Content - A Fairytale Wedding of Social and Enterprise


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Keynote Presentation on the Role of Content in the Enterprise and new Systems of Engagement I gave at the Red Hat Summit in Boston on 4 May 2011

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  • Today, I will be talking about a fundamental shift that is happening in our industry - the ECM industry. And, the enterprise software industry as a whole. I will also give you a quick overview and refresher on Alfresco, how we are growing, etc.
  • Over the past decade, there has been a fundamental change in the axis of IT innovation. In prior decades, new systems were introduced at the very high end of the economic spectrum, typically within large public agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Over time these systems trickled down to smaller businesses, and then to home office applications, and finally to consumers, students and even children. In this past decade, however, that flow has been reversed. Now it is consumers, students and children who are leading the way, with early adopting adults and nimble small to medium size businesses following, and it is the larger institutions who are, frankly, the laggards.
  • The challenges here are enormous. Expectations of Enterprise IT are rising. The business, still reeling from the crash of 2008, is questioning the rigidity and cost of legacy systems. The focus of IT is changing from a traditional focus on standardizing and automating back-end manual processes – a focus on CONTROL – to a focus on empowering and connecting knowledge workers and improving knowledge worker productivity and innovation.
  • FarmvilleMafia Wars
  • 350,000 apps in the iStoreOver 10 billion downloads
  • The users are in the middle of the enterprise – the Information WorkerThe benefit is greater customer intimacy and employee productivity
  • Target the Middle of the Organization – Knowledge WorkerInformation Worker Applications = Systems of EngagementConsumer-like Interface, SMB-style monetizationEnhance the collaborative experienceIntegrate with Social Business SystemsReal-time communications, Mobile, Video, Social NetworksJive, Lotus, Cisco, Skype, etc. in the enterpriseManage Social-rich Content: Video, Blogs, NewsBecome the YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare and Scribd for the EnterprisePublish to Social ChannelsYouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, SlideShare, ScribdDeliver in the Cloud and on Premise
  • Document and Records ManagementDynamic Information PublishingeCommerce SitesUser Generated Content SitesWeb-based CollaborationMedia-rich Corporate IntranetRegulated ApplicationsTransactional or Complex Systems with User GuidanceMedia and Image Capture
  • Engagement Compelling content or images engage usersParticipation Users participate through Content as the object of conversation (e.g. photos, web pages, presentations) Explanation Content distills or explains complex information and guides the userQuality Content processes insure accuracy and delivery of information and improve quality of executionCompliance Regulations require explanation of procedures and records of what has been seen or delivered to users and customersExecution Documents, Images and Records are critical to business execution (e.g. contracts or invoices)Results Collaboration usually results in Content (e.g. Plan, Report, Presentation)
  • The challenges here are enormous. Expectations of Enterprise IT are rising. The business, still reeling from the crash of 2008, is questioning the rigidity and cost of legacy systems. The focus of IT is changing from a traditional focus on standardizing and automating back-end manual processes – a focus on CONTROL – to a focus on empowering and connecting knowledge workers and improving knowledge worker productivity and innovation.
  • IT as an end-to-end nervous systemLocation basedPresence basedTime basedRole basedTeam basedDocument basedTopic basedSituation basedPermissions based
  • First implementation CMIS 1.0Both SOAP and REST protocolsBasis for all future public APIsPlatform of choice for most new CMIS developmentDriving OpenCMISBe the FREE platform to build portable applicationsGet apps to pull Alfresco
  • Content and Context can be the glue for Communication to People, Processes & AppsPermeating all parts of the organization
  • So – to sum things up – you will see Alfresco’s public positioning really evolve in 2011 – and I hope that, as you think about integration social systems into your enterprise – or integrating social features into your next applications – that Alfresco will be at the top of your list to consider for an underlying Content Management platform. Coming up – you will see a presentation on our roadmap – including a lot of new enterprise features that are coming out with Enterprise 3.4 – a demo of Share by {PARTNER NAME}, and a case-study about a solution that {PARTNER} has built on top of Alfresco’s open platform.
  • Content - A Fairytale Wedding of Social and Enterprise

    1. Content - A Story<br />John Newton, CTO<br />
    2. @johnnewton#Alfresco#RedHat<br />
    3. ALL YOUR COMPUTER ARE BELONG TO US.<br />O nce upon a time, a long, long time ago,all IT was owned by the Firm…<br />
    4. A nd IT was controlled by a “Priesthood” of highly intelligent, logical people…<br />Your Worship! Once I get the Maven build done, I am going to deploy it on the Cloud instance with multiple shards!<br />Man! You are awesome!!!<br />
    5. A nd they controlled and centralizedall applications and data…<br />Courtesy of John Mancini –<br />
    6. A nd technology would flow from the Fortune 1000…<br />Courtesy of John Mancini –<br />
    7. If they know what’s good for them!<br />Systems of Record<br />Command and control<br />Transaction-oriented<br />Document-centric<br />Limited deployment<br />Central IT-provisioned<br />A nd these applications knew what they were good at… <br />Courtesy of John Mancini –<br />
    8. B ut these applications had no sense of styleand their presentation was not very pleasant…<br />We have Cinderella doing all the data entry tonight!<br />He he he!!!<br />Cinderella’s Step Sisters<br />
    9. A nd their user interfaces were very powerful,but not very user friendly…<br />
    10. B ut powerful forces of good were at work…<br />Social Networks<br />Mobile<br />Cost<br />Internet<br />Moore’s Law<br />
    11. A nd cheaper technology had new peopleusing the technology…<br />To<br />From<br />Feeling<br />Likes touch interfaces<br />Visual<br />Warm and interactive<br />Logical<br />Concrete<br />Not very friendly<br />Probably has a Blackberry<br />
    12. Left-brained<br />Thinking<br />Right-brained<br />Feeling<br />Everyone<br />Else<br />Objects<br />Analysis<br />Linear<br />Logical<br />Past<br />Factual<br />People<br />Connections<br />Spatial<br />Artistic<br />Future<br />Conceptual<br />Image:<br />WIRED Magazine Issue 13.02 – Feb 2005<br />A nd cheaper technology had transformed the typical user from left-brained to right-brained…<br />Programmers<br />
    13. A nd the right-brained people transformed their technology and their applications…<br />The Majority of Users<br />People<br />Mobile<br />Connections<br />Spatial<br />Artistic<br />Conceptual<br />Future<br />
    14. A nd most people all cheered this new technology…<br />
    15. A nd technology became democratized…<br />Yes We Can!...<br />Play Angry Birds!<br />
    16. B ut this lack of control made some people very angry…<br />I hate it when he plays<br />Angry Birds!<br />You’re Fired!!!<br />
    17. A nd the technology touched everyone from their homes to their workplaces<br />A nd the users would ask, “Why do I feel so powerful as a consumer and so lame as an employee?”<br />Photo source:<br /><br />
    18. A nd IT started to lose control,especially based upon age differences<br />Inside the Enterprise<br />Outside the Firewall<br />Good Heavens!<br />Put that Tweet in a Repository!<br />Chill Gramps!<br />We don’t need you anyway!<br />IT<br />Users<br />18<br />
    19. A nd users asked why can’t they have their right-brained applications in the enterprise???…<br />Collaboration<br />Video<br />Mobile<br />Social Media<br />Real-Time<br />Some images from Gartner PCC – Apr 2011<br />
    20. B ut Enterprise IT was not ready for…<br />new generation of workers<br />new types of devices and content<br />
    21. B ut the CIO didn’t know what to do…<br /><ul><li>“Nobody has figured this out”
    22. “There will be a need for the consumer-based technologies.”
    23. “The workforce coming in will have different expectations.”
    24. “The whole industry is changing and changing very fast.”
    25. “Whether the CIO wants it or not, it is coming in”</li></ul>Survey conducted by AIIM – Aug 2010<br />20 CIOs interviewed<br />9 different industries<br />
    26. A nd then the Revolution happened…<br />A<br />and<br /> for the enterprise!<br /><br />
    27. A nd Systems of Engagement emergedthat worked the way users wanted to work…<br />Courtesy of John Mancini –<br />
    28. A nd the applications became more social and right-brained…<br />Productive<br />Consumer-like<br />More Social<br />Rich Media<br />Connected to favorite apps<br />Real-time<br />Comms<br />
    29. A nd Social created more Content and more Content led to more Social…<br />
    30. A nd users with this Content led to…<br />Explanation<br />Participation<br />Content is the Conversation…<br />Engagement<br />Quality<br />Results<br />
    31. A nd it wasn’t just your parents’ “documents”…<br />Video, Audio and Photographs<br />Real-time Market Analysis<br />Real-time Meeting Minutes<br />Whiteboards<br />Customer Stories<br />
    32. B ut sometimes things can go wrong…<br />It says I need to enter my credit card again!?!<br />
    33. A nd security could be a real issue…<br />Mr. President!<br />They’ve taken over your Facebook account!!!<br />
    34. Systems of Engagement<br />Systems of Record<br />Command and control<br />W hich is why left-brained and right-brained services started helping each other<br />Open and accessible<br />Transaction-oriented<br />Interaction-oriented<br />Document-centric<br />User-centric<br />Limited deployment<br />Ubiquitous deployment<br />Central IT-provisioned<br />Self-provisioned<br />Courtesy of John Mancini –<br />
    35. A nd they integrated through Mash-ups, REST, Standards and Service-Oriented Architecture…<br />Collaboration & Social Services<br />UI & Portal<br />Services<br />Search & Discovery<br />Content Services<br />Communication<br />Process and Workflow<br />
    36. W hich led to architectures thatbuild right-brained apps on a strong foundation…<br />Mobile<br />Distribution / Syndication<br />Desktop<br />Web Site<br />Social Networks<br />Information Workplace Platform<br />Rich Content<br />Mobile<br />Social<br />Integration<br />HTML5<br />On Premise<br />In the Cloud<br />UI & Portal<br />Services<br />UI & Portal<br />Services<br />Search & Discovery<br />Collaboration & Social Services<br />CMIS <br />BPMN 2.0<br />JSR-286<br />Open Social<br />CMIS <br />BPMN 2.0<br />JSR-286<br />Open Social<br />Content Services<br />Process and Workflow<br />Communication<br />Superscale Data<br />Superscale Storage<br />ERP<br />CRM<br />
    37. A nd CMIS helped to deliver Content to all the new (and old) applications…<br />Web Sites<br />SharePoint<br />Confluence<br />& Jira<br />Jive<br />Drupal<br />Dropbox<br />Content plus…<br /><ul><li>Metadata
    38. SQL-like queries
    39. Holders
    40. Relationships
    41. Fulltext
    42. REST or SOAP</li></ul>Lotus<br />Connections<br />Facebook<br />SAP<br />JBoss<br />Portal<br />
    43. A nd the users celebrated the new applications…<br />
    44. U nfortunately, Microsoftsort of got itand exploited this trend…<br />Left-brained<br />Right-brained<br />From <br />SharePoint 2007<br />To<br />SharePoint 2010<br />
    45. A nd there is always somebody up to no good!!!…<br />36<br />I will destroy these <br />Open Source people!!!<br />
    46. Apologies to the Times Cartoonist Peter Brookes<br />Operating a rogue Linux machine!<br />A nd they used this platformto enforce their own will…<br />
    47. B ut Open Source proved a formidable foe, removing the Lock-inand opening the Architecture…<br />Customer<br />Customer<br />Customer<br />Media<br />Code<br />Sales<br />Blogger<br />Reception<br />Developer<br />Developer<br />Product<br />Mgmt<br />Shipping<br />Customer<br />Development<br />(Bugs)<br />Internet<br />and<br />Community<br />Mgmt<br />Support<br />Engineer<br />QA<br />Support<br />Marketer<br />Accounts<br />Partner<br />Marketing<br />Tester<br />Partner<br />Partner<br />Partner<br />Open Source<br />Closed Source<br />
    48. F ortunately, some companies saw through thisand used Open Source…<br />39<br />Why Does Alfresco Win?<br />Enterprise customer survey – June 2010<br />
    49. L ike at this Construction Materials Firm…<br />Over $30B in revenue<br />Over 200,000 users<br />Dozens of countries<br />Integrating best practices and products across divisions<br />Use Social to eliminate email and foster communication<br />Alfresco delivers specifications and captures results of collaboration<br />
    50. O rthis System Integrator in their Client Engagements<br /><ul><li>Over $15B in revenue
    51. Improve productivity
    52. Accelerate communications in and between projects
    53. Integrate into Software Development (Confluence and Jira)
    54. Project Office Social System (Jive)
    55. Integrated to client and operational documentation in Alfresco</li></li></ul><li>A nd right-brained applications helped transform the business…<br />People<br />Sales &<br />Marketing<br />Strategy<br />Communication<br />Content<br />Context<br />Processes<br />Enterprise<br />Apps<br />Products & Logistics<br />
    56. 43<br />Which led to Conversations between Employees,Customers and the World…<br />Customers<br />Your Team<br />Self-<br />Help<br />Product<br />Ideas<br />You<br />Content<br />Whole Market<br />Other Departments<br />Operational<br />Ideas<br />Competitive<br />Info<br />Your<br />Product or<br />Service<br />
    57. W hich helped the right-brained employees and left-brained IT grow revenue!<br />Courtesy of John Mancini –<br />
    58. A nd everyone got along, interoperating!<br />I have seen the error of my ways!<br />Content is the real king, Your Royal Highness!<br />
    59. A nd they all lived happily ever after…<br />
    60. The open platform for<br />social content management.<br />