Sample Slides for Jim Cathcart "Relationship Intelligence®"


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I select an appropriate number of slides for each speech and this is a representative sample. I'll work with you to create a title slide and to incorporate the key points you need for me to cover at your event. Please let me know if there are specific ones you'd like for me to be sure to use.

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  • Without Measures Progress Is Questionable & Success Is Uncertain So, What Do You Measure?
  • Sample Slides for Jim Cathcart "Relationship Intelligence®"

    1. 1. Premise selectsConclusion
    2. 2. CarTowers - Volkswagen , Wolfsburg, GermanyHolds 800 cars, 20 stories, Fully Automated
    3. 3. What is coming?
    4. 4. Is the day that’s comingThe one you trained for?
    5. 5. Assumptions*Your life is a series of Relationships.*Relationships are either Assets or Liabilities.*If you change the number, the quality or the nature ofyour Relationships then you also change your life.*All relationships have a “Desired Outcome” to them.
    6. 6. Relationship Intelligence® The ability to understandand employ human connections effectively to achieve a Desired Outcome
    7. 7. It’s not whatyou know that counts, it’s …
    8. 8. It is not who knows you that counts, it’s… Who is Glad they know you?
    9. 9. The Relationship Intelligence ® Formula Kinds of Three Kinds of Three Thinking + Doing ♦ Self ♦ Expressing ♦ Others ♦ Hearing ♦ Situation ♦ AdaptingDesired Outcome
    10. 10. What is the purposeof what you do?
    11. 11. What kind of persondo you need to be in order to attract the relationships you want?
    12. 12. Every Great Achievementis preceded by a period of Fanatical D ed ication!
    13. 13. The Future You Expect Determines What You Will Prepare For
    14. 14. People never “default” to a level above their previous best Lotto Winner!
    15. 15. “Half of my jobis keeping peoplein the right frame of mind” US President Bill Clinton White House July 29, 1994
    16. 16. Sunrise or Sunset?
    17. 17. What do you want?
    18. 18. Cause Your Future Become the person who will attract the future you want
    19. 19. “It is a mistake to assume that people know whatthey might want. Without an understanding of what is possible, people will Daniel Burrus ask for too little.” Techno Trends
    20. 20. Boomers1946-1964 Easter, 1947, Little Rock, Ark
    21. 21. 1954
    22. 22. 1954 vs. 2010What do you think?
    23. 23. The Future surprises us unless we design it. 28 days >1 Million sold! (iPhone took 3 months)
    24. 24. The Causal Chain of Choices Future Relationships Reputation Habits ActionsMindset
    25. 25. What kind of persondo you need to be in order to attract the future you want?
    26. 26. Your Professional Equity Reputation Initiative Follow through Technical Expertise Financial Habits Service Quality Knowledge/LearningAdaptability Work Habits Responsiveness Appearance Supportiveness/Sincerity
    27. 27. Industrial Era vs Organic Era♦ Mechanisms φ Living Systems♦ Consistent Needs φ Evolving Needs♦ 8 to 5, weekdays φ 24/7/365♦ Persuasion φ Collaboration♦ Personal Contact φ E-Contact♦ Trained by Others φ Self-directed Trng.♦ Knowledge is Power φ Trust = Power
    28. 28. Which are YOU perceived to be? Persuader or Partner?
    29. 29. “Trust is like the air webreathe. When it is presentnobody notices. But when it is absent, everybody notices.” Warren Buffet, Chairman & CEO, Berkshire Hathaway
    30. 30. “Trust is a fruit. You can’t grow it directly. You canonly grow and nurture the tree and the fruit will emerge in its own time.” Kevin Buck, Counselor, Philosopher, Consultant
    31. 31. Tension Trust
    32. 32. 1986 Premise: 2. Selling should be an act of friendship. 3. When Trust is very high, “selling” is not about persuasion.
    33. 33. Why Do Relationships Matter When Selling"A relationship without a sale is merely a social connection. A sale without a relationship is what one gets from a vending machine. Our clients deserve to have us as their partner-in-problem-solving." —Jim Cathcart, Relationship Selling
    34. 34. 1986 2002
    35. 35. 1. Prepare 2. Target 3. Connect 4. Assess 5. Solve 6. Commit 7. Assure 8. Manage
    36. 36. Notice More
    37. 37. The 8 Competencies of Relationship Selling Prepare: Sale & Self Target: Who & How Connect: Head & Heart Assess: Situation & Person Solve: Educate & Collaborate Commit: Solution & Action Assure: Satisfied & Loyal Manage: Sales & Self
    38. 38. Prepare: Notice Even More!Sale: External & Internal& Self: Mental & PhysicalTarget:Who: Groups & Individuals& How: Strategies & TacticsConnect:Head: Credibility & Activity& Heart: Relationship & TrustAssess:Situation: Probing & Analyzing& Person: Understanding & Empathizing
    39. 39. Solve:Educate: Presenting & Showing Relevance& Collaborate: Personalizing & InvolvingCommit:Solution: Summarizing & Negotiating& Action: Asking & ConfirmingAssure:Satisfied: Review & Follow Through& Loyal: UpServing & RecoveryManage:Sales: Resources & Information& Self: Growth & Motivation
    40. 40. 10 10 Prepare 10 Manage Target10 Assure Connect 10 Commit Assess 10 10 Solve 10
    41. 41. What this means to you is…
    42. 42. Universal Human NeedsThe Need for: Maslows Hierarchy of Needs:•Meaning•Recognition Self-Actualization•Control•Respect Esteem•Being Needed•Friendship•Being Trusted Belonging•Trusting Others•Accomplishment•Success/Hope Survival & Safety•Independence
    43. 43. Reading Buying SignalsStop: Not ready to buy Caution: Check before proceeding Go: Confirm it now
    44. 44. What Our Customers Experience Feelings
    45. 45. The Grandma Factor: What:• Acknowledgement• Special Treatment Why:Because She Wanted To!
    47. 47. Four Seasons HotelWestlake Village, CA dedicated to perfecting the travel experience through continuous innovationand the highest standards of hospitality.
    48. 48. Things that are measured tend to improve
    49. 49. Touch Points & Trust Points “Sweet Spot” 336 Impressions
    50. 50. What causes Sales to increase?Contacts with decision makersConversations about benefits
    51. 51. Premise:Your greatest, fastestand easiest advanceswill always come fromyour natural abilities.So, Know Yourself.
    52. 52. Mindset precedesPerformance
    53. 53. View Toward Work #1“All work represents a fight against something, an attack upon the environment.A farmer plows the earth, he harrows it, tears it,pulverizes it.He pulls out weeds, poisons insects & fights againstdroughts and floods.To be sure, all this is done in order to createsomething. That’s why we call it work and notrage.”
    54. 54. View Toward Work #2 “All work represents a service to something, the rearrangement and empowerment of the environment. A farmer loosens the earth, aerates it, irrigates it,adds nutrients, cleanses it of insects and weeds and protects it from drought and flood. All of this is done to enable the earth to foster growth.”
    55. 55. OptimismIs seeking thepossibilities evenwhen all you seeis limitations
    56. 56. “One extra hour ofstudy per day andyou’ll be a nationalexpert in five years or less .” Earl Nightingale
    57. 57. One hour x Five workdays x Fifty weeks = Two Hundred Fifty hours per year. 250 x 5 years = 1,250 hours!1,250 hours on ONE subject = National Expert!
    58. 58. The essence of intellectis the ability to make distinctions.
    59. 59. TO KNOW MORE... NOTICE MORE! Recognize Patterns & Discover Principles
    60. 60. “For most people the dangerin their self analysis is that it stops too soon. They are too easily satisfied.” Dr. Sigmund Freud
    61. 61. People Who Know Themselves:• Are Less Self-Conscious•Are Better Listeners•Are Less Judgmental of Others•Are More Willing To Admit Mistakes•Can Apologize Easily•Recover From Disappointments More Easily•Manage Stress More Effectively•Tend To Produce Better Quality Work•Experience Fewer Interpersonal Problems
    62. 62. “If you learn only methods, you’ll be tied to your methods.But if you’ll learn principles, you can devise your own methods.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
    63. 63. The A/P ♦ Critic GridLeader ♦ © ♦ High Awareness/ ♦ High Awareness/ ♦ Low Performance ♦ High PerformanceAwareness ♦ Passenger ♦ Competitor ♦ Low Awareness/ ♦ Low Awareness/ ♦ Low Performance ♦ High Performance Performance
    64. 64. Success is not achieved by changing people’s nature. It is achieved byAligning with their nature.
    65. 65. Intellectual Bandwidth:♦ Conceptual 2%♦ Strategic 18%♦ Operational 80%
    68. 68. 5 Questions♦ Friend♦ Mate♦ Kids♦ World♦ Lottery
    69. 69. The 7 Natural♦ Values Sensuality♦ Empathy♦ Wealth♦ Power♦ Aesthetics♦ Commitment♦ Knowledge
    70. 70. The Leader’s Dilemma:What if I spend all this timelearning about people andthey leave?But, what if you don’t…and they stay!
    71. 71. The Purpose of what you do To Make Life Better For People
    72. 72. When you find Meaning in what youDr. Ken McFarland do, you bring more Value to what you do.
    73. 73. He made the night a little brighterwherever he would goThe old lamplighter Of long, long ago.The music was written by Nat Simon, the lyrics by Charles Tobias published in 1946.
    74. 74. We can tell where you’ve beenby the lights you left behind.
    75. 75. What’s coming?
    76. 76. Use All of your Strength
    77. 77. Daily QuestionHow would the …do whatperson I would I’m about to like to be… do?