Lucknow Convocation Souvenir


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Lucknow Convocation Souvenir

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Lucknow Convocation Souvenir

  1. 1. Thursday, May 23, 2013
  2. 2. REMINISCENCESREMINISCENCES CONVOCATION 2012CONVOCATION 2012Jaipuria Institute of Management, LucknowJaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS2Chief Guest’s Message 4Vice Chairman’s Message Director’s Message and The Annual Report 6 5Director General’s Message 3Chairman’s Message
  4. 4. I am pleased to know that Jaipuria Institute of Management, Graduating students of the Institute! Like a bird in flight, your Lucknow is holding its 17th Annual Convocation for the students purpose in life is to soar high above the world, to steer a course of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management Programmes with the wind and enjoy the freedom of flight. You have the (Academic Sessions : 2011-13 and 2010-13) on May 23, 2013. capacity to fly in harmony with the flock and experience the joyous I congratulate the Institute and the graduating students on this solitude of your company. Just have faith in yourself, have faith in solemnoccasion. life,letgoandfly. It is a matter of great satisfaction that the Institute is doing good MayGodblessyouall! service to the nation by training young minds in management. I applaud the efforts of the stakeholders in taking the Institute to Iwishthe Convocationallsuccess.academicexcellence. CHIEF GUEST’S MESSAGE Shri S.S. Mundra Chairman and Managing Director, Bank of Baroda With good wishes (S.S. Mundra) Seventeenth Annual Convocation2
  5. 5. Distinguished Chief Guest for the occasion, Hon’ble Shri S.S. 1995, provides sustainable energy solutions and services to Mundra ji, Chairman and Managing Director of Bank of Baroda; under-served households and businesses. Electronic waste has eminent members of the Board of Governors; Vice Chairman; rightly been identified as one of the biggest potential Director General; Director of the Institute, Prof. (Dr.) S.R. environmental disasters. Attero Recycling and International Musanna; Directors of other Jaipuria campuses; members of the Finance Corporation (IFC), a World Bank arm, have tied up to start faculty and staff; graduating students and their proud parents; a ‘Clean e-India’ initiative across Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and friends from media and ladies and gentlemen. A very warm Hyderabad. Ashok Leyland, Shoppers Stop, and Infosys are the welcometoyouall! latest names under this umbrella. The adoption of sustainability measures will grow increasingly with the businesses becoming It is my humble privilege to extend heartiest greetings and moreinformedinIndiainfuture. welcome on behalf of the Board of Governors and faculty to Honourable Shri S.S. Mundra ji on this 17th Convocation Day of There is a need to make the businesses more informed, but now JaipuriaInstituteofManagement,Lucknow. that you, dear graduating students, are moving into the real world and real market, it’s important that you also let people know I extend my personal greetingsand welcome to all of you who have about yourself in various positive manners. Imagine for a second graced this occasion by your benign presence. I congratulate all everything that you look for in a product; it needs to be unique, the graduating students for your achievements. This day marks fun, worthwhile, valuable, and able to get the job done. Similarly, animportantlandmarkinyourlife. introspect, what makes you different from your friends? Why should someone hire you? What knowledge and experience canDear graduating students, ‘systematic innovation’ seems you bring to the table? It’s time, that you start talking about yourimperative for success. Indian companies like Titan’s disciplined passion and your assets. Market yourself. Develop your ‘personalefforts to build innovation capabilities which have resulted in brand’ that will lead to advancement in your career andhuge savings of time and precious metals; and the efforts of developmentasaleader.Eureka Forbes to commercialize the best technologies in water- purification have resulted in Amrit, a process that tackles even Nevertheless, remember that your personal brand is an asset bio-organisms. Only through sustained efforts and systematic that must be managed with the intention of helping others benefit approaches to innovation could these companies achieve such by being associated with your work and the industry you serve. results. Systematic innovation demands better and structured The ancient scripts of Vedanta clearly outline the 3Cs: connections with the customers and other stakeholders to help concentration, consistency and co-operation; these 3Cs will help aligninnovationwithmarketneeds. you succeed in making your personal brand today. The need of the day is to manage the professional and personal life well. You, dearAlong with Systematic Innovation, it is high time that the Indian graduating students, shall be the torchbearers of the country’sorganizations incorporate 'inclusive growth,' as a part of future. Hopes will be all set on you. You shall be the socialsustainability measures, into their firms' strategy, balancing reformers and the change leaders. So I advise you to watch everyprofitability and social responsibility at the same time. A stepthatyoutakenow-onwards.sustainable business is a business that focuses on improving its bottom-line results and at the same time does not harm the Once again, I wish success to all the graduating students!society or the environment in which it operates. India needs more GodBless!sustainable businesses like Sarvajal, Selco and Attero. Sarvajal was founded in 2008 by the Piramal Foundation to develop ThankyouandJaiHind!market-based models for clean drinking water at the base of the pyramid. SELCO Solar Pvt. Ltd, a social enterprise, established in CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE Shri Sharad Jaipuria Chairman, Jaipuria Institute of Management Seventeenth Annual Convocation 3
  6. 6. Graduates of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, please situations everyday. And again, this learning will not be restricted accept my warmest congratulations on accomplishing this to finance formulae and marketing techniques, but will require milestone in your life all because of your own hard work, and you to understand and manage people, their fears, their needs, perseverance! andtheiraspirations. Through your two-year engagement with us, we have simply tried I firmly believe you are all set to take on the world in your to build a strong foundation for your future. Even though this ownway. foundation includes technical knowledge of finance, marketing, human resources and other academic subjects, I hope you will realize that academics is only a part of your learning here. Equally important, if not more, is to develop a mindset for continuous learning. Even as there will be no examinations and quizzes anymore, you will be required to learn and relearn from real-life Wishing you all success, health and wealth in future! VICE CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE Shri Shreevats Jaipuria Vice Chairman, Jaipuria Institute of Management Seventeenth Annual Convocation4
  7. 7. The convocation ceremony is a great opportunity for us to According to the Bhagwat Gita, “Luck is a combination of appreciate and acknowledge the wonderful work done by the opportunity and preparation”. So you are already prepared now faculty, students & staff of Lucknow campus under the dynamic and opportunity has come your way, but it should be your leadership of Director Prof. (Dr.) S.R. Musanna and under the endeavor to do your best and keep adding new knowledge and inspiringmentorship ofSharadJi,AnjaliJiandShreevatsJi. new skills; and in this way you will always be successful. But success does not mean only material success. Success also While we feel proud of our achievements, our goal is to means how much inner success you are able to achieve, so for consistently raise the bar on teaching- learning outcomes, that matter you also need to tone up your life skills and practice constant upgradation of the curriculum to keep it relevant with meditation,silence,contemplation,reflectionetc. the emerging requirements of the business world, greater integration of technology to take learning beyond classroom & You need to continuously build on your ‘KASH’ balance everyday – campus, higher & deeper engagement of students and faculty Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Habits. So if you’re going to be members andmakingabigdifferenceforthesocietyaswell. richer by that, it is going to make a big difference in your life. And also keep reflecting everyday - write your own reflecting notes I would advise you to choose your career based on your natural from the learnings of life as to, what you’re getting every day, how ‘Ruchi’, ‘Yogyata’ and ‘Vishwas’. Follow excellence and perform the whole day went about, could you have done certain things in a your duties with total dedication and passionate ownership and different way and to always have a lifelong learning attitude. everything else will follow. Believe in your dreams, success & This habit will always help you in going ahead in your chosen field ‘success alone’ and do not entertain any thought of failure. “Life’s of endeavor. Invest yourself in these 5 areas on a daily basis battle does not go to the faster or stronger man, but sooner or “SPICE”: Spiritual + Physical + Intellectual + Community + later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.” If you are Emotional. sure about your success & dreams, it is definitely going to manifest,aspertheuniversal ‘Law ofAttractionandBelief’. Also, find time to relax, smile, do some random acts of kindness, and above all be grateful for what you have got; always feel The clarity of your vision will decide how far you can go in your grateful to your parents, gurus, your company, your bosses, your career. Your passion will determine the strides you will make and peers, your colleagues. So this feeling of gratefulness will get your worldview will determine the route you may take to get to your more and more bliss and happiness in your life. Happiness does destination. You will have to carve out your own-chartered path to not mean getting everything for your own-self, but also in giving, glory and you must create your own mandate for growth. Toughen which will make sure that you will get lot and lot of happiness in up your body and soul, fuel your passion to excel and be prepared life. towalkthroughthestony path. Finally, when you are working in an organization, work in the true The world is changing very fast and new growth opportunities and spirit of being a professional. I wish to quote Mr. Subroto Bagchi challenges are emerging across the world. As you are graduating from his book, ‘The Professional’. He says – “Professional is this day, you are already equipped with the success formulae and somebody who works unsupervised, who is proactive and he /she the technical knowledge among others. However, your endeavor is the one who declares completion of any task as per his / her should be to keep learning always and give your best while making own standard”. I wish you all the very best in your professional a difference in whatever field and whichever organization you are endeavors. working. Only by contributing the best in your current job, the next levelofgrowthwillbepossible. MayGodBlessYouAlways! JaiHind! DIRECTOR GENERAL’S MESSAGE Dr. Pankaj Gupta Director General, Jaipuria Institute of Management Seventeenth Annual Convocation 5
  8. 8. Chief Guest for the Convocation, Hon’ble Shri S.S. Mundra ji, with a CGPA of 3.2 on 4. This is the highest score in the category Chairman and Managing Director of Bank of Baroda; Chairman, ofdebutantB-Schoolsinthecountry. Board of Governors, Respected Shri Sharad Jaipuria ji; ?We have sought equivalence from AIU and the process of Vice Chairman, Shri Shreevats Jaipuria, Director General, validation is through. We expect the same shortly. It will Dr. Pankaj Gupta and Directors of other Jaipuria campuses, facilitateourstudentstopursue doctoralprogramme. distinguished members of the Board and of Academic Council, my colleagues, proud parents of the graduating batch, Students!! ?The courses offered in our various programmes were critically Goodafternoontoyouall! examined through group-wide area task forces and the contents overhauled to suit the ever-changing conditions and It is a great privilege and honour for me to welcome you all to the business realities. Quite a few new elective courses were 17th Annual Convocation of the Institute. We are honoured and added to prepare students to respond to the emerging new pleased to have with us, Hon’ble Shri S.S. Mundra ji, as the challenges. Chief Guest on this solemn occasion to address and encourage ourstudentsgraduatingtoday. ?Many eminent persons from different walks of life have visited the Institute and interacted with faculty and students. Some of Allow me to acknowledge the gracious presence of the Chairman them are Mr. Syed Sibtey Razi, Former Governor of Jharkhand & of the Board of Governors, Shri Sharad Jaipuria Ji, an eminent Assam; Mr. KTS Tulsi, Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of industrialist and educationist, whose vision has translated into India; Mr. Rabi N. Mishra, Regional Director of RBI (UP & the four Business Schools at Lucknow, Noida, Jaipur and Indore, Uttaranchal); Mr. Nirmesh Kumar, Chairman, Baroda Uttar under the Jaipuria umbrella. We, at Lucknow campus feel Pradesh Gramin Bank; Mr. Ved Krishna, Managing Director of overwhelmed Sir, with your personal care and attention towards Yash Papers; Mr. David Wittenberg, Chief Executive Officer of every detail at the campus. Let me also recognize the kind The Innovation Workshop; Mr. Kamal Ghose, Director of presence of Shri Shreevats Jaipuria, Vice Chairman, who has Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Bangalore; been the key driving force behind the undergoing transformations Mr. Naveen Luthra, Vice President, Strategic Alliances, at various campuses including Lucknow. I would also like to thank GETIT Infoservices Private Limited; Mr. Sandeep Mathur, the distinguished members of the Board and Academic Council, Senior Vice President & Business Head, DCM Shriram who have been kind enough to grace this occasion, and who have Consolidated Limited; Mr. Nikhil Sharma, Partner, MART; always come forward in lending their support and guidance in Mr. Prabhakar Dalal, Executive Director of Exim Bank; realizingourgoalsinaneffectivemanner. Shri Bhupesh Dhinger, Director of Enrich Salons and Academy; I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with a glimpse Prof. Rama Krishna Mandan, Business Capability, Lanco ofsomeofthesignificantactivitiesoftheinstituteduringtheyear. Academy at Lanco Infratech Ltd.; Mr. P.K. Anand, Executive Director of Punjab and Sind Bank; Shri Sampath Kumar, IAS, The year 2012-13 witnessed multi-dimensional growth Chief Executive Officer of Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojna; and progress in our activities and attainments including Shri Prasanna Singh, Chief Operating Officer and Publisher of some newinitiatives beingtaken. Banyan Netfaqs; Shri Rajesh Toshniwal, Chief Executive Officer of Toshniwal Industries; Shri Himanshu Manglik of Nestle; ?I am extremely happy to share with you that Jaipuria Lucknow Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh, Chairman, Judicial Training and was awarded ‘A’ Grade accreditation by NAAC, a body of UGC, Research Institute; Dr. Dilip Chhajad, Professor of Business DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE AND THE ANNUAL REPORT Prof. (Dr.) S.R. Musanna Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow Seventeenth Annual Convocation6
  9. 9. Administration and Director of the Technology Management was organized at Noida and a Chapter Meet at Mumbai, which Programme, University of Illinois; Dr. Kuldeep Kumar, Professor wereattendedby alargenumberofalumni. and Head, Department of Economics & Statistics, Bond ?The students of the Institute contributed in their own way by University. participating in various activities and furthering the cause of ?This year we conducted MDPs on General Management and social development. Jaipuria Community Service Club various functional areas for the executives of different organized a highly successful blood donation camp in organizations. association with Lohia Hospital, Lucknow. This Club, among other things, organised a donation drive “UPHAAR” on ?For the first time Alumni Guest Lecture Series was organized December 31, 2012. Udaan, the social service club of the throughout the year and alumni members have shared their students of Jaipuria Lucknow, is involved in teaching children experience and thoughts with the students. I am happy to share from the slum areas and in distributing clothes and stationery- thatmorethan30alumnivisitedthecampusduringtheyear. itemstothem.IIM, Lucknow isourpartnerinthisendeavour. ?During the year, a number of useful academic events were ?The annual festival, OJAS, was organized which saw organized by way of conferences, seminars, workshops, participation from institutions in and around Lucknow in very discussion-sessions, etc. A high-impact national conference on largenumber. the theme ‘Interdependence, Integration and Co-creation’, Seventh in our series, was organized, taking “Demystifying the ?The students of the institute also participated in various Indian Consumer-Strategies for Success.” as the focus this inter–institute events organized by different institutes and year. The conference had participation of many distinguished brought laurels for themselves and also for the institute. I am professionals comprising a large number of corporate happy to share that Jaipuria Lucknow represented the north personalities including top executives from various leading zone alongside IIM, Lucknow in the finals of the celebrated banks and financial institutions, Directors and Deans of NPTC NationalQuiz. prominent academic institutions including IIMs, and ?It has always been our endeavour to facilitate all-round ViceChancellors ofvariousUniversities. development of our students – intellectual, emotional, social ?Foundation Day was celebrated on September 8, 2012. and spiritual. The various activities undertaken and the events Shri K. Ramachandran, Chief General Manager, State Bank of organized are constituent parts of this endeavour of ours. India,Lucknow Circle,wastheChiefGuestontheoccasion. WeorganizedArtofLivingsessionwithourstudents. ?Placements have been good this year also. The quality of jobs ?Our faculty published papers in referred journals and published and packages offered improved significantly. About 180 books as co-authors with world renowned authors. companies visited the campus out of which about 102 Many faculty members participated in National and companies were new and picked up a sizable number of our International Conferences. We organized 03 Faculty graduates. Some of the prominent names are, Capital IQ, Development Programmes wherein we invited and got Berger Paints, Colgate-Palmolive, Indiabulls Securities, Dun & resource persons such as Prof. Dilip Chhajed of University of Bradstreet, Asian Paints, Blue Star, Cadbury, Nestle, Mahindra Illinois, Prof. Kuldeep Kumar of University of Bond, Australia Finance,AxisBank, FederalBank, IndusIndBank. and Prof. Ashish Chandra of University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, Texas, USA. Members of our faculty contributed as ?In addition to putting in hard work ensuring steady progress in resourcepersons toIIMsandIITs. their academics, the students of the Institute undertook new ventures and organized many new events / activities keeping in ?The Institute continues to publish the bi-annual journal, mind the need of their own all-round growth vis-a-vis the needs Management Dynamics, which is in its thirteenth year of ofoursociety. publication. I am happy to communicate that it is indexed on EBSCOPublishing. ?The Annual Alumni Meet ‘Samayantar’ was attended by about 200 alumni. The meet was a two–fold activity, comprising ?The result of these initiatives got translated in Jaipuria business sessions and social events. On both these occasions, Lucknow ranked among premier league business schools the alumni participated enthusiastically and offered valuable by Career 360 alongside 20 top B-schools of the country. inputs towards betterment of both academic as well as non- National HRD Network Survey ranked us among the top 40 B- academic activities of the institute. An all-campus Alumni Meet schools of India only this month. It got published in People Seventeenth Annual Convocation 7
  10. 10. Matters. Our Admissions are some indicators of the image that to leverage new technologies. Those are all noble activities. we enjoy in Society and Community. Fee for all 300 seats However, we cannot tax, reform, or reorganize our way out of our across all 3 programmes stand deposited and there is a long problems.WemustLEADourway outofourproblems! waiting list. This is in spite of raising eligibility in lieu of My experiences prompt me to say, today’s achievement may fade qualifyingeligibilityscoreandrigorousselectionprocess. or even be forgotten. The applause and appreciation may become My dear students the journey for which you have been making the a distant memory. Your certificates and medals may gather dust preparations begins now. At this moment you would be having on a shelf or displayed on the wall. But you always will be many dreams and aspirations; dreams to realize yourself fully and remembered for caring enough, for helping someone, for making aspirationstoservethesocietymeaningfully. someone feel special and appreciated. I have no doubt that you willgetthevery bestinlife. This is a day of celebration. It is also a time to reflect on the opportunities and challenges ahead. Many of you are destined to As rightly said - the future belongs to those who believe in the become CEOs, CFOs, auditors, regulators, entrepreneurs and beauty of their dreams. We are all unique but I think the luckiest company directors. You will initially hone your skills during a are those who challenge themselves to dream impossible particularly challenging period for business, public service, dreams,makethemarealityandultimatelyleavebehindalegacy. governmentandcitizens. In conclusion, you are embarking on the most exciting journey. Success is vague, and like the other vast intangible-love, there is The world out there is fiercely competitive, but you should have no no universal means by which we can measure it. What it means fear. You have been tempered with one of the most rigorous for one person may not echo for another. It may be the collective programs in the world and are now ready to show your mettle. goal of many, but ultimately has only one true judge. You, and only Congratulations to all the graduating students, good luck, and you, can assess your success, for it is you alone who determines mayyoufulfillyourdreams. whatsuccessreallymeansforyou. MayGodblessyouall! Some say the solutions to the world’s problems are higher taxes to reduce deficits. Others say that we need reforms to improve our financial and healthcare systems. Many companies are trying to reorganize themselves to improve their operational efficiency or Seventeenth Annual Convocation8
  11. 11. KALEIDOSCOPE 2012-13KALEIDOSCOPE 2012-13
  12. 12. JAIPURIA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, LUCKNOW Vineet Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226 010 P. +91 522 2394296 • Toll Free: 1800 180 3444