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Six questions every marketer must answer tool by mythology


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It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day busy-work of marketing and forget the big picture goals and objectives required to be successful. Every marketer must make sure to answer these critical six questions for customers.

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Six questions every marketer must answer tool by mythology

  1. 1. How well does your company answer the #sixmarketingquestions?Six Questions MarketingMust AnswerA strategic tool to help marketers stay focusedin their marketing planning and execution
  2. 2. Six Questions Marketing Must Answer Customer Question Description Do I need what you Does the customer perceive and feel the need that your offer? product/service fills? Do I want what you Does the customer have a pressing aspiration for offer? improvement that your product/ service promises to deliver? Why should I choose Is there a clear, unexpected difference in how your you? product/service fulfills this benefit promise? Why shouldn’t I worry? What risks come to the customer’s mind and how do you address them to build confidence? What is the Are there overwhelming benefits vs. costs of time, money cost/benefit equation or emotional energy that must be spent by the customer? for me? How do I get started? What is the easy call to action that makes it simple to sample, experience or buy?
  3. 3. Six Questions Marketing Must AnswerCustomer Question Tips for Engaging, Answering and AmplifyingDo I need what you offer? • Get them thinking – They may not be aware of or feel the pain (yet)(Pain) • Customer self-surveys and decision tools • Help customer compare themselves to othersDo I want what you offer? • Appeal to emotions with questions and comparisons that connect the(Aspiration) category to broader personal goals and self-perceptionsWhy should I choose you? • Crisp, engaging tagline that connects to a clearly differentiated value(Differentiation) proposition • Help visualize or experience the difference with graphics, low-risk interactions, testimonialsWhy shouldn’t I worry? • Easy-to-consumer and understand testimonials(Risk/confidence) • Expert or role model endorsements • Trial and money back guarantee offers • Easy-to-access support to guarantee pleasant initial consumptionWhat is the cost/benefit • Show examples and simple case studiesequation for me? (Return • Invite the prospect to plug in her own numbers and prove it to herselfon investment)How do I get started? • Virtualize the trial experience – Online demos, interactions(Call to action) • Point-of-purchase displays, interactive experiences and samples • Trial offers
  4. 4. Assess and Improve• How well does your company answer the #sixmarketingquestions? – Share your feedback on Twitter or LinkedIn• Consider scheduling an Assessimize™ Marketing Workshop from Mythology – Full or half-day sessions that dive into these questions and more – Sessions on brand/value proposition, social media, revenue campaigns, relationship marketing, innovation, internal alignment –
  5. 5. About Team MythologyMythology is a marketing management consulting firm. We build marketing systems forambitious organizations to grow brand, revenue and relationships using our unique TenPillars of Meaningful Marketing.™You can view how we answered these #sixmarketingquestions here: • Jeff James, CEO • Crystal Good, Director of Brand Experience • Miguel Matuk, Client Solutions Manager – US and Latin America • Deonta’ Landis – Marketing Services Manager
  6. 6. Mythology Services • Assessment and optimization analysis (Assessimize) and workshops • Customer and prospect research • Satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy analysis KNOW • Customer experience reports (secret shopper) • Competitive research • Business and marketing process analysis • Industry trends and opportunities analysis  Long-term strategic business and marketing planning  Integrated marketing campaign planning  Social media, search, mobile and other marketing tactics PLAN  Relationship marketing  Event and customer experiences  Partner opportunities and development  Project management and business process planning  Team training and skill development  Integrated project management and reporting  Partner and vendor team management DO  Digital marketing management: social, search, mobile, web, email  Event management and ROI reporting  Creative agency alignment and guidance  Business and marketing process execution
  7. 7. Mythology is about building belief. Who believes in you? Let’s build some