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Comprehension ppt preach


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Published in: Education
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Comprehension ppt preach

  1. 1. Comprehension Instruction in Content Area Classes Paul NeufeldReviewed by Larissa, Lorenzo, and Jessica
  2. 2. Comprehension: Why is it important? • important in learning all subject areas • research suggests that when hands-on learning is combined with text-based learning- students learn more than just reading • students can be taught comprehension strategies and this instruction improves understanding"Students were provided with opportunities to practice comprehensionstrategies but they were not actually taught the strategies themselves nor theutility value of applying them" (Pressley, 2002)
  3. 3. What does it mean to “Comprehend”?comprehension can be defined broadly as the process of constructing a supportable understanding of the text**key word supportable• an active, intentional thinking process through which reader constructs meaning• Students understanding is expected to vary depending upon their background knowledge -but not all interpretations can be valid (conflicting positions)
  4. 4. Thinking processes…• Word level processes- ability to identify words quickly, accurately and effortlessly and knowledge of meanings of key words• Reader knows how they comprehend• Readers general knowledge of the world and knowledge about the topic are critical in comprehension process• limited background or weakness in word level can hinder comprehension
  5. 5. Reading behaviors• Expert readers: o use variety of consciously controlled strategies o Prior to reading they:  clarify their purpose of reading this text, activate prior knowledge of the topic and make a plan on how to read the text • While reading they: o Ask questions, relate information to their previous understandings, reread, summarize, and make notes to monitor their comprehension and clarify their understanding o Use these strategies WITHOUT prompting from others o Consciously select the right strategy from the given text o Does NOT develop for many students simply by asking them to read--
  6. 6. Getting ready to read…Clarifying a purpose for readingOverviewing the textActivating prior knowledge relevant to textMaking predictions about the text
  7. 7. During and after reading…Attending to text structureCreating summaries (oral, written, visual)
  8. 8. Monitoring Comprehension… Explicit instruction of individual strategies- Modeling-Guided Practice-Independent PracticeTeaching for self-regulated strategy use
  9. 9. Effective Comprehension Strategies…OWL (Observe, Wonder, Life)O -- what do you Observe or NoticeW -- what do you WonderL -- Link it to your lifeOther Strategies:-Story Maps-Inferences-Connections-Questioning er_op=viewDocument&JAS_Document_id=6
  10. 10. Still not getting it...?Your kids stillnot comprehending?-Maybe they are missingthe components leadingup tocomprehension anager_op=viewDocument&JAS_Document_id=6
  11. 11. What it comes down to...The article states that :"however, keep in mind, that limited background knowledge, or weaknesses in word-level processes, are major impediments to comprehension..."
  12. 12. Conclusion…