Paying the Price of Success


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Achieving success and achieving the life of your dreams - is it still possible. With all the factors we are facing. You can achieve the life of your dreams - by following some basic principles.

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Paying the Price of Success

  1. 1. Life Success..are odds against you? Environmental Factors - Economy - State of our Health - Relationships - Financial Health Self Limiting Beliefs A World of Instant Gratification 4 Generations in the Work Force Society Accepts and Expects Underperformance Personal Integrity, Responsibility and Accountability…Going..Going….
  2. 2. Paying the price of success Knowing what to do Wanting to do it Able to do it Willing to do it
  3. 3. Begin with the end in mind….. Personal ScoreCard - Personal Goals - Professional Goals - Relationships Goals - Health Goals - Spirituality Goals - Financial Goals Vision Statement Integrity , Responsibility and Accountability going, going……
  4. 4. The missing ingredient…WHY If you develop a strong enough Why, the how is easy….. Fuel for the fire inside Works the most when “it’s not about you!”
  5. 5. Make failure not an option  90% of the people who start in our business, never make it through to their first anniversary  If failure is an option – you willPhoto credit:
  6. 6. Develop an overwhelming sense of Passion for what you do…  I love what I do because…..  To develop a stronger sense of Passion – focus on the results of what you do  People follow people with Passion  Surround yourself with Passionate peoplePhoto credit:
  7. 7. We succeed or fail together No one can do it alone The people around you are imperative to your success Create a Vision - Get them to buy in Get an Accountability Partner
  8. 8. Anything worthwhile takes hard work  Relationships  Children  Clients  Candidates  SuccessFor anything worth having one must pay the price; and the price isalways work, patience, love, self-sacrifice - no paper currency, nopromises to pay, but the gold of real service. John Burroughs
  9. 9. Curly’s “1” Thing ‘ thing”  John Eckberg – “The Success Factor”  Self Confidence and a Healthy Self ImagePhoto credit:
  10. 10. Every day…….. Wake up with a smile on your face everyday Focus on the task at hand with an eye for the future Find the fun in everything you do Give more than you take….. Give someone a hug……
  11. 11. Am I willing to pay the price of success? The cost of failure vs. paying the price of success.
  12. 12. Jon BartosJonathan Scott International5700 Gateway BoulevardSuite 400Mason, Ohio 701-5910