How to create a power point presentation


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How to create a power point presentation

  1. 1. How to create aPowerPoint 2013PresentationThis is a step by step training guide to creating aPowerPoint presentation including a demonstration SlideShow of the evacuation procedure for the RTC Building atMott Community College
  2. 2. Features Covered Creating a PowerPoint Presentation Changing Themes Adding Text Adding Slides Adding Images Adding Animation Adding Transitions Creating a Slide Show Presentation
  3. 3. Starting a PowerPoint1) Click on the Start icon2) Go to All Programs3) Click on Microsoft Office4) Go to Microsoft PowerPoint4321
  4. 4. Select desired template for your slides. For demonstrationpurposes, select the blank presentation.Click on Blank Presentation
  5. 5. PowerPoint will look like this when it opens.This is called the Title Slide
  6. 6. How to Change Slide ThemeChanging the background and color of your slides1) Select the“Design” tab onthe toolbar toopen the slideDesign Ribbon2) Roll mouse overthe differentthemes3) Click the designyou like and itwill become thetheme on allslides
  7. 7. 1) To add a title, clickinside of the “click toadd title” or “click toadd subtitle” box andstart typingOR2) Click the “Insert” taband select the “TextBox” icon. Clickanywhere on the screenand a box will appearto type in.3) You can adjust the sizeand position of the textbox by clicking anddragging the box or itssides.Example title forEvacuation ProcedureAdding Text to Slides
  8. 8. 1) To add a new slide, selectthe “Home” tab of thetoolbar at the top of thescreen2) In the slides box, select“New Slide”3) To change thelayout, select “Layout” inthe slides box and selectthe desired layoutAdding a New Slide
  9. 9. 1) To add an image to a slide, selectthe “Insert” tab of the toolbar at thetop of the screen2) In the images box select the“Pictures” icon3) You can then select the destinationof the saved imageAdding Images to SlidesAdding a picture that is stored on your computer
  10. 10. Search Box1) Minimize your current screen byclicking on the minus sign in the upperright hand corner of the screen.2) Open up an internet browser (InternetExplorer, Mozilla Firefox, GoogleChrome) from one of the lower lefticons or by selecting from the “Start”menu3) Any search engine such as Google canbe used. You can click on the“Images” tab so that only imageresults will populate. You can thentype in the search box the name of thedesired image you want and clicksearch.Copying and pasting images from the internet.Adding Images to Slides
  11. 11. 4) Select the image you want and it will takeyou to the web site hosting it. Once you seethe desired image on the hosting site, rightclick that image to display the menu optionbox and select “Copy” by left clicking it.5) Select the PowerPoint icon in the task bar atthe bottom left of the screen to restore yourcurrent presentation. Select the slide youwish to insert the image and right click inany part of the slide to display the menuoption box. Left click “Paste” to insert theimage in the desired slide.6) The size and position of the image can beadjusted by clicking and dragging the imageor its sides.Example copied and pastedpicture of the floor plan of the2nd floor of RTC Building fromMott’s websiteCopying and pasting images from the internet.Adding Images to Slides
  12. 12. 1) Select the “Animations”tab in the top toolbarOR2) Click “Add Animation”3) Click the text box thatyou want to be animated4) Select any of theanimations in the tool barto preview and addeffects to the selectedslide5) The “Timing” box allowsyou to change the timeduration of your selectedanimationChangetimedurationhereAdding Animation to Slides
  13. 13. Adding a Transition Between Slides1) Select the“Transitions” tab inthe top tool bar2) The slide transitiontool bar will open3) Click on anytransition style topreview andautomatically animateyour slides
  14. 14. Creating a Presentation Slide ShowWays to make your PowerPoint presentation a side show1) Pressing the F5 key(Located at the top,middle of yourkeyboard) is the easiestway to view thepresentation as a slideshowOR2) Select the “Side Show”tab in the top toolbar3) Select “FromBeginning” to begin theslide show from thebeginning of thepresentation.4) Click on “Setup SlideShow” to make customoptions
  15. 15. When finished, you will end up with a slide show like this
  16. 16. EvacuationProcedures for theRTC Building at MottCommunity CollegeBY: Jessica Chadwell
  17. 17. Evacuation Steps Calmly exit the building using the nearest emergencyexit, always use the stairs Once out safely wait for instructions from emergency personnel
  18. 18. 1st Floor LayoutEmergency Exits Labeled With Arrows
  19. 19. Emergency Exits Labeled With Arrows2nd Floor Layout
  20. 20. 3rd Floor LayoutEmergency Exits Labeled With Arrows