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Future of Document Management Day in Belgium

Speculations on the future of document management 10 years into the future. What will drive the management of documents, information and business processes? What are the implications for European organizations and businesses? What will really break the Productivity Gap? Presented at the Amplexor Future of Document Management Day.

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Future of Document Management Day in Belgium

  1. 1. Future of Document Management (as told in Belgium by @johnnewton) 20 Nov 2014 - #FutureDM14 by @Amplexor
  2. 2. The open platform for business-critical content management and collaboration. is Simple + Smart
  3. 3. Government, Military & Intelligence Banking & Insurance High-Tech Manufacturing Media & Publishing Professional Services Alfresco in information intensive industries
  4. 4. Alfresco streamlining business-critical content processes • patient records • insurance claims • legal contracts • scanning and imaging • government records • web sites • research collaboration • employee forms • financial reporting • request origination • customer invoices
  5. 5. The Alfresco difference is open Performance Flexibility Integration Innovation Value with no lock-in!
  6. 6. Alfresco in a Nutshell Growing 3x the pace of the ECM Market overall 5 years Visionary 350 employees Open source platform 200,000+ Systems using Alfresco 200+ WW partners 1800+ active customers in 212 countries 7 billion Documents for 13 million users 100m+ Content assets per company
  7. 7. It all started 25 years ago… Documentum Team – March 1991
  8. 8. What did 10 years ago look like?
  9. 9. Tools for Predicting the Next 10 Years Individual Processing Power 16X Laptop 2014 Storage per User 20X Desktop 2014 Display Capability 7680 x 4320 Retina (8K) Bandwidth > 1Gb Wireless QUHD 15360 8640
  10. 10. Hints of a Day in the Life at Work Ten Years from Now Responsive Agile Productive Efficient Collaborative
  11. 11. The Productivity Dilemma
  12. 12. Disrupt or Be Disrupted?
  13. 13. “ BUSINESS IS OLD AND FAT. ” Total Factor Productivity “The business sector appears to be getting ‘old and fat.’ … It is getting fat because it is old.” Brookings Institute – July 2014
  14. 14. Long-term Productivity Growth in Europe is Worse 4.0 3.0 2.0 1.0 0.0 -1.0 -2.0 -3.0 -4.0 -5.0 2001-2007 2007-2009 2009-2012 Percentage Growth in Productivity Source: OECD
  15. 15. OLD IT IS THE PROBLEM, NOT THE SOLUTION Industry Total Factor Productivity Growth by Subgroup Source: Productivity and Potential Output Before, During and After the Great Recession Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, June 2014
  16. 16. New Scale of Information & Process
  17. 17. Information, Knowledge & Process are Out of Balance Business Systems Ad Hoc Collaboration Internet Content Shared File Services Business Critical Content ECM Shared Drives
  18. 18. 20th Century Workplace is No Longer Fit for Purpose “Five apps for unfocused minds” by Lucy Kellaway Financial Times, February 10, 2014
  19. 19. Tough Global Competition Companies results in delivering IT projects by region North America Latin America Africa Europe 47 39 43 46 31 29 Asia 41 23 35 67 29 78 76 58 76 Delivered on time At or Below Budget 100% of Scope PWC 6th Annual Digital IQ Survey, 2014
  20. 20. The 20th Century Value Chain is Broken strategically in every industry, including shifts in technology that make previously impossible business designs now possible.” – Gartner, Raw Materials “Major changes will soon alter the assumptions used to plan March 2014 Supplier R&D Marketing Sales Retailer Customer
  21. 21. A Productive Enterprise
  22. 22. Everyone is Talking Digital!
  23. 23. What is the Digital Enterprise? “Digital business is not the decade-old concept of e-business in a new wrapper. It is a radically different and more disruptive change.”- Gartner, “What the Board of Directors Needs to Know about Digital Business” Integrate Disrupt almost New BBluusrrineeds lsin Dese sbiegtnwse Aernound AGILITY OVER EVERY INDUSTRY PHSYPSEICCIAALL &IZ ADTIGIOITNAL PEOPLE, BUSINESS & THINGS CUSTOMERS, PARTNERS & VALUE CHAIN
  24. 24. 30 24 14 9 14 21 21 16 16 10 18 19 15 19 10 Digital engagement of customers Digital innovation of products or business model Digital engagement of employees or partners Digital customer life-cycle Automation Ranked 1st Ranked 2nd Ranked 3rd NOT JUST E-BUSINESS Strategic Priority of Digital Initiatives Source: McKinsey Digital Trends, June 2014
  25. 25. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT ? Expected share of organizations overall growth from digital, next 3 years 5 7 5 9 14 20 26 42 11 22 25 21 20 20 13 12 54 31 30 11 New business or profit pool Competitive Advantage Keeping pace with competitors Cutting costs Don't know < 4% 5-9% 10-14% > 15%
  26. 26. Re-inventing Business Models and a New Value Chain CUSTOMER Digitize end-to-end customer experience Digitize products and services as part of the value ecosystem Create trusted machines Digital Customer Experience ENTERPRISE Source enhanced operational capabilities within a dynamic ecosystem Drive rapid customer-centric innovation Digitize for agility over efficiency Digital Operational Excellence Data information & Insights New digitally enhanced products and services
  27. 27. Digital Workers in the Digital Enterprise Expectations on the Workplace Fast User Centric Supporting Collaboration Enhancing Productivity Enabling Knowledge Work Place Independent Network Independent Device Independent Source: Scania AB – Vehicle Manufacturer
  28. 28. Business is no longer defined by Four Walls In-house Secure In-house Apps Enterprise Apps Operational Systems Relevant Customer Information Mobile Apps Systems of Engagement Cloud-based Collaboration Process Process Process Mobile & Contract Workers Firewall
  29. 29. All Knowledge Functions in Enterprise should be connected Digital Integration Processing Sourcing Service Manufacturing Design Products & Internet of Things Archiving Marketing
  30. 30. Knowledge, Content and Process are at the Heart of the Digital Enterprise PROCESS Data information & Insights New digitally enhanced products and services ENTERPRISE CUSTOMER COLLABORATION CONTENT CONTENT
  31. 31. Alfresco Enables Digital Government Responsiveness to Citizens Openness and Transparency Support of Commerce Shared Services
  32. 32. Mobile Access Integration with Social Media Customer-centric services Location specific services Smart Data Meaning Predictive Data Paper-less Forms Scanning Alfresco Enables Digital Banking
  33. 33. Alfresco Enables Digital Manufacturing Top Employees Customer Satisfaction Value Growth Profitability Production & Logistics Suppliers Purchasing Sales & Marketing Commercial Operations Network Services R&D Network Service Internet of Things Coordination Source: Scania AB – Vehicle Manufacturer
  34. 34. Digital Productivity at Work
  35. 35. Innovation at the Speed of SaaS Agile Development User Testing & Analytics Mobile First Continuous Deployment
  36. 36. The New Value Chain is a Knowledge Net of Solutions PROCESS -DRIVEN Case Product Publishing Process Collaborate ENTERPRISE CUSTOMER AD HOC OPERATIONAL SYSTEMS CUSTOMER ENGAGEMEN T Distribute Planning Insights Manufacturing Sourcing Marketing Service Contracting Design
  37. 37. Innovation at the Speed of Open Source Search Analytics User Interface Process
  38. 38. Citizen Developers create Agile Solutions
  39. 39. Mobile First Activities
  40. 40. Advanced Content Solutions using New Open Source Solutions User Similarity 1( 2( 3( 5( 4( 1( 0.8( 0.6( 0.4( 0.2( 0( 1( 2( 3( 4( 5( Auto-Classification Recommendation Geographic Distribution Semantic Graph Analysis Machine Learning Connections
  41. 41. Plumbing the Digital Enterprise On-Premise Cloud-based
  42. 42. What will our workplace be like in 10 Source: 2020 Workplace years?
  43. 43. Characteristics of our Workplace 2024 Everywhere Resilient Focused Easy Creative
  44. 44. Enablers of the Workplace 2024 Unlimited Computing Ubiquitous Devices, Sensors & Interfaces Resilient Organization Really Smart, Connected Software Openness & Interoperability
  45. 45. Knowledge Work in the Digital Workplace
  46. 46. Collaboration and Agility in Decision Making
  47. 47. Analysis and Insight
  48. 48. Knowledge Consumption
  49. 49. Business Coordinator in the Digital Business
  50. 50. Uniting People, Processes, Information and Systems The Digital Enterprise CUSTOMER Digitize end-to-end customer experience Digitize products and services as part of the value ecosystem Create trusted machines Digital Customer Experience ENTERPRISE Source enhanced operational capabilities within a dynamic ecosystem Drive rapid customer-centric innovation Digitize for agility over efficiency Digital Operational Excellence
  51. 51. Future of Document Management @johnnewton, Alfresco Founder and CTO #futuredm14
  52. 52. Focus is the key to productivity