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Rinascimento Digitale - A Digital Renaissance


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Presented in Rome on 17 Nov 2015, the Digital Renaissance that comes a digital technologies impact business in profound ways points to the reawakening of businesses and their potential to engage customers and employees. Productivity has been stagnant in Italy and the rest of Europe for a long time now. Digital technologies provide the best way to compete in a highly competitive world.

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Rinascimento Digitale - A Digital Renaissance

  1. 1. Rinascimento Digitale Alfresco Day Roma
  2. 2. John Newton Founder and CTO, Alfresco @johnnewton
  3. 3. It all started 25 years ago… Challenges Documentum Team – March 1991
  4. 4. Long-term Productivity Growth in Europe Challenges PercentageGrowthinProductivity Source: OECD -2.5 -2.0 -1.5 -1.0 -0.5 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 2001-2007 2007-2009 2009-2012 Italy
  5. 5. Italian Banking Sector lumbered with Bad Loans Challenges Italy
  6. 6. Public Expenditure as %GDP Challenges Italy
  7. 7. Now what are we going to do?!
  8. 8. Everyone is talking about Digital Digital This is a Board Level Discussion
  9. 9. Gartner’s Nexus is creating the Digital Enterprise Digital Gartner Nexus PWC 6th Annual Digital IQ Survey, 2014 Digital Business Cloud Social Big DataMobile
  10. 10. New Digital Government Digital Responsiveness to Citizens Openness and Transparency Support of Commerce Shared Services
  11. 11. Mobile Access Customer- and Location- centric services Smart and Predictive Data Paper-less Processing New Digital Banking Digital
  12. 12. Top Employees Customer Satisfaction Value Growth Profitability Suppliers Production & Logistics Purchasing R&D Network Source: Scania AB – Vehicle Manufacturer Commercial Operations Network Sales & Marketing Services Internet of Things Maintenance Coordination New Digital Manufacturing Digital
  13. 13. Objectives of Digital 13 Digital EMPLOYEES, PARTNERS & VALUE CHAIN Integrate PEOPLE, BUSINESS & THINGS New Organizational Designs Around SPECIALIZATION Agility over Blurred lines between PHYSICAL & DIGITAL “Digital will disrupt almost every industry”
  14. 14. Content & Process drives the Flow of Information through the Digital Enterprise Digital 14 CUSTOMERENTERPRISE Data information & insights New digitally enhanced products and services PROCESS COLLABORATION CONTENT CONTENT
  15. 15. That sounds positively divine!
  16. 16. New Ways of Working1 New Expectations of Easy, Mobile, Collaborative of world’s workforce will be mobile in 2015 37% Legacy ECM Systems Left Behind Source: IDC New Generation of Digital Natives 75% of the global workforce in 2020 will be Millennials Source: BPW Foundation TREND Poor user adoption • Cumbersome • Non-intuitive • No B2B sharing • No remote access
  17. 17. The New Digital World Demands a Different ECM Model Trends Content management will be personalized with foldering and process needs tailored by each individual user. Content MobilityContext Aware Analytics Social Layering Cloud Easy Content Management
  18. 18. I know I wouldn’t use that stuff!
  19. 19. Extended Enterprise TREND 2 Inter-Connected Web of 2-way information sharing Legacy ECM Systems Left Behind Business not bound by the Firewall Architected at a time when users and content stayed behind the firewall Resellers Customers Agencies Contractors Suppliers Employees On-Premises Employees, Partners and Customers Process Content
  20. 20. Digital Enterprise The Digital Enterprise as an Open API Customer Info Logistics Info Support Project Support CUSTOMERSSUPPLIERS API API Apps Mobile Syndicate Submissions Trends
  21. 21. Explosion in Digital Content3 More Bigger, Rich and Deeper Content Legacy ECM Systems Left Behind More Context is Essential Ill-equipped to handle new and traditional types of content and context Source: IDC Growth in digital content from 2010 to 2020 50X Source: IDC 44% of time workers can’t find the info needed to do their jobs ? TREND
  22. 22. A New Scale of Information Trends Enterprise Document Library Loans & Policies Claims & Case Processing Transaction & Logistics Records Research & Analysis Real-time Video Internet of Things Medical & Personnel Records Government Records & Archives Discovery & Litigation
  23. 23. New IT Infrastructure4 Technology Waves of Cloud and Virtualization Legacy ECM Systems Left Behind Flexible Deployment – OnPrem or in Cloud Outdated architectures don’t support cloud or mobile Bolt-on acquisitions lack seamless Source: IDC Source: IDC 69% of enterprises use cloud computing TREND Where Content Lives 61% 13%
  24. 24. Legacy ECM Just Doesn’t Hack It 24 Trends Legacy ECM System Modern, Responsive Website are unconnected Processes don’t use live reference data Lack of Agility and User Acceptance No REST APIs Inflexible Architecture and On-prem Bound Can’t connect to users’ channel of choice Can’t handle peak loads Lack of Scalability Missing or Manual Integration Poor UI, Design, Build and Configurability
  25. 25. Big Monolithic Stacks are crumbling under the strain Digital IBM Oracle Microsoft SAP EMC Cloud Social Big Data Mobile Sowing dis-content Complexity / Cost One size doesn’t fit all Not Future Proof
  26. 26. Trends Portrait of Pope Julius II Credit: Rafael IBM told me that their systems would be infallible! 
  27. 27. Accelerate user adoption Freedom to innovate SIMPLE SMART OPEN Drive digital transformation Connect people, content, and processes to accelerate digital transformation Content Process
  28. 28. Smart Process Applications Strategy Distribute Insights Collaborate Process Customer Lifecycle Product Lifecycle Project Lifecycle Employee Lifecycle CUSTOMERSSUPPLIERS ContractsProposalsSales Mat. Onboard Service Case Mfg PlanSpecDesign Procurement Rollout PlanningProposalInception Implement Postmortem OnboardHireRecruit Train Review A Digital Platform to enable apps that drive the flow of Information through interconnected applications – Configured, Not Customized
  29. 29. Digital Smart Process App Architecture 29 Smart Process Apps Simple Application Model Framework Productivity Services Data Control Architecture Loosely-coupled Digital Services SearchContent Process Integratio n Analytics Case Strategy
  30. 30. Alfresco Smart Process Apps 30 Strategy CASE ID Case Model Process UX / UI Configurable Standalone Application Templates Contract Management …On-boarding App ... 3rd Party Partner Apps
  31. 31. Digital Solutions Strategy Document Library Image Management File Sync & Share Search & Retrieval Business Process Management Records Management Case Management Media Management Information Publishing
  32. 32. Loosely-Coupled, Microservice Digital Flow Architecture Strategy 32 Identity SearchContent Storage Process Integratio n Analytics Hybrid Digital Services Transform Sync Standard RESTful APIs
  33. 33. Flexible Activiti Processes with Flexible Deployment Strategy Firewall Activiti Process Engines Administrator User Apps Activiti Process Engines User Apps User Apps Tenant Tenant
  34. 34. Index and Search Architecture Strategy Full-Text Query Metadata Query Facets & Buckets Security Filters Results Processing Credit: Ryan Tobora ThinkBig, Teradata oud-terminology/ Text Extraction Metadata Injection & Path Processing Shingles ACL Processing Results ProcessTerm-hit Highlighting
  35. 35. Smart Process Containers Simplify Digital Process Strategy Categories Inbox App Component Query Content Process Lifecycle View Bus Entity + Metadata Actions Roles Discussions CASE ID Context Team Permissions Analytics
  36. 36. No Limits – Investing in Scale, Distribution and New IT Strategy 36 Identity & Security Distributed On-Premise Cloud Data Control Architecture Billions of Documents Cloud Native Micro Services & Shared Nothing
  37. 37. BM4 Test Execution Environment – 1.2 Billion Docs / 4.2 Million per Hour Strategy UI Test x 20 m3.2xlarge Simulate 500 Users • Selenium / Firefox • 1 hour constant load • 10 sec think time UI Test UI Test Alfresco Alfresco Alfresco x 10 c3.2xlarge Alfresco with Share and Repo Solr x 20 c3.8xlargeSolr Solr Aurora x 1 db.r3.4xlarge ELB Sharded Solr Cloud sites folders files transactions dbSize GB 10,804 1,168,206 1,168,206,000 15,475,064 3,185 AWS Import/Export (in place)
  38. 38. AWS To change the data center equation 3-6 Months Questionable Scale Little Redundancy Lots of $$$ < 30 mins 10x Faster Elastic, Fault-Tolerant Open, Cost Effective ECM ECM ECM Search Search Search FS FS FS Hardware Hardware Hardware Load Balancer DR Plan HSM HSM HSM ECM ECM ECM ELB Alfresco Alfresco Alfresco Solr Solr Solr S3 EC2 EC2 EC2 AZ1 AZ2 AZ3 Aurora EBS
  39. 39. I spent last 6 days setting up that data center!
  40. 40. Digital Smart Process App Architecture 40 Smart Process Apps Simple Application Model Framework Productivity Services Data Control Architecture Loosely-coupled Digital Services SearchContent Process Integratio n Analytics Case Strategy
  41. 41. Alfresco Delivers a Digital Integration Platform Strategy 41 Responsive and Mobile Apps and Websites Real-time Agile Processes Modern REST APIs Hybrid Connections and Flexible Integration User Engagement Cost-effective and elastic Scale Out Architecture Simple, Open Source Tools and Integration Simple UI and End-user Process Designers
  42. 42. Search Analytics Intelligence Process Innovation and R&D at the Speed of Open Source and Cloud
  44. 44. @alfresc o GRAZIE MILLE! @johnnewton @Alfresco