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This was the first edition of magIMNUopus!!

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MagIMNUopus_Nov_ 2007

  1. 1. Visage of Virtuous...
  2. 2. November 2007 Editors Desk Dear readers, Editor’s Desk Welcome to the first of many more editions of the IMNU magazine “magNIMopus”!!! This will be your one stop information guide on what’s happening in your college and lots more! BizTalk Well, any educated society is incomplete without adequate time investment in informative articles. This very thing motivated us to launch magNIMopus, the quintessence of which is nicely imprinted in the article “Relevance of Print Media”. For unleashing a person’s creativity, a proper medium is a prerequisite. What else could be a Campus better medium than the language of the masses? Hence, we included a separate Hindi section in our Persona Buzz magazine. Moreover, Hindi is becoming more and more relevant in business and nation building and our Hindi section will throw some light on this issue. Apart from this we have something special and informative for serious Hindi readers too like poems, biographies, etc. This magazine will try to tickle your funny bones through the section named Happy Hours and all Abhi Multi- unidentified talents will be notified in Campus Buzz. You can also flex your brain muscles in our regular vyakti moodia quiz section (which are open search engine quizzes). Correction! Correction! Correction! That mantra never seems to become passé in near future. We are not professionals, but we have tried our best to give you something, which with your support, will evolve into an asset for erudite IMNU crowd. In the end, for making this magazine a grand success, Quiznost Happy We need the support of all students, alumni and the faculty. Hours So sit back and enjoy browsing through the magazine. Happy Reading folks! - The Editorial Team Credits Page 1 of 2
  3. 3. November 2007 Editors Desk Words of Encouragement BizTalk Well done! concise and high impact communication and the reward of work well done is the opportunity to do more….... - Prof. Sapna Parashar Campus Persona Buzz Just let me know if any kind of support, help or guidance…anytime. Mr. Vaibhav Kathju (Alumni, IMNU) Sales Head-Bancassurance, Deutsche Bank Mumbai Abhi Multi- vyakti moodia Quiznost Happy Hours Credits Page 2 of 2
  4. 4. November 2007 Editors Desk Company Profile: HUL India's longest-running soap opera now has a new name. Hindustan Lever limited (HLL), the popular FMCG giant, has been spun-dried BizTalk into a new moniker: HUL, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. The name change, which comes after 51 years of the Unilever subsidiary's existence in India as HLL, had been in the pipeline for three years and involved Campus Persona arduous deliberations with the multinational's own employees, its consumers and other Buzz stakeholders. HLL is a popular household name with its brands like Surf, Lux, Sunsilk, Pepsodent and Lifebuoy Abhi touching the lives of two out of every three Indians each day. Its easily identifiable logo — formed Multi- vyakti from the letters 'HLL' shaped in the form of a green colored leaf — is etched in consumers' minds. moodia TOI had hinted at the move over a year ago in its edition dated December 17, 2005, when they talked about the possibility of HLL adopting an alternate name, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, instead of the widely speculated Unilever India Ltd. They had pointed out then that it would be difficult for Quiznost Happy the company to shake off the cultural baggage associated with the 'Hindustan' prefix. Hours Credits Page 1 of 3
  5. 5. November 2007 Editors Desk Company Profile: HUL In fact, shortly after announcing the appointment of Douglas Baillie, its first expat CEO in 45 years in 2005, Harish Manwani, the Chairman and V-C M K Sharma had admitted to TOI that erasing BizTalk the most important part of the MNC's strong Indian identity — its name and corporate logo — was proving to be tricky because it was a sensitive issue. quot;This is not an interim change. It is a well considered move,quot; said Manwani at press meets. Explaining Campus Persona the rationale, he said: quot;The name change retains the company's continued commitment towards its Buzz local roots while leveraging the global scale and reputation of Unilever with its consumers and stakeholders in India.” Unilever had created a uniform corporate brand across the world in line with its future directionof 'One Unilever'. The last of the Unilever subsidiaries to change their names were Abhi Multi- Nepal Lever, which became Unilever Nepal, and Nippon Lever, which became Unilever Japan. The vyakti parent company, which holds a little over 51% in the Indian subsidiary, has been patiently waiting for moodia this change. Quiznost Happy Hours Credits Page 2 of 3
  6. 6. November 2007 Editors Desk Company Profile: HUL It is also learnt that three years back, in an internal and external survey, a majority had voted against the name change. That explains why the company would have decided to retain the BizTalk prefix. HLL is the single largest operating company in Unilever world in revenues (Rs 12,103 crore in 2006), and it also contributes significantly to the Asia-AMET region’s growth. HLL was also unique in the sense that, even though it is a multinational, it has had several Indian Campus Persona stalwarts like Prakash Tandon, T Thomas, A S Ganguly, S M Datta, K B Dadiseth and M S Buzz Banga, as chairman. Abhi Going forward, this alignment with the Unilever tag is expected to assist the Indian subsidiary attract Multi- vyakti global talent and new businesses, which includes raw material sourcing,product outsourcing, moodia new contracts, dealing with suppliers, among others. - Priyank Shah Quiznost Happy Hours Credits Page 3 of 3
  7. 7. November 2007 Editors Desk Biography: Kushal Pal Singh Kushal Pal Singh (K.P.Singh) is the Chairman of DLF Group (earlier Delhi Land and Finance) and can be christened as the real estate baron of India. DLF is the market leader in the big Indian real estate BizTalk industry and the company is credited with developing the modern township of Gurgaon. Early Life: Kushal Pal Singh was born on August 15, 1931 at Bulandshahar in Campus Uttar Pradesh. After graduating in Science from Meerut College, Persona he went to UK to study Aeronautical Engineering. He joined the Buzz Indian Military Academy at Dehradun and was later on commissioned into The Indian Army. Abhi Multi- Early Career: vyakti moodia In 1960, K.P. Singh joined American Universal Electric Company, a joint venture between Universal Electric Company of Owosso, Michigan and his family. Thereafter, K.P. Singh promoted another company, i.e. Willard India Limited in collaboration with ESB Inc of Philadelphia for manufacturing automatic and industrial batteries in India and became its Managing Director. Quiznost Happy Hours Tryst with DLF: In 1979, K.P. Singh joined DLF Universal Limited. When American Universal Company merged with DLF Universal Limited, K.P. Singh became the Managing Director of the new company. Credits Page 1 of 2
  8. 8. November 2007 Editors Desk Biography: Kushal Pal Singh K.P. Singh had the vision to buy land in Gurgaon, which was then a barren village on the outskirts of Delhi. He had the foresight to saw the untapped potential of the place and today Gurgaon is one of BizTalk the real-estate hotspots of the country. Dynamic Leadership: Under the dynamic leadership of K.P.Singh, DLF has grown tremendously. The market capitalization Campus of DLF was US $ 36.26 billion as on 0ctober 8, 2007 making it one of the biggest real estate Persona companies in the world. Presently, the group has over 289 million sq. ft. of existing development Buzz and 615 million sq. ft. of planned projects in residential, commercial, retail, hotels, infrastructure and SEZs projects. In September 2006 DLF was the only real estate firm amongst the 60 businesses named Superbrands of India under the real estate category. Recently, DLF created history by floating IPO of US $ 2.4 billion, which was around twice the size of previous biggest in India. Abhi Multi- vyakti moodia Positions and Felicitations: Kushal Pal Singh also held a number of professional positions in India. He was the President of the ASSOCHAM (Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India) and the PHD Chambers of Commerce & Industry. K.P. Singh is also the recipient of the 'Delhi Ratna' Award for his valuable contribution to Delhi. Quiznost Happy Hours But the man has not changed. He has been the same modest K.P.Singh when he joined his father- in –law’s real estate business. He says, “That (wealth) is not the yardstick by which I want to be known. I feel proud that what I championed 25 years back has blossomed into something good for the country. That is what I want to be known for.quot; Credits - Jai Prakash Mundhra Page 2 of 2
  9. 9. November 2007 Editors Desk Significance of print media “Newspapers cannot be defined by the second word -- paper. BizTalk They’ve got to be defined by the first word -- news.” New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberg, Jr. These words in crux reveal the secret about how print media has been able to survive centuries Campus and is still is one of the most preferred medium of news to its readers. Persona Buzz It survived radio, television and the omnipresent internet . This makes one wonder why. In the times of 24*7 news channels where any news is a top story, and you get to know anything and everything, why are newspapers still being bought? Well! I Guess I answered my own question. Abhi Multi- Call it lack of space or whatever; print media still is a lighter shade of yellow as compared to the vyakti news channels. Its authenticity might just be a perception, owing to its long and enriched past, but moodia its working. The fact that the newspaper in particular, and print media in general has survived for so long gives us a lot to think of. This is not merely scraping out an existence; it’s the survival of the fittest and Quiznost Happy the most adaptable. Hours Credits Page 1 of 2
  10. 10. November 2007 Editors Desk Significance of print media People like me, who thought print media will soon become passé, underestimated the BizTalk fragmentation of the media market. Right now it seems that there are thousands of alternate news sources, in print, on television and online, and that the scene is increasingly balkanized, especially when we're talking about sources of news and information as opposed to entertainment. Campus Fragmentation isn't such a bad thing, as people treat all the options like a smorgasbord and put Persona together a combination of sources that's they tailor for themselves and that change over time. And Buzz the pitfalls of this “fragmentation”, like less-news-more-agenda thing, are working more in favour of print media than against. People who want to filter their news still rely on a newspaper sources. Abhi As someone rightly said: Multi- quot;If you want to see television stations panic, go to a town where the newspapers are on strike.quot; vyakti moodia Quiznost Happy - Akanksha Bumb Hours Credits Page 2 of 2
  11. 11. November 2007 Editors Desk Quiznost: Rules BizTalk 1. The quiz consists of 15 questions. 2. Send your answers to Raghav Rastogi <imsft07237> by 11:59 PM 03 Nov 2007 with subject Campus Persona line as ‘MagNIMopus_Quiz_Answers’. Entries sent over IP won't be considered. Buzz 3. The answers should be in word format and the file should be saved as <Name_Surname_RollNo>, eg: <Raghav_Rastogi_071237.doc> 4. The top five scorers’ names will be published in the next issue of the magazine. Abhi Multi- 5. In case of a tie, entry submitted earlier will be considered. vyakti moodia 6. Multiple answers from a person would not be accepted. Only the first entry will be considered. 7. The decision of the quizmaster will be final. Quiznost Happy Hours Start Quiz Credits Page 1 of 5 of Quiznost
  12. 12. November 2007 Editors Desk Quiznost BizTalk 1. Identify the logo: Campus Persona 2. Tea was rationed during World War II, but it was not until 1953, just Buzz after rationing finished, that this company launched the tea bag to the UK. It was an immediate success. Which company? Abhi Multi- 3. Which Indian company has a license to distribute the premium fashion vyakti moodia watch brand Tommy Hilfiger in India? 4. In his 1961 book, Reality in Advertising, advertising legend Quiznost Happy Rosser Reeves, sought to define which term, whose origin is often Hours attributed to him? Credits Page 2 of 5 of Quiznost
  13. 13. November 2007 Editors Desk Quiznost BizTalk 5. Connect Videocon, Exide, Pepsi, Reebok, Bharat Petroleum, Mysore Sandal Soap, Brylcreem, Orient and Reliance. Campus Persona Buzz 6. This office building has its own zip code, 60606. It towers at a height of 442 meters and more than 25,000 people walk through the doors of this fully automated building every day. Name it. Abhi 7. In 2001, what did Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer call as a cancer that would cause the death of Multi- vyakti intellectual property as we know it? moodia 8. Common English terms like ‘cliché’ and ‘stereotype’ entered the language from the technical jargon of which industry? Quiznost Happy 9. Who got the first account from Satyam when it became India's 1st private sector ISP? Hours Credits Page 3 of 5 of Quiznost
  14. 14. November 2007 Editors Desk Quiznost BizTalk 10. What publishing enterprise was started in 1922 in a shop below an illegal bar in Greenwich village, New York, with a capital of $5000 US? Campus Persona Buzz 11. Greenpeace India has launched a national campaign for a ban on what? 12. Most people have come across Error 404 at some time while browsing the net. Abhi What is Error 403? Multi- vyakti moodia 13. This company started off in October 1987 and was known as Manz Wear Private Limited at the time of its incorporation. Its name was subsequently changed and that is how we know the company now. Name the company in question. Quiznost Happy Hours Credits Page 4 of 5 of Quiznost
  15. 15. November 2007 Editors Desk Quiznost BizTalk 14. This company derives its name from the book Gulliver's Travels. It represents a person who is repulsive in appearance and action and is barely human. Which company? Campus Persona 15. Identify the person: Buzz Abhi Multi- vyakti moodia Quiznost Happy Hours Credits Page 5 of 5 of Quiznost
  16. 16. November 2007 Editors Desk BizTalk Campus Persona Buzz Abhi Multi- vyakti moodia Quiznost Happy Hours Credits Page 1 of 5 of Abhivyakti
  17. 17. November 2007 Editors Desk BizTalk Campus Persona Buzz Abhi Multi- vyakti moodia Quiznost Happy Hours Credits Page 2 of 5 of Abhivyakti
  18. 18. November 2007 Editors Desk BizTalk Campus Persona Buzz Abhi Multi- vyakti moodia Quiznost Happy - Avinash Chand Hours Credits Page 3 of 5 of Abhivyakti
  19. 19. November 2007 Editors Desk BizTalk Campus Persona Buzz Abhi Multi- vyakti moodia Quiznost Happy Hours Credits - Manish Ojha Page 4 of 5 of Abhivyakti
  20. 20. November 2007 Editors Desk BizTalk Campus Persona Buzz Abhi Multi- vyakti moodia Quiznost Happy Hours Credits Page 5 of 5 of Abhivyakti
  21. 21. November 2007 Editors Desk Campus Buzz CultComm The Cultural Committee of the Institute of Management, Nirma University, a.k.a. “Cult.Comm” is a committee formed of the students, by the students and for the students. It’s a fun-zingy place BizTalk to be in if you are the proactive-innovative type of person, who loves to celebrate just the fact of being alive. Cult Comm. organizes almost every event from celebration of religious festivals to Talent Nights. In the last month Cult Comm. organised Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri Pooja, Alumni Meet, Dussehara, and various other entertaining events. Furthermore, in the coming month Cult Campus Persona Comm. is planning to organise Nirma Cult Fest, Diwali celebrations and few competitions to give Buzz the budding talent in Nirma, a floor to spread out. Sumantra Abhi Multi- As quoted by Edward P. Morgan, “A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile vyakti thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face. moodia It is one of the few havens remaining where a man's mind can get both provocation and privacy.” However, the worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. This is where we come into picture. We, at Sumantra – The Book Club, help you select the right book, Quiznost Happy and thus try to help you increase your knowledge base. Hours This year we started with reviews like Veronica Decides to Die, It’s not about the Bike and lastly Dabawalas. We had a great interaction by Richa Sharma telling us why you should not judge a book by its cover. The journey of Sumantra has just started and there are many more reviews, interactions, quizzes, innovative games and a lot more to come. Credits Page 1 of 5
  22. 22. November 2007 Editors Desk Campus Buzz Fine$$e Fine$$e (Finance Club) is a student driven club at IM-NU which organizes various activities related to Financial Sector. The club aims at providing an insight into happenings of financial BizTalk world round the globe. As our introductory session, we had a session on overview of financial management in the month of Sept’07. Then we had one session on Primary Market followed by a session on career opportunities in Financial Sector. Further, we are coming up with sessions on Secondary Market, Mutual Funds, Micro Finance, FOREX etc. to name a few. Besides this Campus Persona quizzes and games promotes learning with fun. Buzz Swayam The Entrepreneurship Club, Swayam, IM, NU is a student body which has been started realizing Abhi Multi- the need to foster and incorporate the entrepreneurial attitude within the management mould. vyakti The “entrepreneurial spirit” is not just a prerequisite for people thinking of starting their own moodia business but is also becoming imperative for every individual who desires to make a mark in the corporate world. Thus, the main objective of the club is to promote, nurture and facilitate the spirit of entrepreneurship among the student. Swayam is the first club to organize outdoor Quiznost Happy activities in IM, NU. We organized a treasure hunt on 8th September 2007 in the campus of Hours Nirma University in which 29 teams of 4 members participated. We send biographies of Indian Entrepreneurs as Club’s weekly activity. In future we are planning to start lecture series inviting some big players from the industries and organize a B-plan. Credits Page 2 of 5
  23. 23. November 2007 Editors Desk Campus Buzz SportsComm The sports committee with its punch line “KHELO NIRMA KHELO!!!” is trying to promote sports in this rigorous academic environment. Sports inculcates a feeling of competitiveness and team spirit at the same time, which helps a long way in management education and life as well. BizTalk Various events and tournaments are organized regularly in the campus which allows students to enjoy the game and prove their mettle in the sporting arena. Sunday cricket matches are a regular fixture at the campus. So far following events have been organized. TT : Rishi Agarwal (Singles); Sachin Jain & Neeraj Barnwal (Doubles) Campus CHESS: Ankur Bhandari; VOLLEYBALL: Section 2 A Persona Buzz Football tournament (COPA NIRMA LEAGUE) is in progress presently and the sports committee is planning to organize NIRMA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and IMNU-Goalzzz in near future which will be complemented by various inter-section tournaments as and when time permits. Expressions Abhi Multi- Also known as the Literature Committee or “LITCOM”, it has consistently, over the time, tried to vyakti moodia inculcate the importance of pursuing ones interests . In today’s modern world it is very important for a person to be presentable so that his contribution to the society is valued and recognized. Not just in the physical sense but one also has to display a certain level of expertise with regards to his eloquence only then is he seriously accepted and considered as a force to reckon with. Quiznost Happy Although, it was the last club to be formed. Its first meet in Oct’07, started with a blast as the Hours crowd went berserk with enthusiasm. After a presentation on Break-dance, there was a round of Dumb charades followed by a unique kind of quiz. There was also a debate held at the end. Being the first meet held by the first year students it had its own share of fallouts. In the future, the club is aiming at holding elocutions, debates and various other competitions which Credits would test the participant’s oratory skills. Page 3 of 5
  24. 24. November 2007 Editors Desk Campus Buzz Niche Known as one of the most active clubs on campus, NICHE club was and is known for its element of learning with fun, simultaneously relating marketing to people and to life. BizTalk The AD-MAD show last year and the AD DESIGNING competition this year combined with various games and quizzes conducted in its regular meetings were symbolic of activity based learning giving students, a platform to unleash their creativity. Campus Persona Buzz Moreover, as a custom NICHE participates actively in events like RICHTER 10 and this year, it is planning to add more worth to academia also by introducing stimulated or subjective marketing games in PERSPECTIVES. Abhi Multi- vyakti moodia PlaceComm Quiznost Happy No need for any words… just wait for the Final Placement Week in November end. Good luck to Hours all the second year students and also for first year students for the ongoing Summer Placements. Credits Page 4 of 5
  25. 25. November 2007 Editors Desk Campus Buzz Chehre It’s easy to climb a pinnacle of success but it’s difficult to be there firmly. Team Chehre is known for its tradition of creativity and agility and new team hasn’t disappointed so far. If “An Evening BizTalk with Chehre” was epitome of past achievement “Showtime (Video Competition)” redefined the meaning of creativity in IMNU. Nirma witnessed some new emerging talents during events like Talent Night and Alumni Meet. Chehre is planning to bring more and more ingenious, meaningful and entertaining events during cultural fests like Richter 10. Campus Persona Buzz Imprints “Everything of importance has been said before by somebody who did not discover it”, as quoted by Alfred North Whitehead, and this is exactly we do, Help students discover new Abhi Multi- horizons, opportunities and add dimensions to their knowledge. Imprints - the HR Club is a club vyakti that aims to leave an imprint on the minds of the people; it is a club, open to all who want to moodia participate in an innovative, interactive and creative process of enriching and enlightening their minds about HR. Organizations across the globe are becoming people oriented, due to which HR sector has gained importance on an international level. This year Imprints started by providing Quiznost Happy insights on various important facets of the HR field like Group Dynamics, and Pygmalion in Hours management through presentations linked to well acquainted topics like “Draupadi in Mahabharata”, “Harry Potter” and “Remember the Titans” followed by the passionate discussions. The aim of the club is of high student involvement which has been fulfilled by interesting quizzes like on “lateral thinking”, creative mind games and role plays. In the Credits future we also plan to have guest lectures by eminent HR people in the industry. Page 5 of 5
  26. 26. November 2007 Editors Desk Horror-o-scope Aries From the 8th onwards, you would experience improved relations with teachers and peers (No study BizTalk in class room, combined efforts in midterm papers). Love blossoms all month (Is there any scope?). You are self driven to improve your personal image and appearance, and there is no better time to make lifestyle changes. (Anyone who has messed up his first term can do damage control). Campus Persona Taurus Buzz The festive season of November will bring happiness just before midterm. Pleasing social activities and perhaps even love can be found through your work (More and more people will be found doing combined studies in reading room). Career and reputation matters move forward, and progress is Abhi Multi- tangible (More and more companies will visit the campus for both summers and final placements). vyakti moodia Gemini The most satisfying elements of your life in November are romance, pleasure, and creativity.(You Quiznost Happy have more opportunities to showcase your talents during Richter 1-10 and other extra curricular Hours activities). You will witness reduced Cash and Fund flows in the latter part of the month. Give due importance to your career and studies and Lord Ganesha will take care of the rest. Credits - Pandit Vintyanand Page 1 of 6 of Happy Hours
  27. 27. November 2007 Editors Desk Horror-o-scope Cancer BizTalk There is nothing quite like the peace we derive from a smooth-flowing domestic life, and this is what lifts your spirits this month. It’s an excellent period for entertaining from your home. However, getting your personal projects into motion may be a lesson in frustration from mid-month (time for your mid-terms). Expect more opportunities than usual to enjoy leisurely activities in November (Plan a trip to Goa). Campus Persona Buzz Leo Career matters are strong. Caution is in order until the fog lifts. Domestic matters demand attention, and you are likely to enjoy your home life more than usual. November is a comfortable, Abhi Multi- easygoing month for you, Leo (but don’t expect to sail through your exams without preparations). vyakti moodia Virgo A sense of peace about your personal finances boosts your overall mood (people with work ex can expect their PFs to be released). Spending on frivolous items may be a lure, but you deserve some Quiznost Happy pampering. It can be hard for you to work together as a team, or to feel a strong level of Hours camaraderie with friends, from mid-month (You will need to work as a team and not as a group to succeed in both intra and inter college events). Credits - Pandit Vintyanand Page 2 of 6 of Happy Hours
  28. 28. November 2007 Editors Desk Horror-o-scope Libra BizTalk Toning down aggression on the job will do wonders--otherwise you could find yourself butting your head against a brick wall. Be patient! Delays with work projects are likely for the next few weeks (especially with your group mates in case they turn out to be social loafers). Love opportunities arise on the 18-20 (although resources are limited try to avoid conflicts) and the 25-26. Finances are strong all month (but it doesn’t mean you spend all your money in eating outside). Campus Persona Buzz Scorpio Love this month is privately delicious. Romantic secrets and sacrifices keep you feeling vital and irreplaceable. Career opportunities continue to seek you out. Friends are more demanding of your Abhi time, but increased social responsibilities make you feel needed (this means more work for the Multi- placecomm members who are Scorpios)! vyakti moodia Sagittarius The ability to count on friends in time of need carries you this month (lots of assignments in pipeline, use CUT-COPY-PASTE judiciously). Friendships flourish, and any missed connections or Quiznost Happy disagreements with friends become things of the past in November. If you need financial support, try to squeeze it in before mid-month, when delays and snags with finances can become an issue. Hours You are heading towards a personal peak in December, when rewards for your efforts are tangible. Some rest and relaxation may be in order until the last week of November, when the pace of your life speeds up considerably (expect some good news in the last week of November). Credits - Pandit Vintyanand Page 3 of 6 of Happy Hours
  29. 29. November 2007 Editors Desk Horror-o-scope Capricorn Any misconceptions and frustrations on the career front clear up beautifully this month (hope to get placed this month), dear Capricorn. Career and reputation confusions lift, and others read you BizTalk loud and clear (making your choice for your majors and minors easy). You will need to cultivate patience in order to avoid frustration. Concentrate on your work, which is blossoming and especially fruitful. Aquarius Campus Persona Your adventuresome spirit and faith in life attract others to you. Attention to your career is Buzz necessary this month--you simply can’t escape attention or the demands of colleagues (High Time- Placements!!!). Some frustrations on the career front are likely. You will need to tone down your impatience with slower co-workers and stalled projects and prepare yourself for upcoming midterms and placements. Abhi Multi- vyakti moodia Pisces You may be uncharacteristically aggressive or rash in affairs of the heart, tendencies that need to be kept in check especially after mid-month (this may be aggression of exams). Romance continues to be a strong focus all month (regular affair, nothing new)--there‘s absolutely Quiznost Happy nothing light or superficial about your feelings and those of a love interest. There may be some financial complications in November, but shared resources are strong (trust your friends; they Hours don’t expect money from you). Opportunities for travel and education figure. Attention to family and personal matters is required in the last week of November, even if career demands run high. Grab opportunities on the 25-26. Credits - Pandit Vintyanand Page 4 of 6 of Happy Hours
  30. 30. November 2007 Editors A picture is worth 1000 words! Desk BizTalk Campus Persona Buzz Abhi Multi- vyakti Photographed by: Raghav Rastogi moodia Quiznost Happy Hours Credits Page 5 of 6 of Happy Hours
  31. 31. November 2007 Editors Desk Snapshot of the Month BizTalk Campus Persona Buzz Abhi Multi- vyakti moodia Quiznost Happy Hours Credits Page 6 of 6 of Happy Hours
  32. 32. November 2007 Editors Desk MagNIMopus Team BizTalk • Vinaytosh Mishra • Manish Ojha • Mahip Vyas • Avinash Chand Campus Persona • Jai Prakash Mundhra • Kaushik Anantharaman Buzz • Raghav Rastogi • Akanksha Bumb Abhi Multi- vyakti moodia Quiznost Happy Hours Credits Page 1 of 2
  33. 33. November 2007 Editors Desk We wish you a very HAPPY DIWALI !!! BizTalk Campus Persona Buzz Abhi Multi- vyakti moodia Quiznost Happy Hours Credits Page 2 of 2 Click to Exit!