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Presentation to KickStart 2011, 14 January 2011

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  1. KickStart 2011 #kickstart2011Morrison Hotel, Dublin, 14 January. Damian O’Broin
  2. Once upon a tim!...
  3. 000 targ et met.€250, n 200910% increase o (so far...)
  4. Wish I’d done that...
  5. Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Video
  6. “P.S. As a token of our appreciation for your gift, we will add your name to our supporter dedicationwall which will be featured on the real Rainbow Warrior. Your name will stand alongside othersfrom around the world who are prepared to contribute to a greener world.”
  7. Why does this work so well?
  8. A journey back in time to the centre of the brain....
  9. “Researchers have demonstrated that [we] make decisions in an emotional manner and then justify them rationally” – Renvoisé & Morin, Neuromarketing The most effective messages appeal here“...both genders must be engaged emotionally for a message to be remembered and acted upon.” – Dr. A. K. Pradeep, The Buying Brain
  10. The Six ‘Old Brain’ Stimuli 1. Self-Centred 6. Emotions2. Contrast 5. Visual Stimuli 3. Tangible Input 4. Beginning & End
  11. To Their Moms...
  12. Ensure it’s about YOU not MESimple & tangible Use emotion Deliver to the OLD BRAIN Make it visual Tell stories Good vs Evil
  13. g et t tarBea 3% by 3
  14. Childs i Foundation Joey Video
  15. Sight 70%Safe Birth 20%Mobility 6%Education 4%2/3 donorsdidn’t choose a gift
  16. UpChr 50% istm on as 2 009
  17. Up 84% on-yearyear-
  18. General Monthly Gifts Top Donors20092010 General Cash +28% Monthly Gifts +88% Top Donors +227%
  19. Not just tangible - restricted Increased focus on top donor segments Core service - familiar, understandable topic Emotional, donor-centred, visual, great storyClear need & achievable solution
  20. “You” or “Your” is repeated 14 times on Page 1 (and donor’s name appears four times) Visual stimulus Articulation of need Introduces story... Thanks donor and demonstrates impact
  21. Donor focused solution Clear target
  22. Four t imes mone as mu y rais ch ed
  23. First time donors who receive a personal thank you within 48 hours are Four times more likely to give again – McConkey Johnston International UK
  24. 38% sent personalised email thank you within 48 hours 28% sent thank you letter within 2 working days Only 50% managed to send a personalised thank you within 48 hours – Ask Direct Mystery Shopping Research
  25. Almost 1 in 5failed to acknowledge the gift in any way. Ever. – Ask Direct Mystery Shopping Research
  26. Arrive promptly The 3 things your THANK YOU needs to doMake your donor Show the impact feel special of their gift
  27. Fifteen ways to say thank you
  28. Concern Worldwide Haiti Thank You
  29. Action Aid Most Generous Person
  30. New Zealand Blood Service
  31. Girl Effect
  32. What YOU are about to dois nothing short of revolutionary
  33. Thank You