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Sales Evolution Profile

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILE The Sales Growth Specialists
  2. 2.  Sales Evolution was established in 2004 and is a privately-owned business  We are a leading sales growth specialist, serving aspiring SMEs, ambitious corporates and investor-backed businesses  Our methodologies are proven – we provide logical, systematic solutions to complex challenges  Our experience is wide. We operate across all sectors and are drawn to highly competitive and complex sales environments Sales Evolution is the recognised ‘partner of choice’ for business-to-business companies focused on achieving significant and sustainable gains in revenue growth. Sales Evolution offers complete end-to-end sales and marketing solutions. About Sales Evolution
  3. 3. Virtually every business today faces the same challenge - how to create sustainable long-term growth. We work with clients to ensure their strategies, processes and people are working together effectively, enabling them to take control of growth challenges and deliver sustainable results in competitive arenas. Our Proposition: “We radically increase our clients’ revenue growth, shorten the sales cycle and increase their ability to capture market share and grow existing accounts.” What We Do
  4. 4. Our engagement typically begins with defining each clients’ critical success factors and identifying inhibitors to growth. We want to understand their aims and strategy; their market and client base; their organisational structure; people and how they operate. We benchmark performance against the best and assess whether the business can truly leverage its strategic potential. Only once we understand what each business does, we develop their route-map to accelerated growth. Our improvement programme covers the full spectrum of clients’ sales issues, and seek to unlock business value by ensuring that company strategy, people and processes work together effectively to deliver growth. How We Do It Develop strategies to overcome growth inhibitors Deliver programmes to accelerate growth Discover what’s holding back growth Our reputation is built on our absolute focus on delivering results that have a long-term positive impact for our clients. To achieve this, we have a proven, highly successful approach: The key to success is to focus on results. We provide expert governance and ensure that expected results are achieved. We work with clients to make sure that the business can overcome any hurdles and challenges it faces in adapting to its changing environment.
  5. 5. Projects & Campaigns Consulting & Assessments Sales Improvement Programmes We provide solutions and support to meet specific aims and objectives Projects & Campaigns Consulting & Assessments Sales Improvement Programmes We develop and deliver sales improvement programmes to accelerate revenue growth Outsourcing & Support We can provide fully outsourced marketing services and sales leadership. We can also provide coaching and tools to support your existing teams We provide comprehensive assessments and consulting services, covering areas such as strategic planning, improving productivity & performance, sales processes /tools and talent management Our Engagement We are flexible in the way that we work with clients, and can adapt our offering to suit specific needs and circumstances. “Whatever your need, our aim is to work with you to drive sales performance and growth”
  6. 6. Capability Matrix
  7. 7.  We are unrivalled in our ability to accelerate clients’ revenue growth  Our methods ensure results because, unlike other consultancies or agencies, we take a broad view across the whole sales spectrum and develop specific solutions to meet your precise needs & aims  We have developed unique models, processes and intellectual property  Our team consists of sales, marketing & business development experts from diverse markets and backgrounds  We have a comprehensive suite of sales technologies and tools  Our professional services model builds long-term, trusted relationships with our clients What Sets Us Apart
  8. 8. What you can expect from working with us  Improve sales effectiveness  Improve return on sales  Increase sales from existing customers  Win more new customers  Accelerate rate of revenue growth
  9. 9. Contact Us Mark Gillanders Managing Director Sales Evolution Ltd. 1&2 Bridge House Riverside Drive, Aberdeen, AB11 7LH Landline: 01224 569062 Mobile: 07966 444 329 Email: