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Treatment sheet

  1. 1. Treatment Sheet The Horrors - Still Life
  2. 2. Background The Horrorsare an English alternative rock band. People who enjoy the music of the band are most likely to be people from England, as this will be the type of music they are used to listening to, since the artists are English. This will therefore be the bands primary audience, however the secondary audience, will be people across other countries that like this genre of rock music. Concept The main concept of the music video is the events of a day, told through the song. Even though the lyrics do not totally sync to the video, key parts of the lyrics will be shown through the parts of the video (the lyrics are about waking up, under the sky, which links to the sun rise and clear, dynamic landscape shots). The Music Video In the music video we intend to create a nature theme through the use of the landscape shots. We have taken inspiration for this idea, from the Tame Impala Digipak we analysed, as we thought that this theme helped to convey the genre of psychedelic rock. Another convention of music videos that followed the same genre was that the band was performing live. We will therefore have cross shots from the landscapes to the band, which will be performing. This will then follow the conventions of the music video, which will also help us to convey the genre. Performance & Narrative The main narrative of the music video will be shown through establishing shots of the dynamic, ambient landscapes. It will show the events of a day through the band. The lighting will create a contrast between the clips as the lighting in the studio will be dark and outside the lighting will be bright. A time lapse will help to convey the beginning of the day (when the song starts) to when the sun sets (the end of the song). Other effects will help to convey the genre of alternative / psychedelic rock. The performance part of the music video will be on the live band, which will be filmed in a studio. The performance of the band will be shown through their expression. However since half of their faces will be hidden by the shadows, the audience will only see half of their face. Camera &Editing (Studio) In the studio the band will be performing the song in full. We will also use low angle shots, which will also help show the band but will not show any of their faces, helping to create the silhouette effect. In the studio we will also use various editing techniques, our main technique will be a graphic match, which will link the two scenarios together. The graphic match will start off when the camera zooms into the spotlight. The match will then happen when the spotlight fades into the shot of the sun. The camera will then zoom out, exposing the establishing shot of the landscape. Camera & Editing (Landscapes)
  3. 3. The main camera shot that will be used when we are filming at these landscapes will be an establishing shot. We will use an establishing shot to capture a large landscape, which will help us to create an effective time lapse, which will help us create the narrative to the music video. When we then start the editing process, we will take all of the images we have taken of the landscape and put them together in a clip, to create a time lapse. Since this will be the main shot that will create the second half to the video, we may experiment with the colours and add other effects to help contribute to a psychedelic genre. Lighting In the studio we will use studio lights behind the band to create a silhouette effect and a dark tone. We will also have spotlights on the floor, pointing up to the band. This will also help define the band, without revealing too much of their faces. Location For our music video we need two main locations, however we came up with a number of possible locations we could use in the video. Roseberry Topping: We chose Roseberry Topping as a possible location to film the landscape area. This is because the area around the attraction has a lot to offer in terms of view. With the colour hills and spacious fields surrounding, this location would make a good location for a time lapse. View from Roseberry Topping: Another possible location, which could create an effective shot, is the view from Roseberry Topping. This is because Roseberry Topping is at quite a high height and therefore a high angle shot from the top of Roseberry would also create an effective time lapse. The view from Roseberry Topping is also very colorful and therefore this will help us in the editing process, when we try to create a psychedelic theme. Studio: The studio in college will also be the location that creates the other half of the video. This will be where the band is performing throughout the song as the camera cuts away from the landscape scenes. In the studio we will use a range of
  4. 4. lightning and editing techniques to help create the scene of the live performance. Costume & Style For our music video we have decided that the actors will be wearing clothes like skinny jeans, smart shirts and smart shoes. We have decided this, as we do not want the band have to have a totally different dress sense and we want to try and create a modern and current look, to fit the genre of alternative rock. This will help to create an identity for the band, which will help the audience associate with the band. Since most of the music video will be shot in dark lighting in the recording room, to contrast with the light, ambient and dynamic landscapes the bands costume will be made up of dark colours such as dark brown and black.