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What is marketing


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What is Marketing? It's more than just PR or advertising, it's a process. You need a marketing plan.

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What is marketing

  1. 1. What is Marketing? Julie Mitchell-Mehta
  2. 2. It’s not rocket science It takes common sense, time, planning and a little imagination
  3. 3. Marketing is the management process that identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably. Chartered Institute of Marketing
  4. 4. Customers • Target the most profitable segments • Resources are limited, narrow down your audience
  5. 5. Marketing Mix • Advertising, PR, social media are all part of your marketing mix – the individual recipe that makes up your company’s marketing management process. • Other ingredients include products or services, pricing, customer service, people, and shop or delivery process.
  6. 6. How we help Review Strategy Plan Communication Implementation
  7. 7. More information... • • @debutmarketing • • 01339 880064 • • Julie Mitchell-Mehta