ROI 2010 Keynote - Ben McConnell on the Client Experience


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Ben McConnell, from Ant's Eye View and working with the Injury Board, discusses the importance of a positive client experience to the word of mouth marketing efforts of a personal injury law firm. He touches on the purpose and values of a firm, understanding and improving your "moments of truth" and the importance of staff and partner alignment.

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ROI 2010 Keynote - Ben McConnell on the Client Experience

  1. 1. PreparedandpresentedbyBenMcConnell Principal Ant’sEyeView
  2. 2. -- A.N. Whitehead “The major advances in civilization are processes that all but wreck the societies in which they occur.”
  3. 3. Producing effects on the actions, behaviors or opinions of others Influence:
  4. 4. Circumference
  5. 5. Your firm Circumference
  6. 6. Your firm Your clients Circumference
  7. 7. Circumference Your firm Your potential clients Your clients
  8. 8. Circumference Your firm Your potential clients Your clients
  9. 9. Is powered by creating a community of clients who recommend you to friends, family and colleagues Radius of influence:
  10. 10. 1. Recommendations from friends 2. Other peoples’ opinions online 3. Company website 4. Editorial content (news articles) 5. Brand sponsorships Source: Nielsen Online Global Consumer Study, April 2009 Most trusted advertising:
  11. 11. The ROI Playbook Client Experience Management For Law Firms
  12. 12. “The biggest cause of serious error in this business is a failure of communication.” -- Finn O’Sullivanof McNamara/Salvia,a structural engineering firm
  13. 13. Communication: The next innovation for law firms
  14. 14. Communication: What Americans want from law firms
  15. 15. Area % Rating Educate the public about how to handle common legal problems 81% 7.8 Do a better job of communicating with their clients 80% 7.8 Do a better job of policing and regulating themselves 78% 7.7 Do a better job of explaining their fees to their clients 69% 7.3 Do more public service and pro-bono work 63% 6.8 Lower their fees 57% 6.8 Be more selective about the cases they take 46% 5.9 Change the way they advertise 45% 5.8 Stop advertising 27% 4.3 Source: LJS survey, 2002. Survey participants were asked to rate each area on a 1-9 point scale where 9 meant “very important” and 1 meant “not so important.”
  16. 16. Build a community of referrers 1. Focus on education, not advertising. 2. Communicate with your community regularly. 3. Put someone in charge as community facilitator. 4. Find ways to have your community meet in person. 5. Participating with your community is marketing.
  17. 17. Knowing who’s referring you and track it. Phone calls. Emails. Newsletters. Events. Invitations on Facebook. Build a community through:
  18. 18. Client experience: How to define and improve it
  19. 19. Know your moments of truth: • The way a client first learns of your firm • The first interaction with a firm representative • The first interaction with an attorney • The acceptance or declination call • The response to various questions or pressing issues
  20. 20. Moments of truth mapFirst interaction Evangelistic Efficient Average Functional Second interactio n Could be better Disappointing Third interaction Fourth interaction Fifth interaction 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Good word of mouth No word of mouth Angering Poor word of mouth
  21. 21. Client experience: Create standards of service
  22. 22. Safety The safety of guests is the primary concern Courtesy Every guest treated as if they were a top VIP Show Disney is about a seamless performance Efficiency Focus on improving all aspects of service
  23. 23. Client experience: Survey clients to understand their experience
  24. 24. Ask 2 questions: Question: How likely are you to recommend us to friends, family or colleagues? Answer: (1-10 scale)
  25. 25. Ask 2 questions: Question: Can you tell us why? Answer: (Fill in the blank)
  26. 26. Purpose: It defines, and drives, everything
  27. 27. Discovery (the new) IBM, Sony, Intel, Virgin Excellence (the beautiful) Apple, BMW, The Economist Altruism (the helpful) Red Cross, Nordstrom, HP Heroism (the effective) Microsoft, Ford, ExxonMobil
  28. 28. Six key points about purpose 1. It is based on well-established moral ideas. 2. It advances both competitiveness and morality. 3. It relates people to plans and relates leaders to colleagues. 4. It cannot be chosen quickly or on an ad hoc basis; it has to be discovered. 5. It is a paradox. It will boost profits, but only if it is pursued for its own sake. 6. It is a matter of a firm’s life or death. Its presence can transform a firm, and its loss can destroy an institution.
  29. 29. “Failing to make sure that everyone knows what you stand for and why – that can come right back and ambush you much sooner than you realize. We should have developed a precise mission statement, or something along those lines. It’s easy for me to do that now.” --JohnPeterman,ontheriseandfallofJ.PetermanCo,whichgrewto$19 millioninsalesinthreeyears, thenwentbankrupt.
  30. 30. Values: Codify your culture
  31. 31. Client experience: It’s a direct reflection of a law firm’s culture
  32. 32. 1. Keep it simple. 2. Make it global. 3. Make it measureable. 4. Train and coach. 5. Solicit feedback and ideas from the team. 6. Recognize and reward performance. Build your firm’s culture
  33. 33. Client experience: A form of insurance against malpractice claims
  34. 34. Area of law Cases % of total Personal injury - plaintiff 8,730 21.56% Real estate 8,119 20.05% Family law 4,181 10.33% Estate, trust, probate 3,919 9.68% Collection, bankruptcy 2,945 7.27% Criminal 2,055 5.08% Corporate/business 2,001 4.94% Commercial law 1,901 4.70% Personal injury – defense 1,186 2.93% International law 829 2.05% Lawsuits against law firms, 2007 Source: American Bar Association
  35. 35. The client experience pyramid Purpose Values Training Day-to-day client experience Evaluate and communicate Adapt, additional training