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Preview - Massive Scale Content at Re:Invent 2015


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Amazon Aurora enables the Alfresco Content Management System to store, manage, and retrieve billions of documents and related information with fast and linear scalability. Using the recently launched Aurora database, Alfresco can support cloud-based workloads previously not possible for high-throughput insurance, banking, and case-based applications.

This session addresses the use cases and challenges of scaling document repositories and using Aurora, Solr, Amazon EBS, and Amazon S3. The result are new solutions that can now be handled cost-effectively with AWS and Aurora.

Learn more at Re:Invent 2015 – Las Vegas
DAT309 10/8/15 (Thursday) 1:30 PM - San Polo 3501B

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Preview - Massive Scale Content at Re:Invent 2015

  1. 1. © 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. John Newton, Founder & CTO Alfresco @johnnewton 8 October 2015 1:30pm Scaling Massive Content Stores with Amazon Aurora Alfresco on AWS
  2. 2. What to Expect from the Session • Challenges of scaling to billions of documents • Architectural approaches of managing data, search and storage with Aurora, Solr, EBS and S3 • The breadth of use cases of content at scale • How to support user applications that require sub-second response times • Moving from large data centers to cost-effective management with AWS and Aurora.
  3. 3. Somewhere deep in the Nevada Desert
  4. 4. someone is trying to store… One Billion Documents!!!
  5. 5. Big Content Use Cases at Scale Enterprise Document Library Loans & Policies Claims & Case Processing Transaction & Logistics Records Research & Analysis Real-time Video Internet of Things Medical & Personnel Records Government Records & Archives Discovery & Litigation
  6. 6. Content Management Applications Document Library Image Management File Sync & Share Search & Retrieval Business Process Management Records Management Case Management Media Management Information Archiving
  7. 7. Content vs. Data vs Files vs. EFSS Data Files EFSS Content and ECM
  8. 8. Content at Scale in the Enterprise Users at Scale Concurrency Content Count Read/Write Throughput Geographic Distribution Volume Size
  9. 9. The Problem with Traditional Approaches Provisioning and Administration Geographic Distribution Lack of Agility Lack of Redundancy Lack of Elasticity
  10. 10. Connect people, content, and processes to accelerate digital transformation Accelerate user adoption Freedom to innovate SIMPLE SMART OPEN Drive digital transformation Content Process
  11. 11. Learn more at Re:Invent 2015 – Las Vegas DAT309 10/8/15 (Thursday) 1:30 PM - San Polo 3501B I can’t stand these imposters!!!