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Newsletter for AMACE Alumni

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Amace ion newsletter-01

  1. 1. Amace Ion – Newsletter for AMACE AlumniAMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 1 April 14, 2012 Issue 1
  2. 2. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 2 Table of Content Editorial TeamRamki 1985-89 Editor’s Table Meet the AMACE-ION Business Leader… Bala & Friends-A Journey called LIFE… 4 Get Togethers Of Alumni In Last Quarter (what we know):Nithya Ramesh 1986-90 1986-90 Batch Meet the Corporate TITAN-T S Balaji, Asst, Vice President, Tech Mahindra,Pune 11 Painting Talent of Mayashri Rajendran-Art par excellence… 12Chelli Sreenivasan 1988-92 Meet The Guru-Dr. V.Jothiprakash, Associate Professor, IIT Bombay, Mumbai AMACE Alumni Group at FaceBook 15 AMACE Placement Cell 15 Fun Corner 16Shrinivasan 2000 The First Cut 17Kulasekar Nammaalwar
  3. 3. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 3 While there are several names possible for this Newsletter we Zeroed in on AMACE Ion indicating we are Ions with a charge to change- us, our lives and our society. You will notice that most of the chargedEditor’s Table words in English have an Ion in it-PassIon, VisIon, MissIon, MotivatIon(The Photo below is the joyous moment when most of 1985-89 batch kept etc are positively charged while words like DepressIon etc are negativelytheir foot on the college campus after 20 years…a lot changed but bonds charged. AMACE Ions are similarly charged-to show the world that webecame stronger…a moment to cherish and pride-we are still young!!) can achieve and prove that we can succeed despite all odds. That makes us special –much more than those who had the privilege of joining more established institutions and have the brand of the college or Institution as a passport for success. For an AMACEion, confidence and energy is the biggest asset-we all have this in abundance-a truly AMACEion quality of never giving up. In this first edition of the Newsletter, we try to cover some of the successful journeys made by the Alumni. We want you to be inspired to achieve even more and make us prouder. We also have some fun and open sections which will be evolved more in the next issues and we make this journey more exciting. We will surely cover the Alumni meets in this Newsletter as meeting personally is a great feeling we all relish. Reliving college days and laughing to self is something everyone should do/aim to do by having atleast once in 2 years “Mother feels prouder when the kids become worthy citizens- Alumni meet. 1988-92 batch have done this and will vouch for what Isuccessful and respected by society”- There can be no two opinions on this mention.fact. When we began our journey to get Alumni of Amace together in the I personally thank all of (especially Shrini and Nithya) those whovirtual world early 2011 there was just one unstated objective-let us get as contributed in this first newsletter. It is a baby just born. We will crawl,many Alumni as possible as this is first step to achieving something walk and run with your active support. We expect you read this end to endbigger. We indeed did that with our FB page having more than 2600 as it really reflects the spirit we want every Amace-Ion to embed. Lookmembers. The most important thing is there is nothing official about it. forward to your feedback and strengthening our bonds. Happy holidays toThen as every other thing in life the need/Wish became bigger. We all. Share your best photos/experiences of travel as they do make a goodambitioned to have a Newsletter which can build a sense of pride among reading for all.ourselves, create an identity that energizes our future and nourishes ourcommon roots. This is the first such effort and I am sure like you, we Yours trulyrecognize this is a Journey just begun. Ramki, Editor by Default!!
  4. 4. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 4Meet the AMACE-ION Business Leader… Building relationships and trusting people led to partner with two of his college-mates achieve their dreams while carrying through the successfulBala & Friends-A Journey called LIFE… leadership journey for Bala.Meeting successful Alumni is something to relish and learn. I share mymemorable interaction with Bala & Friends. Here are my notes from the formal but informal Chat….“We stayed in a rented place outside college as there was no hostel for Shrini: Bala, Tell about your college That was the golden period as we shared food, books, time, money-there was nothing personal or private as I evolved into we. Those I studied Mechanical Engineering in AMACE 1991-1995. College life waswonderful experiences and memories still help me in handling various paradise on Earth. No worries, No responsibilities. Fun, Fun and Fun only.kinds of people and situations. In short, we just did not get our That life made me thrive in diversity- students from various cultures,Engineering degree in AMACE but a Life’s Experience” languages, states, attitudes/objectives. Till then, I never knew the varietyBala Chandra, CEO, Vernalis System Limited. of human life. As we started our new life at college, it showered us a rain of friendship and challenges. What was your first job? had to find our job-hunting in an open world. No campus interview concept on those days in any college.(It is not there in our college, still – Shrini). Though I studied, mechanical engineering, on our inplant training to some factory, I found that I am not fit for that industry. I still feel that invention about my interest is my great victory on my career. After college, I joined a small software startup firm. It was really small. We were only 5 people there. I was writing some small software. They were into consulting industry too. Was it nice to work with a small firm? Yes. As it was small, we all shared the responsibilities. Small companies provide a lot of opportunities to learn tons of stuff. I learnt how do they doFrom left to right: Krishna, Bala, Shrini and Arul…Where there is Bala business, the interaction with customers, the trust we need to build etc.there is a way…
  5. 5. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 5 How did you start Vernalis?What did you do with those learnings? E&Y provided an opportunity for me to start a consulting company inAs I learnt how to do business than how to write software, I wanted to India, with my own people. Started Vernalis at 2003. Started buildingstart my own company. Few of my college friends, were also willing to people and business here, while serving the clients abroad.join me. We wanted some money to start our own company. Instead of At 2008, I had to take a decision. Scale up the company or sell out to somegetting it from our parents or loan, we decided to go for abroad and earn big player. Decided to scale up. Started Vernalis Capital for our ownmoney. funding. It is a self sustained Venture Capital firm funded by our partners for our operational scaling up and business development.Interesting. Where did you go? How did you get business and clients?I went to Singapore. Our plan was to stay there for one year. Return withhuge money. While living abroad, I used to keep on collaborating and networking withThe funny thing was that we never planned for expenses of living there in many people. My college and room days helped me to build trust andSingapore. Stay, Food, Travel consumed a lot of my savings there. So, I share kindness and love with people around.was forced to stay there for some more years. I still maintain personal and business communication with those people. They trust me and provide business opportunities. Now, our team hasDid you come back to India then? people around the world.No. Life was not letting me to India, before I gain more experience on Impressive, you are truly a Global AMACEion-Tell us how you builddoing business. Joined Ernst & Young and moved to USA. Fortunately, we your Team, around the world-how do you hire them?had a decent stay area with enough food. It was not true for most of theIndian people who migrate there. Hiring people who work in remote is tough. But the trust we build make it easier. As we work with people around the world, we come to know eachThere were 7 consultancy companies playing in the same arena and I had a other over few years. Once the deep trust is build, they are ready to workgood challenge. for us with full devotion.EY provided me big exposures on various domains. The trust I built withpeople made me get assigned as consultant working directly with clients. Where are your offices?At 2001, I worked for the Palm computer devices which died even before Chennai, Madurai, Pune, New York, London, Australia,they became big in market. The exposure to other industries built a Melbourne(Australia) ,Koln(Germany)network of good trust-able people around me.
  6. 6. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 6How do you expand your customer base? We were in a kind of hell, there without proper communications withBy word of mouth only. Our trusted customers bring even more new people.customers as we keep on maintain our words, business confidence andtrust. Bala: Somehow, we managed to start business with China. Again peopleWho are your customers? & building trust helps here.Ernst & Young is the great customer for us. We have Major LeagueBaseball, Australian Football League, Health First, Oravig are a few others Krishna: Now, I run my own company Indicool. Thats Balas special. Heto name too. finds potential people and help them to build their own world.Krishna joins now in the talk. He starts the conversation. Shrini: Thats nice. Building people is a great one.I am a Mechanical Engineer from AMACE. I found my interest in Bala: I just help my friends to do what they during my college days itself. In the cultural event, I worked formarketing team and found my skills on that. After College, I was into Arul joins in the conversation now.Concept selling initially and then into Freezer marketing. Arul: Hi, I am a proud civil engineer from AMACE. I just met these guys in the AMACE Alumni meet happened on 2011 at T nagar. I foundBala: Yes. To find our core interest is very important to start our life. interesting people there. [ correct here on your first meet for business talk ]Krishna found that. Bala: It is our pleasure to meet you there Arul!!:-)Krishna: When I met Bala, few years back, I told that I want to scale up.He showed interest to fund me to grow. Arul: I am builder. I built some large civil works in Chennai. But, due to my small scale business, I can not get proper attention in the market. I hadBala: To fund is easy. To whom to fund is very difficult. We have to check to scale up to get even bigger customers.on their deeper interest and dedication on their works. I roamed withKrishna all around the TamilNadu. Bala: We have our customer, in Madurai, Noble constructions, whoMost of the customers know him well. He was one of the core known wanted to start construction activity in Chennai. We felt that connectingbusinessman in the Refrigeration field. Arul and them will be interesting. We analysed the current works of Arul. He had a huge potential on the building constructions. Once opportunity isKrishna: To scale up, I wanted to import Freezers from china. To know given, he can build heavens in earth.the business, I and Bala traveled to China. They were the funniest days.Chinese people dont know English. They rename all the stuff in the world, Arul: We met Noble constructions team and decided to start a new venturein Chinese language. We salute their love of their mother tongue. But, they together. Noble Haru Properties (P) Ltd. Constructions have started.have to open their mind to learn English for interacting with outer world. Sooner you will see us around the Chennai, providing you homes for
  7. 7. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 7happy living. Shrini: How do you make business with your friends? Did you came across a situation to maintain either friendship or business? Bala: hahaha. It never happened to us. First, we have to accept that mistakes will be there. No man is perfect. If they are willing to learn from their own mistakes and others mistakes, they can achieve a lot. We trust each other. We trust on our skills. If we have failure, we sit together and analyses on how we failed. We change the business process and try again until we get success. Krishna: Bala is a great leader. He shows all the leadership qualities on correcting mistakes. So we dont get any conflict. There is 100% transparency in our business. The trust we build keeps us together in all circumstances. Bala. Give your suggestions on starting a new company? Money wont be a bigger problem for starting a company. Before starting it, get work experience for 4-5 years.Shrini: Bala, What is the secret of your business success? Get the deep knowledge on how the business works. Build huge network of people who trust you.Trust people and make them build trust. Find potential people and give opportunities for them to grow with you.Understand the business. Money should not be your goal.Help others to achieve. Your long term vision should be the goal.Come out of fear of failure. Do your best on whatever you do.Dedication on whatever you do. Have bigger dreams and spend your life on making them into real.Shrini: How do you manage family and business ? Trust your people. Control emotions on handling people.I can not give huge quantity of time to family. But giving high quality of Experiment on getting people from tier 2 cities like Madurai.time. The exposure they get is enormous. Once I took my kids to foreigntrip for 23 days. All my friends there, took care of the kids. They get to Bala, What do you think on students from all fields jump intomeet new world and interesting people around. This makes them Computer Science field?understand the business and help me to manage both perfectly.
  8. 8. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 8Thats not a problem. If they find interest on computers, they can do so. as we call it). It is named “Zha Cafe”. A restaurant with a Tamil Theme.They cant achieve there, unless they love it. Nice ambiance, designer tables, separate rooms for family with a homeFind your core interest. Do all the stuff you come to know, until you find theater.what interests you. Then dream on achieving on your interested field.Make the dreams true. That will be a Joy, in the interesting game called I just find that T-Shirts with Bharathiyars Sayings are for sale. NoticeLIFE. board filled with nice Tamil writings. I thought that this is their usual meet place. Bala smiled reading my mind.Shrini: Being connected is the great passion you have. What can wedo for this to happen across our college students? "This Zha (Zha is not exactly the same pronunciation as this letter is unique to Tamizh-zh as in Tamizh) cafe is our new adventure. We thoughtWe have to conduct series of events regularly. Meetups will help to get that it will be interesting to start a new restaurant business. And we started.more people. Come with your family and friends to taste a new world”Use online tools like facebook, google groups to stay in tough withfriends. Get Inspired: “If you have the passion life will take you to great Heights.But, physical meet is most important than a online “Hi, whats up?” Bala is the perfect example-An AMACEion we are to be proud of”..Invite celebrities for the meets.Find a catchy date for the regular meet like May 1 etc.We have to do it regularly.Shrini : College Life gave us a lot. What can we do for giving back?We are ready to conduct campus interview.We can help the students to educate them on current trends in their fields.We can give the students the real time projects.Ask the students or the placement cell staff to connect with us.Shrini: Sure, Will ask them to do so. Thanks for the great time. It inspiresme a lot. I never thought that I will be meeting an inspirational hero withhis team. Thanks all for being together. Wishes for all your progress ofbuilding people.The joyful & successful journey of explorations of Bala & friendscontinues. The trio invited me to a nearby Cafe, to have a coffee (or Kaapi
  9. 9. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 9Get Togethers Of Alumni In Last Quarter (what we know): 1986-90 BatchThe homecoming of the batch was in college on 25th Dec 2012. Here is theYoutube video link which shows the glimse of this event. BATCH Leadership of Homecoming events is provided by 1988-92 batch FIESTA EXTRAVANGANZAwho have done 2 Fiesta’s (homecoming events) in the last 3 years…other The longest word is SMILE because there is a mile between S andbatches needs to get motivated by them. Apart from this Manick leads a lot E. It was made longer by AMACEIANS 88-92 who could not control theof social initiatives despite his busy schedule as senior executive in a non-stop chatter and laughter, which started on arrival at the resort aroundIndian MNC. noon on the 7th of January 2011 and continued till afternoon of the next Hats off to Manick and team!!(For those who are not members of day.the AMACEALUMNI.NET please do so as it is open for all batches.-this Manned by our batch mates and sometimes by equally enthuis a top initiative of 1988-92 batch who want AMACEions spread across spouses and kids the registration desk was really inviting. The majorthe world in one place) highlight was the grand support offered by the spouses of our batch matesHere is the glimpse of the event as described by them in the Fiesta 2 and the way the kids enjoyed. This was what we wanted to achieve.highlights. When Chandru asked for suggestions for the venue for the next Fiesta, maximum suggestions came from the kids section. Some said Goa and some even said Kashmir. To motivate you to have the get together here is a brief description The colourful stalls under tall coconut trees were inviting. Kiddosof the experiences they had on 7th and 8th of January this year…does your thronged the shooting gallery, ring throw, find your partner, ball in bucketbatch have enough just takes 3 people to organize the thoughts stall and straw-ball stall. There was active participation from the ladiesand make it happen….Nithya Ramesh, Damodharan of 1986-90 batch can too.vouch for this. There was a long line at the mehendi and tattoo counter also, not to forget the popcorn, sugar candy and the ice cream vandi. Some people were parked in this section permanently. The active participation in the cooking contest offered more delicacies of which none of us omitted anything. When we were just thinking when this constant eating will come to an
  10. 10. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 10end, lunch was served. We made a beeline towards the sumptuous spread.North Indian and South Indian food vied for our attention, which we duly The Ramp Walk for kids displayed stellar performances and wittygave. The organizers were ready with the next on the agenda. Beach answers from them. The continuous addition of more and more kids bygames. This was meant to hasten metabolism and digestion. enthusiastic parents showed that the event was a success. Some kiddos refused to leave the stage walking all over it. Cute…….We joined the big group on the beach side all the time shaking hands with Keyboard, Guitar, vocal and Flute music filled the evening airnew arrivals and chattering away accompanied by non-stop laughter. The along with the sound of the waves. The solo dance performances bysound of ‘mama’ and ‘machan’ filled the air. The races and ball games talented AMACE off springs was rocking.conducted for us saw full participation from batch mates, spouses and theenergetic kids who wanted unlimited fun. The prizes produced amused The shining almost full moon and its shimmering reflection in theexpressions from everyone. Thanks to Rajagopal & family and GV-Uday. sea water added to the charm. There was nothing but total happiness throughout. Some spouses Our batch mates and their spouses took part enthusiastically in thedid not talk much but showed their pleasure with gentle smiles lighting Help Your Spouse dumb charades game which saw some quick thinkingtheir faces. There existed no barriers of Mech, Civil or E&C, everyone and superb acting e.g: Acting for Kozhikode.was smiling at every other person…boy or girl, batchmate or spouse.Some guessing games were also happening side by side with some of us Soon it was dinner time and Dance for Joy time. The dosa counterblinking and making serious identification errors. No one was offended, in was a welcome surprise. While some of us filled up the lavishly ladenfact they were amused all the more. dinner tent the kids and our batch mates started dancing. Some surprise It was time to dress up and get ready for Carnival Nite. performers on stage among the AMACE girls clearly indicated where from their kids picked up dancing talent. Our boys brought their wives on stage We turned up in our best clothes. Ladies clad in lovely sarees and too.salwar kameezes and men in western wear and ethnic attire. Kids inbrilliant colours stole the show. Some of us enjoyed the beach side breeze The girls made a circle near the beach and chatted away till 2.00making use of the sea shore benches. Those few minutes will never come am and some of the boys did the same in their rooms in huge groups withagain – light in heart and mind. ‘you know what’. MV supplied the girls with water (plain) to continue The loud music invited everyone to the beachside stage decorated chatting unmindful of the scary darkness, mosquitoes and drooping eyelidswith cute balloons and a nice backdrop. The rocking show began with not to forget the sleeping families in the rooms.songs sung by Manickam’s father accompanied with music by his group.Family photo session proceeded with digs from Jhotibabu and friends. He Reluctantly we walked back to our respective rooms and were soonspared no one. Soon many were scared to step up on stage. Total up and awake to attack the beach at 6.00 a.m. Kids and families took dipsentertainment was ensured by Manickam, Amal and friends who sang in the sea water followed by a dip in the pool. Again we hit the breakfastyester year songs. counters for a simple treat and headed to the conference hall.
  11. 11. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 11 But all of us knew that this was just the beginning to everlastingrelations. Not a week has passed but we have been talking and talking tothe same friends and some who did not attend ……..again and againleaving family members amused. It was a travel back in time on a timemachine.Meet the Corporate TITAN-T S Balaji, Asst, Vice President, Tech Mahindra,Pune The wired journey of an AMACE-ion Interview & narration by Nithya Ramesh " Do you believe if I say that one of the first mobile calls ofChennai was made by one of our AMACE-ions. Yes, it must have been aproud moment for T.S.Balaji, a student of the first batch of AMACE(1985-1989). A proud product of D.A.V. Boys HSS, Gopalapuram, Chennai, T. S. Balaji owes his school for what he is today. He works in the CTO office of Tech We, his immediate juniors, referred him as Mirudhangam Balaji as Mahindra, Pune.he used to play the instrument in our college music troupe.(Yes, we didhave one then). He was always seen wearing a red bag across his What was your Childhood dream?shoulders which he says it made him look like an intellect...though healready looked like that even without it. This was how looked then (with I wanted to own a multi-storeyed shop as I found it interesting andhis TV) and how he looks now (with his Smart phone and Smarter Wife challenging-maybe because I lived in T-Nagar close to Ranganathan StreetHema)!! the epicenter of Chennai’s shopping locale… my dreams were around this. What made you choose Electronics and what would you assign your success to? I believe in filling the fuel tank of life with dreams. It is my dreams that took me all through the journey in the field of Electronics and Communications to what I am today. I worked as a Communication Software designer, network planner, network operations manager, new
  12. 12. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 12product developer, solutions provider. I have been involved in innovation Painting Talent of Mayashriand crisis management on projects, traveling extensively throughout theworld for the purpose. But still I think the dream lives on and the fire in Rajendran-Art par excellence…me is still burning to achieve more. (A True AMACE-Ion!!) Mayashri Rajendran (2006 batch) is a talentedWhat Drives you? AMACE-ion..she is blessed with painting skills that are admired across sections of society. She recentlyI always got involved in a job only if I am passionate about it. I was part organized Maya’s Art Trove as Solo art exhibition inof the BHEL Telecom Engineering team where out of the top 10 Ambassador Pallava. We are proud of you make us believeinnovative solutions, 6 was on me(as published in BHEL’s 10-year digest Engineers are not Geeks!! Hats off you to you and we wish you all thefor Telecom Group). Later, I dreamt of working in my hometown, best in your future Endeavour’s..Chennai, and joined RPG Cellular. I was in-charge of the completenetwork planning function for the wired part of the GSM network. Thesoftware of Wings Prepaid Service launched by RPG Cellular was fullyconceived, designed and a few parts developed by me-I am happy that Icreated something new and that drives me even today. People also driveme-I coached my juniors at office who were doing a long distanceprogramme in BITS, Pilani.What do you aspire to be-next step in career path?I am now part of the CTO Office in Tech Mahindra and my aspiration is tobecome a CxO soon.What is your advise to the Young AmaceIONs?Stay curious in whatever you do, develop consciously your soft skills likecommunication, presentation skills, give more attention to groomingyourself....We are proud of you Boss! Wish you all the Best to become CxO soon…we will demand a treat from you
  13. 13. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 13 Meet The Guru-Dr. V.Jothiprakash, Associate Tell me about your college life......any unforgettable incidents (that I don’t know)? Professor, Iit Bombay, Mumbai The KNOWLEDGE BOOSTER AMACE-Ion Each and every incident in college life was unforgettable. They were (Interview and Narration by Nithya Ramesh) memorable days and they are definitely becoming sweeter and sweeter as days are passing. I get recharged thinking about the good times in college (Many of us around here would have aspired to step into the prestigious that was a good escapu)institution of The Indian Institue of Engineeering as a student. Here wehave a proud product-(charged as an Ion as every successful AMACE-Ion What are your passions in life?is)-teaching the Wiz kids of IIT. He has many laurels in his cap. Given thefact he started his journey from a small town and made it this big is "STUDY, LEARN, UNDERSTAND, TEACH, IMPROVE." (Ions thatsomething we are proud of. charge every success)Here is the extract of the interview I ran with him…my batchmate, I amproud of you!! How do you manage your work pressure?Tell me about your schooling… You will have pressure only when you feel that it is a work. Since I love my job, I never feel the pressure. ( I hope I learn from you buddy)I did my schooling at Government Elementary School in my Village till5th standard and then later on till my Higher Secondary in Dr. S. Achievements so far in your career?Radhakrishnan Boys Higher Secondary School at Tiruttani. Even though I am one of the engineers in the country with four YoungWhat were your dreams of your career in childhood? awards (Young Engineer, Young Teacher, Young Scientist, Young Researcher) and many Best Paper Awards, I feel proud of a work that hasMy childhood dream was to become a "School Teacher". reached the field, and it has fetched me an ISTE-Maharashtra State Outstanding Research Award in Engineering and Technology for the yearI guess your dreams too had grown with you.... 2011. (the list of awards is available in my +2, I got admission to Engineering and became an (We are proud of you. Jothi was recognized in our AMAZE Titans 86-90AMACE-ion as my fathers dream was to make me an engineer. I fulfilled Meet in Dec 2011 in AMACE college campus)my fathers dream and at the same time I also became a teacher. (this isdouble dream fulfilled)
  14. 14. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 14 Future plans and any other dreams.... My future dream is to make India a developed country in water resources and make it greener than it is now. (Wow…we are with you. Mother Earth is proud of you) About your much do you enjoy it? My job at present is teaching and research and I enjoy each and every minute of it. As a successful engineer, what you would like to tell the budding AMACE-ions to face this competitive world?What did you lose to achieve them? At present not only our AMACE-ions but all the students have facilities as well as distractions in equal proportions. Enjoy life, but make sure thatIf you lose anything to achieve something then it is not an award, it it does not hamper your studies. Knowledge is wealth you need to acquirebecomes business and I am very poor in business. I have not lost to succeed in life.anything or I have not compromised on anything to achieve my awards. Few words of your life in IIT, Mumbai.Tell us about your family. My life at IIT, Mumbai is very simple. It consists of Teaching, Research,I married my childhood heartthrob and am blessed with three daughters. Administrative Works. Since I love teaching, I never felt bored or tired of(way to Go!!) my work. I live in the my family thinks I am always at home, my students think I am always in college. There is no distinction and thatHaving been a student of the second batch of AMACE, You definitely makes my work life very unique. Welcome to IIT campus when you arehad missed many of the facilities that the present students are there in Mumbai. Just to let you know I still can’t talk Hindi but stillenjoying in college......What were they which you missed? manage it. My wife and kids are teachers to me in that..I enjoy being a student for this. Ha..Ha..Good Hostel, good food, easy communication, etc. But I got the lessons oflife-how to survive and succeed in adversity. That is a foundation ofsuccess.
  15. 15. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 15Your advice to all AMACE-ions:STUDY, Build Strong FUNDAMENTALS, HARD WORK, and AMACE Alumni Group at FaceBookPATIENCE –Your success is guaranteed.Please remember:"NO PROBLEM CAN BE SOLVED WITHOUT FACING IT". Facebook connects million people. We use it to be in touch with our friends. Join the group “Amace Alumni” at the following link We have 2620 members and it is growing. Join and meet your friends. AMACE Placement Cell Those days are gone where the placement cell was in our dreams. Now, our College has a placement officer too. Contact the placement cell, If you can provide job openings to our juniors. Udhaya Kumar S Placement Officer, Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College Of Engineering, Mobile:9962311180 are proud of you Jothi…wish you make Earth Greener with yourknowledge and more budding Talents prosper with your guidance.
  16. 16. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 16 slamming books and dropping bags. The professor mercilessly continues FUN CORNER teaching. Kollege Katta Conceived and written by Chelli Sreenivasan The professors are qualified but yet their spoken English Every individual must be having his/her bunch of unforgetful oooooooohhhh… ......dont match their his profile.,still remember the daymoments in their life and all of you would agree if I say that the most we were doing class and writing notes suddenly one of the guys askedimportant and unforgetful phase of one’s life is their college student life. permission from the sir.......Can I go to the toilet?. And in no time the sirIt is incomparably spicy and colourful. All sorts of mischief , pranks replied....... “Lets go.”.instead of “Yes go.”...the whole class was silent,sports and enjoyment all through the college years. and I suddenly burst with laugh …and was sent out of the class for doing so. There were innumerable moments The brain works at its maximum potential, the energy levels arealways to the fullest, aspirations are sky high and the eyes are full of the The freshers and the farewell parties, the terror of seniors and themost colourful and wonderful dreams (which are far away from the bossy attitude for the juniors, the fun in canteen, proxy in the class,practical reality). Everybody else in the world seems to be stupid, except making cartoons in notebooks instead of class notes in those boringyourself and your friends… lectures. No match of that leg pulling and making fun of each other for silly things. Looking for new excuses everyday for late entry in the class. I Gulping down breakfast after a quick shower, clad in your dirty am sure they are so deeply imprinted on the canvas of memories that onedenims or churidhaars , freshened with some deodorant and leave for cannot escape from their effect:college, boarding the college bus or the local city bus . At the parking yougive yourself a final look and set your hair before getting down and then Things become more enjoyable if you are in a hostel. The uniqueenter your class after meeting some friends, 15 minutes after the lecture kind of mixture of the freedom and the restrictions, the homesickness andhas begun. You select the last bench despite some vacant places in the the hostel fun, the ragging and the hostel parties…simply, no comparison.front rows... Another very interesting part of the student life is those Almost all students keep gazing at the professor but with their infatuations and the beautiful love stories. The bell rings and everyone isminds somewhere down in the canteen or at the door, waiting for `that out of the class, meeting friends at the canteen. its fun , to sip a nice hotsomeone to come or thinking of that special appointment you have on that cup of coffee, drooling over, exchanging secret smiles and then tellingday. There are a handful of sincere first-bench-students, who attend each your friends of your latest crush. And then the heartbreaks and fightsand every lecture and have all the detailed notes, which the outstanding between the couples. I really wonder how many of these love storiesstudents, (students who are always standing out) can photocopy a few days actually goes beyond the farewell party of the college.before the examinations. Joking and gossiping from behind or playingcross and knots in the most boring lecture during which half the class is Equally interesting part of this life is the examination fever. A fewalready snoring, were some of the methods adopted to kill time. By the sincere and regular kinds of students are not very much affected by thisend of the lecture, everyone is restless and keeps glancing at their watches, but most of the others suffer form this syndrome at the end of every year/semester. The eleventh hour collection of notes and the books,
  17. 17. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 17studying all through the night and then next day, writing the exams with The First Cutsleepy eyes and a heavy head. The last minute revisions, the longdiscussions of the tedious topics with friends (biting your nails), making by Kulasekar Nammaalwarpromise to yourself that next time I’ll be so regular and sincere throughout the year. And then the result…parties and celebrations at one end, tears Everybody remembers their firsts, their first time they rode aand sadness in the other end. bicycle without falling, their first crush, their first favorite song, being a member of the first batch, the firsts hold a special significance for me. The cultural, college sports day, the Sari day and gathering, are themost awaited days in the college when every boy and girl `dress-to-kill I remember my first class cut at AMACE like it happenedand have a gala time. yesterday in reality it happened some 26 years go. Most of us get our best friends of life during this phase only It was a hot summer day at Vadavamandal, first year classes going on.because you spend together the maximum part of the day, doing all kind offun, free from any kind of responsibilities and worries of life. Everybody The college then (1985) had no compound wall, the classrooms didin a class or a batch is having almost the same kind of schedule, the needs, not have doors or windows. There was this couple of sheds, two buildingsthe problems and the same age group. So friends become an inseparable unplastered sitting in this huge expanse of fields, a pathway running frompart of the life. Most of us are recognized by our respective friend groups, the crossroads to the college. It was more like a scene from a Bharatirajaduring these times. It is really tough to develop the same level of movie complete with a pond.friendships once you enter the unkind, highly competitive and the mostpractical, professional world. We were a group having just met not really knowing each other The fact is that once you are out of the college and enter very well just forming friendships. All of a sudden during a break inprofessional life, each one of us becomes so busy in our personal lives that classes, some teacher/lecturer dictating notes and as usual we pretended tothe everyday masti with friends becomes a meeting once in a week, then write it down, one of my friends suggested why dont we cut classes andonce in a month followed by once in a year and then an occasional phone go to a cinema at Kanchi. A collective feeling of thrill broke out amongstcall or an email or a sms wishing a Birthday, the Diwali and the New year. our group as it was our first class cut for most of us.Very close friends may remain in regular contact but generally you looseconnection with those big friend groups with passing time. All those who We quickly threw out some plans and the plan to cut classes duringwere once the immediate and most important part of your life become just lunch hour seemed less risky and was approved. Five of us musteredan entry in your mobile phonebook or the Facebook friend list. courage and walked upto the cross roads(Vadavamandal koot road) to catch a private bus to Kanchi. We were laughing, cutting jokes to relieve Still, when on a fine day you sit back, refreshing the good old our tension,furtively glancing towards the college to ensure nobody ismemories, you cannot help singing deep inside your heart "adhu oru coming after us, there was nobody except for some local villagers and as anilaak kaalam..” private bus came into view, suddenly one of our friends started to run back towards the college! We shouted some choice words at his retreating back
  18. 18. AMACE Ion – Newsletter for AMACE Alumni 18and not wanting to go back admitting defeat,boarded the bus to Kanchi. Free blog sites like , provide free hosting to create blog. You can write on anything you wish. Creating an If this was the end then it wouldnt have stayed in my memory. We account is so easy. Blog posts can be on any topic and any language.decided to go ahead with the plan to see a movie and went to a theatre,false bravado filling our hearts. We enjoyed the movie(not so good) but I started my blog 6 years ago, justthe occasion made the movie a hit, we whipped out our cigarettes as we to store what I learn on my job. I post the mistakes I do and the solutionscame out of the theatre very proud of our successful first class cut and for the problems I get. Now, It become a huge knowledge base for myslam bang we ran into a person who was a relative of the trustee, (this entire career. It helps others too, who get the same problems. The blogperson later on helped us a lot in arranging our reunion couple of years crossed 3 lakh page hits recently.back) walking down the street. Long time back, I wrote on how I recovered deleted files from He instantly recognized us,our knees gave away, we threw down memory card. It helps hundreds of people who lost their files accidentally.the cigarettes, literally begged the person not to reveal our names to the Like this, if we share our experiences, it will be so helpful who are inprincipal and spent the next few days in sheer terror. To his credit he did need.not do anything and earned our eternal gratitude. Blogs are the online self of a person. Readers can follow us using It is a different story that we perfected the art of cutting classes email or RSS feeds. It improves our creativity and writing skills.later on... The friend who ran away redeemed himself by giving us lunch Start a blog today to share yourself !at his house afterwards. - T ShrinivasanThe Joy of Sharing - Blogs Can you remember the exam days? Those nights when we AMACE Ion is a Quarterly newsletter, which connects the Alumni ofcompleted reading huge pillow sized books in single night? We did Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engineering Students.sharing the chapters with our friends. We did the knowledge transfer afterreading our chapters. Even some of us could took classes on classroom We need your suggestions, articles, fun events, college memories, photos,stage too. tour experiences, job openings etc. After college, most of us lost the chances of sharing what we know Send your contents to ramki67@gmail.comto others. We are becoming key persons in our area of interest. It will bemore funny and interesting to use the blogs to share what we know.