone in the pastfor the seating arena where the nail-biter two decades apart from a blasphemous re-was being telecast. And as if our neighbors christening, something which gives IIM-C aweren’t springing enough surprises al- run for its identity. Here is a city whose leg-ready, a cat suddenly sprang into sight acy includes the remains of a Nandan the-from nowhere. Finding reassurance from atre – a hotbed for lovers to give vent tothe airport officials alias PETA endorsers, it their carnal desires; an overcrowded Metrostrolled around majestically akin to the train – which has been aced by the city thathead of the feline family. And in the most has rightfully succeeded Calcutta as theCharlie Sheen way possible, I quipped: capital of India; corporate Calcutta’s apple-“Welcome to Calcutta!” of-the-eye Flury’s - flanked by a charred Stephen’s Court – and an Usha UthupOn Wednesday nights, as Bandish ironical- who’s trying a little too hard to reignite thely broke the shackles of the Someplace Trincas/Moulin Rouge magic a la Parinee-Else doors to fill my ears with nostalgia, I’d ta. As I read the dailies submerged in re-drive through the once-so-glorious gionalism and feel the winds of change inPark Street. And every time I’ve stepped 17
  18. 18. change in the political theatre of West Ben- similitude with erstwhile East Pakistan, angal, I wonder what metamorphosis can pos- analogy that comes to mind is that of thesibly occur in a place which is caught be- Gentlemen’s Game. Calcutta – a lost lega-tween the devil and the deep blue sea. cy to take heart from – resembles the Bang-A sentimental Bengali often retorts that in ladesh Cricket Team: we all know it has po-today’s time, it is one of the safest cities in tential; we all know it has a positive slope;the world. This may very well be the case but we also know deep down that it willbut could it also be because Calcutta is also never make it beyond the quarters inthe most un-happening city in the a World May be it has not been fortuitous in Recently, I saw the Kolkata episode of CNNescaping terrorists’ attention but been pur- IBN’s special edition on different cities.posely ignored as irrelevant. Ask a celebrity Much to my surprise, it also featured a sen-what they love about the city and all you’d ior from my college representing the fateshear is the stereotyped "warmth", "K.C. of millions of fresh graduates for whom be-Das’ roshogolla" and "Tewari’s samosa". The ing held back in Kolkata was a euphemismsame old celebrated names: L.N. Mittal, for being trapped. The PWCs and Wipros ofBipasha Basu, Amartya Sen, Arundhati Roy, Sector 5 being the only glimmers of hopeSourav Ganguly, et al. Here’s a city which of industrialization, Kolkata is more like themakes you wonder whether it deserves the Jama Masjid: splendid yet ancient. ApartMetropolitan tag. Our cinema reeks of pla- from an overstated IPL franchise – glamor-giarism and melodrama, we have merely St. ous on account of ownership ratherXaviers’ as the sole custodian of good col- than performance, a bad customer servicelege education; Sabyasachi Mukherjee department astride of the city and a sizea-seems to be the lone flag-bearer of fashion ble number of Facebook users, the modernin the international arena. We’ve gladly cho- Bengali has little to rejoice about and evensen mediocrity over development in a bid to little to choose from barring medi-retain a fast-waning culture and yet prefer cine, engineering, journalism and nowPink Floyd to Tagore. And apart from all the modeling as a career. 18
  19. 19. And now for the last nail in sound of water dripping. malls of the city.the coffin. Having not had As I stirred out humming the This was like taking waterenough of lady-long-legs soulful “Jiyein Kyun”, I saw preservation to a whole newcombo-pack Bips & Deeps level. As I stormed out vigor-in Sippy Jr.’s latest whodun- in the middle of the mall ously nodding my head init, I stepped out of Saltlake two soiled buckets juxta- disillusionment, my MumbaiCity Centre’s Inox to find posed to prevent spillage of friend’s innocuous ques-that it was drizzling. My rev- tion sounded more sarcas- water that was drippingerie of the Shovabazar tic to me than funny: “Solounge ghat waters swelling from the top-floor ceiling. what does your Kolkatawas interrupted by the That; in one of the premier have?”P.S.: Recently a close friend of mine was dumped by his girlfriend and the reason shegave him was that he was “all heart and no brains”. For once, I was scared for my dear,dear city, Kolkata! -Ayush Agarwal 19
  20. 20. Industry Insights: Global Pharmaceutical Industry (GPI)The GPI has always been at the forefront of led to extinction of well known firms, and createddrug discovery and has been responsible for behemoths who have lost the drive for innova-improving the quality of life in the last 100 tion, a key ingredient of pharmaceutical successyears. This is vindicated in the fact that aver- in the past.age life expectancy has almost doubled in Research shows that 4 key factors drive GPIthe last century, and diseases like small pox growth- new drugs, existing drugs, price increaseand polio have been eradicated while diseas- and new like cancer and TB are being successfully Growth from new drugs- Lack of innovationtreated. Hence, the GPI clocked very high and stricter regulatorygrowth rates and scrutiny have ensured thatprofitability till the number of new drugsthe nineties but in discovered has drasticallythe new millenni- reduced from 30 per yearum it has sudden- to 20 or less in the lastly lost steam. In decade despite doubling ofthe nineties the R&D expenditure in theGPI grew in same period. Patents ofhealthy double major drugs worth $300digits but in new billion are slated to expiremillennium in the period 2010-2015growth has always thus causing a huge gap in sales unlikely to bebeen in single digits with the last 3 years av- filled up by revenues from new drugs. Genericerage growth being only 5%. drug players from emerging nations who enjoyThe current GPI stands at $850 billion sales cost advantages have huge opportunity to play ingrowing at 5%. North America accounts for the void created by patent expiries. However45% global market share followed by Europe newer class of molecules like biologicals are driv-30%, Japan 12% and rest of the world 13%. A ing growth in new products with their versatilityconsolidation is evident with the Top 10 to address multiple indications like cancer, rheu-firms accounting for over 50% of GPI sales matoid arthritis, psoriasis and hepatitis, and com-from less than 30% in 1995 due to a spate of mand premium prices.acquisitions which has blurred geographies, 20
  21. 21. Growth from existing drugs- Existing drugs The younger generation, due to higher incomes,yield growth from various stages of their affluent but stress filled lifestyles and westerni-lifecycle as also by being approved for newer zation of food habits, are contracting seriousindications and in newer markets. A recent diseases like cardiac problems, diabetes, obesitytrend is observed towards combination of and depression. A significant increase in thedrugs especially in cardiovascular (Caduet), number of working women in urban areas is re-Diabetes (Janumet) and respiratory segments sulting in an increase in cardiovascular disor-(Advair) which can drive sales of existing mol- ders, mental health issues and diabetes amongecules. Also, there has been a huge increase in women.the number of drugs recalled due to safety The future lies in strategic alliances with innova-issues and side effects causing concern among tors and quality conscious players from emerg-consumers and prescribers of such drugs, as ing markets, targeting new technologies, inten-well as the regulatory authorities. sifying research in unmet needs and under-Growth from price increase- While there is standing demographic changes and disease pat-free market pricing in the US, there are strin- terns, to attain pole price controls on drugs across EU, Japan -Dr Amit Rangnekarand India which results in erosion in the salesvalue. However new drugs command premi-um prices.Growth from new geographies- The emerg-ing markets (BRIC, South Africa, Mexico, Tur-key, South Korea) account for less than 10% of Dr Amit Rangnekar is an MBA and PhD fromGPI sales but are responsible for 50% of GPI NMIMS with 2 decades of pharmaceuticalgrowth as they grow at 3 to 4 times the GPI industry experience and 1 decade of teach-growth. Key drivers include growing penetra- ing and research experience across Indiation of drugs due to increasing incomes, ac- and Europe. His PhD research was on thecess to markets and medical insurance. Better business strategies of the world’s leadingnutrition, medical facilities and health infra- pharmaceutical firms.structure are resulting in significant increase He can be contacted on amitrangne-in life expectancy which is exposing the senior or on his websitepopulation to newer and rarer forms of can- www.dramitrangnekar.comcer, as well as kidney, brain and ophthalmo-logical diseases and disorders. 21
  22. 22. Technology shift towards ERP solutions- Is it required. ..?!?! Have you ever wondered why technology is so I have a Student management system custom- important once you start own your business ized on my Tally ERP9 series and it has made and most of all which accounting system to things a whole lot easier. It gives clear infor-OR- use? The answer would depend on your initial mation about everything from outstanding fees,ACL investment budget. The best solution would be to library records, to student information, to WE ?? to install SAP or one of ORACLE’s ERP system payrolls, etc and arranges it month-wise. It also? H would also work fine. Unfortunately these pack- provides features like online integration & ages cost a bomb and aren’t exactly affordable online SMS. I for every business. However, let there be no C The whole idea behind switching to an ERP doubt that once installed they will solve a major H solution is to make things easy, but most im- technical requirement issue. There are a num- portantly it saves up so much of your valuable ber of companies in India such as JILIT, In- time.T fosys, TCS and a lot of other software providers E The key towards investing in technology is toA that offer better deals but whom do you go to R know the areas of requirement which you un-L remains a perplexing dilemma. It all depends P derstand once you have started your business. on your investment amount and specific re-L Previously an entrepreneur would think of as- quirements.Y pects such as land, labour etc. and only then S The lowest investment required for a decent would he think about technology but nowadays Y ERP system is around 1-2 lakhs that will pro- you have to think of technology at the same vide you a whole lot of features. You could start S time. with one of the local players in the market who T has a good record in the ERP customization In the United States, Microsoft has become the E business. It could also be the installation of a ERP darling for SMB (small and midsize busi- M Tally ERP system and then getting it custom- ness) organizations. Since 2000, Microsoft has ized by one of the private partners. So far, Tally acquired Great Plains (which was previously ….. has focused on the small office and home of- acquired by RealWorld and Solomon) and ? fice (SOHO) segment. Hence it is not surprising Navision (who previously acquired Axapta). Ep- ?S that of the 250,000 companies using Tally icor and Infor are the middle market kings in ERP, a majority of them fall in the SOHO cate- America while SAP and Oracle are the worldA gory, while the remaining are large enterprises. leaders in the ERP business.P If you are looking at a low budget good ac- -Carl Louis Ward counting system along with other minor require- ments then Tally ERP9 is the perfect choice. 22
  23. 23. Inter-State Competition the only way forward...?While visiting my fathers factory He had a very successful policy This maybe considered a sin byin New Delhi sometime back, I for corruption in place, wherein if some, but if you look at the big-observed something out of the assets could not be accounted ger picture it was benefitingordinary. The complex that was for by an official, they would be somebody else. A loss of oneusually bustling with factory work- seized by the state and then be was the gain of another!ers and labourers, working hard used for making a hospital orto earn a living, was nowhere school. More importantly he was This competition that was hap-close to what it had always been. doing something that pulled back pening between states clearlyThe sun was out but the machine Biharis spread all over India. He shows that if every state com-noises and sweaty workers were was creating jobs! Real estate petes with every other state, In-gone. The eerie feeling brought development was in full swing dia as a whole will pros-with it many thoughts, but I decid- and MNCs were being invited to per. Looking from an economiced to settle my nerves by blaming take the state away from its dark point of view, if there are newit on "Recession" and "Slowing past. jobs, the purchasing power ofup of the Industry". people increases, the state bene- Both these men were doing great fits and the masses get uplifted.On coming back and giving it a service to their state, but howthought I tried exploring in my was it all connected? Delhi pri- Whatever was happening in Sin-head "Whats going on?" Think- marily depends on workers and gur and whatever was the out-ing over what had happened and labourers from Bihar and facto- come, one thing is for sure that abrowsing through channels on ries like my father’s run because whole lot of potential new jobsTV, I saw what was unfolding in of them. Now, due to home were lost. The state will nowGujarat and Bihar. The Tata grown job creation in their home have to wait a while till it gets an-Nano project which was initially states, a major chunk of these other opportunity as lucrative asplanned in Singur, West Bengal, workers had fled back to their the Tata Nano Project.was shifted to Gujarat by none hometown to earn their liveli-other than Mr. Narendra Modi. In hood. As a result, Delhi was get- -Anshul SoodBihar on the other side, Mr. Nitish ting deprived of its primaryKumar, Chief Minister of a state source of labour. Hence, compa-most Indians had little hope from, nies were always on a lookout forwas rising like a phoenix from the workers and wage demands hadashes. gone up. 23
  24. 24. To shine – just for her(This article was published in March 2010 in Chicken Soup for Indian College Students)I was barely 18 when I got into college. I was the youngest in my family and had always heardabout college life from my elder brother and sister. Infact much to my sisters dissatisfaction anddismay I had taken her to buy me a whole new wardrobe for the ‘ahem’ college days!And I was the same 18 when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, a type of stomach cancer sorare and aggressive that it could not be cured or reversed. Despite all this we hoped and were posi-tive that it would go back. This had happened to the person I loved the most in this world, whowas there for me whenever I needed her and even when I wanted to be left alone. My mum wasmy best friend.College began and at the same time mums surgery took place. Despite all the pain andtrouble she was going through she smiled back and told me that “We are fighters and weshould shine -come what may.”She began with her chemotherapy and radiation sessions all the while smiling and giving usall this immense hope that all is going to be just fine. There were times when I would be deeplydistressed seeing her condition and she would tell me to be hopeful and carry on with my life as Iwould otherwise. My first college exams came and she told me to not worry about her and give inmy full 100%. She told me to remember to shine. She asked me to get into all extra curricu-las that were in college which I did, to try being the class representative which I became, to com-pete in all programmes of college in which I could and there too I did well. 24
  25. 25. All because she was asking me to shine de- We lost mum just after 4 months of didi’s wed-spite what trouble there was at home. Post her ding. Just when my exams were close at hand.chemo and radiation she started to do a little needless to say it was the most difficult time ofbetter, only for the demon to come back. And my life, but this time I had to prove some-this time there was nothing that could be thing to my mum. Despite being the youngestdone. Not even chemo or radiation to post- and the most spoilt I was going to prove to herpone the spreading of the tumour. It came just that I am her son and so I had to shine -come6 months before my sisters wedding. The doc- what may.tors advised us to prepone the wedding andkeep it a low key affair. I tried to put away all the pain that was in me and gave in my energies to concentrate for myBut my mum was determined that she shall do exams. All the while remembering my mumsthe wedding as it was decided and she would word to shine. This time I wanted to shine foralso see to it that it be just the way she had her –only her. The exams came and they wentplanned her daughters wedding to be. Very well. Infact the results proved that they wentclose to the wedding she had told me that it is very well. I got a distinction and a rank toyour sisters moment to shine and come what match. I was awarded for many curriculas Imay we will not take it away from her. We all participated in that year.will shine with her. Now 19 years of age, and I still give my bestThe wedding came and it was beautiful. My shot for doing everything in my college days.(Imum would rest the whole day and in the still have to again go buy my new wardrobe forevening during the ceremonies would come the years ahead in college!). I participate wher-out smiling despite her pain in her best ever I can and try to keep shining so that sheclothes and jewels. And together my whole can smile and shine from where she is and thisfamily would work to make my mums dream I shall continue for the rest of my life.come alive of a great wedding despite of what- To shine- just for her!ever pain she was having. She would play theperfect host-smiling, mingling and entertain- Miss you always…ing. In the end it did go down as she had Hamza Puthawalaplanned it to be. 25
  26. 26. Meet The Jain’sHave you ever wondered what makes people think out of the box?What drives them so crazy about their work that they leave everythingelse aside and put their heart and soul in pursuing their dreams?It is the passion that encompasses every other emotion in an entrepre-neur.This is a story of two home-grown entrepreneurs who went ahead andpursued their dreams. One dared to think different by starting some-thing so unique of his own, while the other did things differently andtook his family business to new heights.So lets meet the dynamic duo - Nipun Jain & Mayank Jain and knowhow it all started. 26
  27. 27. N Their second line of business is Real Es- tate Development, which is looked after by I Nipun since its inception in 2009. He was P involved in the business since his engi- neering days. He had already planned his U future course of action right after complet- N ing his Bachelors. He fulfilled his father’s dream of setting up the Real Estate Devel- opment division. J Nipun shares his experience with us. A I Remembering the times of struggle he says, “At first, it was completely going hay- N wire. I had a hundred myriad things planned, but I didnt know where to start. For days, I did nothing but sit and think on how to go about it and what should be the line of action. I’m sure every start-up andNipun much like his grandfather and father every individual who gets into businesshas done his civil engineering. He is on the faces this in the initial stages. The chal-verge of completing his masters in Family lenge at that point of time was how to goBusiness Management from NMIMS. Nipun ahead and join all the different pieces to-has planned to follow his father’s footsteps gether. I struggled a lot initially as I wasand take on his 25 year old strong family busi- new to the business and the business wasness to give a new meaning and scale it up also new to greater horizons. But I appreciate my dad for believing inThe Business my potential. He left me completely on my own, didnt help me when I was cluelessJain Engineers Pvt. Ltd. are a well known and made me run around and find outgroup in the construction industry. things on my own which I think is a very important learning for every businessman.Nipun’s primary business is of landing con- I even made mistakes that cost the com-tracts from real estate developers for con- pany financially but was never questionedstruction of residential colonies, commercial in the family, was just made aware aboutdevelopment and IT parks. They currently op- them.”erate from Mumbai with a second office inHyderabad and have plans to scale up in This inevitable ‘journey’ is what every en-South and East India in the near future. All trepreneur goes through - from beingtheir major projects are in line to start soon. clueless about everything to making 27
  28. 28. errors, from taking responsibility of the mis- He thus enquired about different courses intakes to rectifying them and finally achiev- management and finally found that an MBAing success. It is very crucial for an entre- in Entrepreneurship & Family Business frompreneur to make a wise decision with mini- NMIMS would meet his criterion. He be-mal choices in hand. Likewise, it is very im- lieved that the course would provided himportant for an entrepreneur to work on the with perspectives of different businessesnitty gritties of the business to take it to the that will help him differentiate and under-next level. He has to learn to explore things stand his business more efficiently. Not toon his own. There’s one such experience mention, it opens up new avenues and pro-that Nipun shared with us. vides newer business ideas.“My first real test came in 2010 when wewere in talks with a developer who wanted The Balancing actto sell his land. But at the same time, mydad already had plans of going abroad. So Nipun says, “Since developing the Real Es-I had to take up the work. We completed tate Division was my complete responsibil-the initial rounds of negotiation and final- ity, I had to manage work and education to-ized on the commercials. I, along with my gether. It was difficult at first due to the hec-solicitor, had to interpret the legal drafting tic schedules that we had. But since we gotof the documents that they had prepared, the weeks’ schedule in advance, I plannedgive our views and had to negotiate with my work accordingly. I tried to fit the workingthem on many points. The whole process time in the empty slots that we had.”was extremely crucial because it was a bigdeal for us and a lot of money was in-volved; so even a little mistake here orthere, could have had a negative impact on Our Takethe deal. Fortunately, everything wentsmooth and perfect. That particular phase Sky is the limit if you really have a burningtaught me a lot about legal implications of desire to succeed in life. Failures and mis-a business and how to effectively deal with takes are an inevitable part of an entrepre-it.” neur’s journey but learning from them andIt was the experiences that Nipun had dur- taking the responsibility are the signs of aing these crucial periods in business that good entrepreneur. Don’t be afraid of com-compelled him to look for a good manage- mitting mistakes as it teaches more thanment education. Also, the major work that what success ever can. It takes an extra milehe had projected for the next 1-1.5 years to reach the pinnacle of success.involved legal work and liasoning, i.e clear-ing the land documents and getting variouspermissions for starting the project. He be-lieved he could manage this work alongwith his education. 28
  29. 29. MA regular guy from Lucknow Awho managed to carve a nichefor himself. Mayank has done Yhis Maths Honours from AHansraj College, Delhi Univer-sity. Post his graduation, he Nworked with Edelweiss Capital Kas an Investment Advisor &then with Aon Hewitt as an As-sociate. He is currently pursu- Jing his MBA in Entrepreneur-ship at NMIMS. A IMayank has always tried to They spoke to family and friends in order tostand out in whatever he does N gauge their comfort level about donatingand one can always expect online. They also contacted a few NGOsthe unexpected from him. After and realised that this idea would definitelya two year stint in the corpo- work if executed well. “We started workingrate world, he was convinced that he was on the website. Simultaneously, we startedmeant to do something more meaningful in building a database of NGO’s andlife. launched the website www.e-daan.comA presentation which was meant to be on a on May 15, 2011”, reveals Kosal. Mayankmanagement book took a wild turn when joined the operation as the third co-founderMayank presented his version of when the website was launched.‘Madhushala’ in a completely “new avatar“.But what was so different about it? He de- E-Daanrived management interpretations from thevarious verses of the magnum opus that It is a portal that serves as an online plat-was written by the legendary Harivanshrai form for anyone who wishes to make someBacchan. Impressed by his work, Prof. Re- contribution towards the society. The portalbello asked him to give lectures in various acts as a bridge between the under-management colleges in Mumbai and Delhi. privileged and those willing to help them. If you have any item that could be of use toDespite pursuing an MBA, his life hardly re- the needy, the website will provide you thevolved around PowerPoint presentations. He means to reach them.was always involved with various activities The basic question for the trio was - ‘Howlike theatre, business events etc. He wanted do you find someone who needs exactlyto do something out of the league. He was what you no longer need?’ People havelucky to meet like minded people like lots of items lying around that they wouldDeeksha and Kosal who were already work- 29
  30. 30. never use in day-to-day life and they do not One does not necessarily need to beknow what to do with it. At the same time, working on the field or even be physicallythere are people who do not have the privi- present somewhere to give back to socie-lege and purchasing power to own such ty.items. With e-daan, they have tried to fill thegap between the two. With the technological advances in mod- ern times, it has become extremely easye-Daan allows people to donate with just to even operate via a mobile phone andone click on the website. As the portal is do something for the underprivileged.very convenient to use, people need not goout of their way to reach out to the needy. Mayank works for 10-15 hours every weekSince then, e-Daan has been receiving very depending on the number of requests andgood response from the youth across the also works towards new Coordinating with prospective donors and NGos are all done over conferences and“In fact, we are looking to partner with vari- emails. With time, their area of operationous schools and colleges to seek students’ has only expanded and e-daan will sooninvolvement in donating as well as volun- reach out to many more cities.teering”, says Deeksha. Elaborating on theinception of this unique venture, the trio This venture is a true example of an adagesays “The database was built by both ‘Where there is a will – there is a way’. The-online and offline resources. We contacted se three youngsters wanted to make a dif-NGOs in various cities to understand their ference and give back to society. With amaterial requirements and get their ad- few brainstorming sessions and the Inter-dress details. Also, we were in touch with a net, they have achieved what many of usfew NGOs even before we started operat- can only dream of. So if you ever want toing. Every time we get a request from a donate, you know where to go. Making anew location (based on the pin code), we difference is just a click away.identify an NGO in that location to whomwe can donate the necessary items andthen facilitate the transaction.” -Khushboo DoshiCharity crossing boundaries -Mitalee Mehta -Harsha Haridas“e-Daan has made us realise the im-portance of meaningful charity – getting theright resources to the right people at theright time,” says Deeksha. Even a smallstep towards a meaningful charity canmake a big difference. 30
  31. 31. Life after FMB dodging all along. The turn of events startles you. You either start feeling short-changed and enter a The God of Small self-reassurance spree. You extract help from hy- things! potheses one and/or two. 1. Life is fair (a pre- sumption whose validity is highly subject to de- bate). 2. God is on my side (this one’s for ‘the’ be- lievers). In the wake of this (biased) logic, follows the most clichéd girlfriend line that has ever beenNow that the death knell has been sounded off on devised: “There are better things in store for you.”our academic voyages, we get ready for the cus- The other side to this escapist coin is the possibil-tomary yet never-ending goodbyes. Nostalgia ity of you having been lucky to bag a job whichseeps in slowly, numbing the senses a little...a your heart knows you were under-qualified for. Inmuch-needed tranquilizer before being injected such cases, you use either of the following falla-by the “The-umbilical-cord-has-been-cut-off” cies for solace. 1. People have no clue how muchneedle. I’ve been through in the past. 2. Mom was right,But before we resume with renewed fervour, a hard-work can indeed do miracles.word! Look back a little! So, in retrospect, who However, these rationalizations are just that: ra-won? On hindsight, was it really about winning? I tionalizations; mere notions, which don’t changeremember some of my ambitious batch-mates, facts. The fact is that in life it won’t matter even-who’d ‘arrived’ at this premier B-school with the tually if you win or not. Because, newsflash - win-burning desire to make it all count: the best ning is but a myth! A winner is one who hasgrades, the best jobs, the works! I’m all for ambi- something that stirs him to get up every morning;tion and winning spirit. May be it’s easier to com- one who still has something to live for. If youment sitting at the fence, when the stakes aren’t have nothing that keeps you going, how does thatas high for you. That being said, guess who had make you a winner? And if that’s true, by extrap-the last laugh? Ironically, the rhetorical question olation, you can never really win, in absolutegives us a lot of answers. terms. And yet we spend the lion’s share of ourAs you sit down to introspect in one of those Ar- lives thinking about winning; trying every trick inistotle poses that could give The Thinker a run the book to race ahead of the herd: which ironi-for its money, you realize that some who appear cally makes us such an integral part of it...placinglucky to you might have deserved it throughout; the destination above everything else; even abovesome others who were always the frontrunners the journey that leads us to it. Being ungrateful,might have taken their lead for granted, while nonetheless, isn’t all that new to humans, aftersome dark horses had it coming all along but you all.Remember your first few months post break-were too myopic to see it; maybe because you up. What did you miss most: the inconsequentialnever wanted to. And once the selfless human good-night texts, the flirty wake-up calls, thepractice of judging others before ourselves sub- 31 sweet nothings. Unless you’re a Gujrati or asides, you reach the Achilles heel that you’d been
  32. 32. Madwadi, you seldom miss the moolah that youinvested in buying a ring for her or the little cashthat you sneaked out of your dad’s wallet to buyhim a shirt. In fact, these are the things that youpride yourself in. Ask any corporate hotshot, howmany times in a day he thinks of his profile orremuneration. Except in bonus meetings or atparties/weddings where every father is out toprove that his ward turned out better than Shar-maji and Guptajis sons, designations provide lit-tle comfort but for the fact that assigning num-bers to posts would’ve made life difficult.And the winner at such social dos has little to do The relationships that spur growth are based onwith his son’s actual credentials. More often than mutual respect born out of sheer hard work andnot, it is a victory of the boaster’s convincing abil- time-tested trust. Why else would somebody, how-ity (yet again, GD skills come in handy). Once in ever close, put their own credibility at stake by re-a while, when you bump into an old friend – who ferring you?had the same starting point as yours – or when Although, now we judge the veracity of theseyour chauffeur does the door for you, you derive claims in our mad bid to succeed, one day we’dmomentary satisfaction that you’ve persevered agree that it was ok to be stupid. Goofing up wasyour way above some other mortals. However, absolutely normal; in fact innate to humans, butmost of the times, the thought that drives you we just needed someone else to tell us that. Andmad is why your secretary thinks your manner- just like a value investor pays most of his attentionisms are gay-ish. The one that makes you cuddle to the kinks of the yield curve, we’d remember on-in your wifes arm for a little mommy love is: ly the silliness and the insanity. Akin to the remi-“Why does Boss never greet me in the morning?” niscence of childhood, we’d miss the innocuousDeath or divorce, it’s always the little somethings spontaneity the most, one that maturity would’vethat keep us ticking. Human beings are percep- long devoured. And if you’re a true future CEO,tive creatures: the trivia takes up a lot of our you’d have the foresight to peer through the mistmindshare. So what really counts? Euphemistical- and sit atop the post-retirement armchair now,ly speaking, a pair! Being what you truly are. As a when the dusk of life would be at hand and you’dgreat man (read: yours truly) once said, “I don’t know that it was all so true. The E, at the centre ofwant to make everyone happy. I prefer being hon- CEO, is for execution, after all. I’m not really an LPest!” Just because some douche bags, who’re inca- fan, “But, in the end. It doesn’t even matter!”pable of hard work, told you that networkinghelps you jump rungs in the corporate ladder, -Ayush Agarwaldoesn’t make it true. 32
  33. 33. NMIMS E & FB PresentsYear B K 2012 33
  34. 34. Some snippets of the longes Induction day: new faces, new names, accommodation jugaads, some fu nny in- troductions, so me totally absu rd. some geeky students , some showy a nd some utterly bratty. a- cip : ad arti ps c e ou so th e emi p on gr of ass ry g ve ic cl rin ac s em las of e. duad on yc ek rm lot us e wi ull tion es meAc we an a cis y M a e st se er ok h fir ex ev fo /p e tb t t th ull bu dn hi op “ Life is di n, ps tio gt ou yin gr you take , but th tr Class representative: People bre thought only these two would contest- a want to be popular Mumbai Yatra: primarily delhiite and an overly participa- targeted to acquaint out- tive senior student. Who wins? A jack-in-the-box with a fake ac- station students to Maya cent who is atleast 30 minutes nagari but it compelled the late for class. localites to see tyanchi- Mumbai in a new light. 34
  35. 35. st vacation of our life…. Corporate social responsibility: This course was taken literally by a bunch of students who wanted to save the class from a bossy professor. It was a Simon-go back of sorts with daredevils walking out on the professor and proudly labeling themselves as “Krantikaaris”. not the number of breathshe moments that take youreath away…!!! Statistics class: Lecture timings - dreadful ( 10 minutes or locked doors) Professor - brilliant Student’s grades - awful Before the class- practice sums kiya? After the class - cheeky mimicry Most heard dialogue - stats mein toh lagi padi hai !!! 35
  36. 36. Inspirus: the annual business fest sawgreat level of commitment of each mem-ber of the (actual) working committee.Inspirus was a perfect blend of team-work, sincerity, high voltage drama, fun,mood swings, tantrums, opposition and fi-nally a sense of triumph. It all began frompaisa nahi hai, speakers nahi hai, permis-sions nahi hai to some great eventsand seminars. Rule of thumb: everythinghappens at the last moment!!! Parties: the most vital part of a typical family business student’s life. Freshers party, fare- well party, luncheons, house parties - the list shall never cease. Catalyst: Alcohol and some more Alcohol Complementing Element: Tobacco Capacity: Tankers Effects: a certain someone with a bro- ken tooth, one with a lost cell phone, shattered cocktail glasses, some got kisses, some got bruises, some puked through the night and some laughed through the night. 36
  37. 37. Outbound trips: The outbound trips at Karjatand Neral were a welcome change. Perfectly or-ganized tasks that challenged the body and themind saw immense involvement of the students.But the one activity that saw emotions scalingfrom complete reluctance to extreme excite-ment was the mud obstacle task.Key result- Adrenaline rush ! Examinations: Examinations were done to death with them cropping up in every 45 days. Students spent more on photocop- ies than books. And heck! Your grade de- pended on the mugging parrots, the in- betweeners and the block heads. Not to forget, we remained a nightmare for the invigilators. The exam hall was a live circus and will always be cherished. Interesting fact- nobody studied before the impending night and nobody remem- bered a thing after the exam. 37
  38. 38. Attendance: Proxies were the law of the land and D* was a consolation prize. Attendance sheet scrutiny earned itself the title of a RIT- UAL. Physical attendance slumped during the 9 am class (thanks to the healthy habits of the students) and gradually increased after lunch. Mental attendance-Never mind! Presentations: It is easy to lose the count of the number of presentations made. In most probability, only one or maximum two mem- bers in a group made the presentation while the rest just jumped in. All presenta- tions ended with an uproarious applause which meant “Thank you for shutting up”.It has been an eventful journey throughout, so event-ful that all can’t be printed. But one thing that iscertain is that these two years will be cherished for-ever and no matter what there will always be one daywhen you would again want to be here. Just here…!!! -Urja Padwal 38
  39. 39. Professors Speak... Dr. Amit Rangnekar (Visiting Faculty) I have been teaching the FMB students for six years now and it has been an excellent experi- ence. Many of the students are born entrepreneurs raring to go, while others become business ready through the course. What is important in reaching out to them is to convince them how your subject would help them effectively manage and grow theirbusiness. Once you win their confidence they put in their best efforts in every presenta-tion and examination. Personally it is quite enriching as one gets an insight into variousbusinesses across industries- small, big, as well as old and new economy, which widensmy perspective. Prof.Cajetan Dsouza (Visiting Faculty)The course has been designed keeping the modelof family business in mind. I have been teaching thiscourse for the last 6 years and it has been a won-derful experience for me. They have a laid back atti-tude but they do absorb what is being taught tothem. Some of them have come to gain knowledge,some to get a degree and some to learn from experience from the faculty here.Their courses include Entrepreneurship, understanding business in changing global envi-ronment, growing business in changing global environment, B2B Marketing, developingbusiness plans, CSR, besides the usual subjects of a MBA course. 39
  40. 40. French CWhat a wonderful city Marseille is! The first friends, studying in completely differentfew days of my visit to France were a combi- environs. If I could, I would like to go tonation of utterly exciting and equally terrify- an exchange program like this againing experiences. Often it is the little things and again.that surprises one the most. They are the Throughout my time in France, I havethings you dont think about just before you learnt more about myself and theleave for some place new. Moreover, study- world around me than I ever coulding in international settings is a whole new have done in a classroom and I haveexperience. I honestly cant think of some- no regrets whatsoever in regards to mything better than this. decision to go on an exchange pro-This entire experience has been challenging gram. It’s important to be open to newas well as entertaining. It has also opened ways of doing things. You gain pre-my eyes to an incredible culture. It surprises cious memories, friends andme that during the entire trip, never once did knowledge that last a lifetime. The onlyI feel homesick! thing I can say is don’t enjoy yourself so much that you forget to take photos!Exploring every nook and cranny of Europewas just marvellous and compelling. -Jitenjal Kanti SinhaPeople keep asking me what was the high-light of my trip and I honestly am left unableto answer. Isn’t this akin to asking a motherof 3, who is her favourite child? I have somany great memories to choose from, likegoing skiing for the first time, skydiving, mil-lions of funny conversations that resemble agame of charades, going exploring with my 40