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LISSA PowerPoint Workshop


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Published in: Technology
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LISSA PowerPoint Workshop

  2. 2. OVERVIEWIn this session we will cover:  Using the built-in slide design/layout tools  Adding pictures and other objects (charts/graphs, tables, media) to slides  Adding effects to text and objects  Transitions and animations
  3. 3. SLIDE DESIGN/LAYOUT The first thing to remember about creating ef fective presentation slides is that PowerPoint has a number of built - in tools to help you On the DESIGN tab, you can choose from a library of pre - formatted design options.  Customize these using the Colors, Fonts, and Effects buttons  Hover over an option to see how it would affect the slide contents  Click on an option to make the change On the HOME tab, select the Layout button to make a change to the current slide or the New Slide button to choose a layout for the next slide to be created
  4. 4. MAKE POWERPOINT DO THE WORK If you look at this slide in normal view, you will see there is an empty box to the right  Press “ESC” to view This is a pre-formatted content box that allows you to easily add text or objects to your slide Hover over each of the icons to see what they do, or click on the bullet point to add text
  5. 5. LAYOUTOPTIONSTo t h e l e f t i s as c r e e n s h otshowing thed i f fe r e n t s l i d el ayo ut o p t i o n sFr o m h e r e yo ucan choose themosta p p r o p r i a teo p t i o n f o r yo u rc o n te n t
  7. 7. PICTURES AND OTHER OBJECTS Using PowerPoint’s pre -formatted content boxes makes adding pictures, graphs, charts, media, and other elements pretty easy It is best to have pictures saved somewhere before adding them to the PowerPoint. Copy and paste is possible, but may make formatting dif ficult Once you have a picture, use the picture tools menu to add enhancements like a frame or drop shadow to the picture
  8. 8. PICTURE EXAMPLE  The image to the left has a white border and a drop shadow that was added simply by using the Picture Tools menu  In normal view, click on the picture to see what other changes can be made
  9. 9. PICTURE ADJUSTMENTS Reduced saturation: Pencil Sketch Ef fect:select Color Saturation from Use the Artistic Ef fects menu the Color menu
  11. 11. 654 CHART FUN Charts can be3 c r e a te d d i r e c t l y i n Po w e r Po i n t2 2011 2012 W h e n yo u s e l e c t t h e c h ar t1 2013 icon, an Excel file will open in a n o t h e r w i n d ow0 To m a ke c h a n g e s to t h e chart, select the chart and click the Chart To o l s m e n u f o r editing options
  12. 12. SMART ART
  13. 13. CALLING ATTENTION TO TEXT One of the most effective text effects is the Drop Shadow  To create this, click on the S button in the font menu You can also highlight important words with color M aking the first letter of a word larger will also create impact
  15. 15. TRANSITIONS Transitions are the animations that occur between slide changes  The different options are found on the Transitions tab From this tab, you can change the transition type, the duration of the transition, and the action controlling the slide change (on mouse click or after a specified amount of time) A rule of thumb is to stick with one or two transition types for a short presentation, and no more than four for a long one
  16. 16. ANIMATIONS Animations refer to any actions applied to the slide content  The different options are found on the Animations tab From this tab you can choose how you want the slide contents to appear on the slide  For instance, this text can Float in  And this text can Bounce in It even works on pictures As with the transitions, keep the number of dif ferent animations to a minimum, otherwise they lose their impact
  18. 18. REMEMBER PowerPoint has a lot of cool features to add style to your presentations, BUT the best advice is to keep it simple Avoid overusing text on slides and space out the bullet points Pictures can add interest to your slides and make text more powerful. Some useful sites are:  Flickr –  Stock.XCHNG (free stock photos) –  Creative Commons –  TinEye Multicolor Search Engine – E-mail me with questions: