United Nations Space Problems


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This is a presentation about how space technology can help the world, and one little thing that can hurt it

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United Nations Space Problems

  1. 1. Jordon Grangruth Per.1 Global Issues
  2. 2. Space Solutions For The World's Problems
  3. 3. The United Nations are helping with the development of technology used in space to help the greater good of the world. The improvement would increase the ability to access more advanced technology and help improve overall living conditions for all Americans.
  4. 4. Why Space Technology Is Useful <ul><li>The satellites are launched to provide services to people on Earth. Satellites are routinely used to manage natural resources and to facilitate relief efforts during emergencies. </li></ul>
  5. 6. At anytime any satellite can be destroyed by space debris, and when ever a satellite is destroyed, that debris can cause pollution to the earth and have very negative consequences if something is not taken care of. Space debris is so small that a satellite cant track debris in order to stop it from destroying satellites. At this time the UN is trying to figure out a solution. Since the launch of the first satellite and the beginning of the space age in 1957, Americans have discovered that space, as well as Earth, can be affected b y different environmental problems. Trouble?
  6. 7. ) Using an enormous amount Satellites, the world can view many places at once from very different perspectives. In the future satellites would have the ability to find lost people, scan enemy territory and provide Intel for soldiers, show different effects that earthquakes make, and to scan the land for any abnormalities that can, or need to be corrected. Many satellites can provide data and Information quickly in emergencies as well as in situations where disasters are pending and action is required for disaster awareness. This is very important, especially in an area affected by an earthquake, flooding, or forest fires, especially when there may not be enough time to prepare for such disasters. Satellites also help view the damage through ground or aerial surveys.
  7. 8. Satellites also could provide a very advanced version of GPS for the military, astronauts, world peace advocates, and the UN for helping to solve the worlds problems by taking a different perspective, the space perspective.
  8. 9. Images gathered from Earths observation satellites offer a plethora of information to policy makers, scientists and the general public about the planet’s changing environment. Satellite images provide information for: <ul><li>Remote and hard-to-access areas like dense forests, glaciated areas, deserts, and swamps. </li></ul><ul><li>Areas undergoing rapid environmental change, including loss or destruction of ecosystems and related loss of biodiversity. </li></ul>
  9. 10. Agriculture and land use This photograph was taken by a satellite to show where different products were being grown in Afghanistan.
  10. 11. Using satellites scientists can predict crop output in advance and that information can be crucial in helping authorities anticipating food shortages. Thus giving them enough time to take action.
  11. 12. Using satellites to help predict water shortages will help towns and villages store enough water incase there will be a drought coming through
  12. 13. Weather and Climate Obtaining Information about weather patterns by satellite can be very useful because catching dangerous weather patterns can allow a unique opportunity to help stop storms and hurricanes, and other natural disasters ahead of time.
  13. 14. To stop pollution problems, satellites can be a very useful technology. Viewing the pollution status of different beaches and other places who are faced with pollution problems, satellites can discover ways to help stop the pollution. The United Nations technology in space can also help marine wildlife pollution as well. Some things that the UN is working on include, Monitoring the marine environment on ocean fronts, monitoring pollution in the East China Sea, they can also Maintain communications to help monitor seawater quality off of Tunisia.
  14. 15. Endangered Species Many of the endangered species are associated with a specific habitat. The rainforests contain a lot of endangered species. If satellites can identify primary food of the species, then we could estimate the ranges of species that depend on them, thus taking precaution when damaging that food source.