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Four Trends of Next Generation ECM


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Webinar on the Four Trends affecting the next generation of ECM - New Ways of Working, the Extended Enterprise, Explosion of Content and New IT Infrastructure. Can the current generation of ECM meet the challenges that these trends create?

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Four Trends of Next Generation ECM

  1. 1. Next-Gen ECM Why the Time is Right for a New Approach to Enterprise Content Management
  2. 2. John Newton Alfresco Founder and CTO @johnnewton #newapproach
  3. 3. Welcome •  Provide instructions on how to ask questions during webcast –  Twitter –  Chat window •  Other webcast administrative info Next-GenECM
  4. 4. Agenda •  Four trends reshaping ECM requirements •  Risks of relying on legacy ECM systems •  The Alfresco approach to ECM •  How Alfresco meets today’s ECM challenges Next-GenECM
  5. 5. New Ways of Working1 New Expectations •  Ease of use •  Mobile devices •  Collaboration of world’s workforce will be mobile in 2015 37% Legacy ECM Systems Left Behind Source: IDC New Generation •  Digital natives •  Highly social and connected •  Work is not a place 75% of the global workforce in 2020 will be Millennials Source: BPW Foundation TREND Poor user adoption •  Cumbersome •  Non-intuitive •  No B2B sharing •  No remote access
  6. 6. Extended Enterprise 4Trends TREND 2 Inter-Connected Web •  Many external partners •  Collaboration is critical •  2-way info sharing Legacy ECM Systems Left Behind Beyond the Firewall •  Business not bound by IT •  VPN issues •  Productivity constraints Architected at a time when users and content stayed behind the firewallResellers Customers Agencies Contractors Suppliers Employees On-Premises Employees, Partners and Customers Process Content
  7. 7. Explosion in Digital Content 4Trends 3 More Content •  Beyond docs and pdfs •  Images, social, collaborative •  Scope and scale increase Legacy ECM Systems Left Behind More Context •  Geo-location, social, usage, etc. •  Find the right info faster •  Kick off business process Ill-equipped to handle new and traditional types of content and context Growth in digital content from 2010 to 2020 50X Source: IDC 44% Source: IDC of the time workers can’t find the info needed to do their jobs ? TREND
  8. 8. New IT Infrastructure 4Trends 4 Technology Waves •  Virtualization •  Cloud computing •  Mobile devices Legacy ECM Systems Left Behind Flexible Deployment •  On-premises •  Private or public cloud •  Virtualized environments Outdated architectures don’t support cloud or mobile Bolt-on acquisitions lack seamless integration 69% Source: IDC Source: IDC Where Content Lives 61% 13% of enterprises use cloud computing TREND
  9. 9. •  Shadow IT •  Content “in the wild” •  Lack of agility •  Information is locked away •  Challenging “ad-hoc” process flows •  Lack of productivity Risks of Relying on Legacy ECM
  10. 10. Alfresco Approach to ECM Envision design similar to this page in 4 Trends ebook Open/Open Source Hybrid ECM Contextual Simplicity for Users
  11. 11. New Ways of Working AlfrescoApproach 1 Any Device Intuitive Interfaces Any Location “We needed a system with a workflow, co-authoring capabilities, collaborative capability, document storage and versioning. Alfresco answers our content management needs and makes content delivery to our customers available in a unique way. Alfresco is the foundation for making all of this happen.” Michael Katten Director of Technical Publications Alfresco is Simple for Users, So Users Can Simply Be Productive Familiar Productivity Applications NEW APPROACH TO ECM
  12. 12. Extended Enterprise AlfrescoApproach 2 Content Share and Sync Security Controls Extend & Engage Processes “Alfresco has made it possible for us to manage large, complex supply chains and participate with ease in global projects.” Neil Grant Managing Director Collaboration Tools Alfresco Powers Business Beyond the Firewall NEW APPROACH TO ECM
  13. 13. Explosion in Digital Content AlfrescoApproach 3 Powerful search Integrated records management Rich context “Users can easily search and find the documents they need, and we can set controls to ensure that the appropriate content is visible to individual users.” Tim Johnson Team Lead, Information Technology Development Content in context Alfresco Brings Information Overload Under Control NEW APPROACH TO ECM CustomLOB apps
  14. 14. New IT Infrastructure AlfrescoApproach 4 Flexible Deployment Options Long-Term Agility Ease of Integration “Alfresco provides us with a modern architecture for managing all our content and can easily adapt to business and regulatory changes.” Andrew Sosa Director, Content Solutions Broad use Case Support Alfresco is Built for Today and Ready for Tomorrow NEW APPROACH TO ECM Open standards Open technology Content Management Extended Enterprise Collaboration Compliance Management Business Process Management Case Management
  15. 15. Content Management Extended Enterprise Collaboration Compliance Management Case Management Business Process Management Solutions Platform Capabilities Capture - Store - Access - Share – Manage – Secure - Control – Process – Integrate – Analyze Content Synchronization Documents CADAudio WebContent Email Video Text Files ImagesPhotographsHTML XML Enterprise Stack Built-In Connectors Open Standards Integrations CMIS FTP SMTP iMAP WebDAV CIFS Line of Business Access Mobile Desktop Web Imaging Productivity Apps Records Management Simple Smart Secure.
  16. 16. Questions?
  17. 17. THANK YOU! @johnnewton #newapproach @alfresco