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Opening ceremony AISF Pisa


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Presentation prepared for the opening ceremony of the event Lights of Tuscany 2015 celebrated during December 2015.

Published in: Science
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Opening ceremony AISF Pisa

  1. 1. Noise, Noise, Noise 3 cases of noise with importance on science, engineering and art Jose M. González UNIPI Email:
  2. 2. Case1: GW detectors and sensitivity
  3. 3. Sensitivity over generations
  4. 4. Why do we care so much about the sensitivity?
  5. 5. Noisy output from the dark fringe Ligo Open Science Center
  6. 6. GW signal Example gwsignal, the noise and how diffficult it's to detect it
  7. 7. Althought ….
  8. 8. But is it the same on everyday tech?
  9. 9. But is it the same on everyday tech? I mean, the one you have on your pocket (photos of mobiles)
  10. 10. Camera mobile! i
  11. 11. US 7184226 B2 MTF@90,120,180lp/mm A more recent patent: US2015116569 (A1)
  12. 12. Folded camera: US2015253543 (A1)
  13. 13. ● But why do companies spend such an effort on improving their cameras...
  14. 14. ● But why do companies spend such an effort on improving their cameras... if We just want to apply an instagram filter (initial photo with a filter)
  15. 15. Or even better... you'll use Lomography
  16. 16. Lomography
  17. 17. Cinema lens US 8508864 B2
  18. 18. Some movies shoot with those lenses Whiplash (2015) Birdman (2015)
  19. 19. ● But as always the best is not the most loved
  20. 20. Anamorphic style
  21. 21. Flares due to the coating Distortion
  22. 22. Out FOV of view fares Oval Bokeh Ghost images
  23. 23. And the most famous one : Blue Streak Apologies for flares
  24. 24. There’s no question that I overuse lens flares on occasion … The kneejerk reaction from the director of photography is usually, “OK, we’ve got to flatten that light because it’s going to flare.” I think it’s one of those things that you want to make sure that, obviously, it’s … To me it’s such a cool beautiful image, the light through the glass. There are times that I feel like it sort of adds another kind of smart element, and it’s hard to define. But it is a visual taste that I do like. I think there are a couple shots in Super 8 where I just think I should definitely pull back here or there, but I can’t help myself sometimes. J.J. Abrams interview
  25. 25. Some links Lens Flare Depth of Field AR coating J.J. Abrams Lens Flares: How They're Made
  26. 26. Thank you for your attention! If you want to see again the presentation: For any questions: